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Theory Time: Workbook Series - Theory Fundamentals Grade One

 (Theory Time: Workbook Series - Theory Fundamentals Grade)
The Grade One workbook presents music alphabet, introduction to keyboard and staff, stem rule, steps & skips on a keyboard and staff, repeated notes, dynamics, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, quarter note & rest, half note & rest, whole note & rest, dotted half note, bar lines, double bar line, measures, time signatures, rhythm drill, vocabulary, ear training and a review test. Free ear training videos for each ear training exercise are hosted on the Theory Time YouTube channel. The Grade One workbook is appropriate for beginning 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade students. This workbook includes 51 pages, 13 lessons and 8 Fun Sheets.

Workbook t/a Music in Theory and Practice, Volume I

 (Workbook t/a Music in Theory and Practice, Volume)
The workbooks to accompany Music in Theory and Practice, Volumes 1 and 2, provide assignments to augment those printed in the text; anthologies of music for study; strategies for learning and reviewing material; and self-testing sections to help students prepare for exams. Three different types of assignments help students master the course material:Drill assignments provide practice of the basic material in the corresponding chapter in the text;Analysis assignments acquaint students with music literature, allowing them to view chapter material in its actual setting; andComposition exercises encourage students to try their own hands at employing musical ideas, chord progressions, phrase relationships, and so on, in the context of a musical composition.Selected Workbook exercises are available in Finale templates though the Online Learning Center, and each new copy of the Volume 1 workbook comes with a discount code for purchase of Finale notation software at a special low price.

Piano Theory Workbook Book 1: Hal Leonard Student Piano Library

 (Piano Theory Workbook Book 1: Hal Leonard Student Piano)
(Educational Piano Library). Spike, Party Cat and friends guide the student through fun and creative assignments that introduce the language of music and its symbols for sound, silence, and rhythm. Ear training and basic theory exercises help students learn to write and play the music they are learning as well as the music they create themselves. Correlates to Piano Lessons Book 1.

Theory Made Easy for Kids, Level 1 (Made Easy: Level 1)

 (Theory Made Easy for Kids, Level 1 (Made Easy: Level)
This first introduction to music theory is perfect for children ages 4-7. Music Theory Made Easy for Kids is filled with colorful illustrations and fun musical sticker sheets in each book.

L173 - Master Theory Book 1

 (L173 - Master Theory Book 1)
Master Theory is the most comprehensive theory workbook series available. Life-long music teachers Charles S. Peters and Paul Yoder offer a logical, effective way to teach the essential elements of music to any student.It's for everyone, and it truly works! General music students, voice students, instrumental students, piano students ... any young musician can build theory skills in this six-level course.Master Theory is so versatile, it doesn't even require a keyboard! The interactive workbook format makes it ideal for general music classes, performing group rehearsals, or independent study.There's no comparison. Beginning with staff lines and progressing through rhythms, key signatures, scales, and harmony to elementary counterpoint, it's a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach to theory ... with no distractions! Your students deserve to learn theory in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Included in Book 1 is :Lessons and Review pages on Staff, Clef Signs, Line and Space Names, Notation, Whole, Half and Quarter Notes, Measure, Time Signatures, Note Values, Dotted Notes, Ledger Lines, Repeat Signs, 1st & 2nd Endings, Tiers, Slurs, Eighth Notes, Eighth Rests, Dotted Quarter Notes, and Accidentals.

Theory of Music Workbook Grade 1 (Trinity Guildhall Theory of Music)

 (Theory of Music Workbook Grade 1 (Trinity Guildhall Theory of)
Yandell, Naomi

Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks)

 (Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five)
These copybooks lay flat and are easier to use since there is no binding to contend with. In the mid-1800's, the Spencerian form of penmanship became a standard. An elegant handwriting was much prized. Today, in our computer age, a fine, beautiful, and legible handwriting brings a warm personal touch to our correspondence. These books, 5 copybooks and a theory book (available separately or as a set), may be used to introduce cursive writing to second or third graders or to improve the handwriting of older students or adults.

84VN - All For Strings Theory Book 1: Violin

 (84VN - All For Strings Theory Book 1:)
Packed Full Of Music Fundamentals And Theory Exercises To Guarantee That Each Beginning Student Develops A Complete Understanding Of Music As They Learn To Play.

84CO - All For Strings Theory Workbook - Book 1 - Cello

 (84CO - All For Strings Theory Workbook - Book 1 -)
Theory Workbooks 1 and 2 are correlated with the All for Strings method books and are suitable for classroom or individual use. Each page features exercises and games which encompass music fundamentals introduced in the method books. Students start by learning the piano keyboard to increase their understanding of the intervals. They also work with fingering chart exercises so that basic theory can be immediately applied to their instrument. In addition to drawing clefs, notes, key and time signatures, students learn about musical phrases and begin composing. Puzzles and musical math games are also included.

Big Preschool Workbook

1 Theory Workbook (Big Preschool Workbook)

Big Kindergarten Workbook

1 Theory Workbook (Big Kindergarten Workbook)

Wipe Clean: My Big Activity Workbook

1 Theory Workbook (Wipe Clean: My Big Activity)
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