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Swing Logic EFX-1 | Target and Alignment Tool = More Accuracy |

 (Swing Logic EFX-1 | Target and Alignment Tool = More Accuracy)
Improve Your Body Alignment and Golf Swing with the Swing Logic EFX-1: Whether you're a novice golfer or a seasoned player, proper alignment is a fundamental necessity. That's why we developed the Swing Logic EFX-1 Enjoy an innovative golf training aid that helps you develop proper alignment habits and positioning before each drive or putt. Improve Shot Accuracy: The Swing Logic EFX-1 helps beginners, amateurs, and professionals improve targeting. Perfect for youth, seniors, and everyone in-between. Positive Swing Reinforcement: Designed to create a perfect line of reference in your swing path. SwingLogic EFX-1 sits right underneath the ball, which is the ultimate line of site and focus. Over time, it will enhance your alignment and post results to your scorecard. Use during practice rounds to develop your game.  Versatile: Small enough to fit in your pocket, large enough to truly help develop your eye to target technique. It can also be used to increase your putting direction control, by placing it on the side of the ball pointed to the desired putt direction or create a gate by using two bases. The SwingLogic EFX-1 can also be used as a guide for iron shots by placing the ball alongside the base.

DSLRKIT Lens Focus Calibration Tool Alignment Ruler Folding Card(Pack of 2)

 (DSLRKIT Lens Focus Calibration Tool Alignment Ruler Folding Card(Pack of)
Instruction This compact ruler allows you to determine if your lens is auto-focusing accurately as it should. It is an essential tool that is particularly useful when shooting with a shallow depth of field, where focusing should ideally be "spot on". You can use this ruler to determine how "off" the focusing is for a particular camera / lens combination and, on supported cameras, adjust the camera's auto-focus settings to resolve this. On Nikon cameras, this feature is known as "AF Fine Tune". On Canon and Sony cameras, it's known as "AF Micro Adjustment". Please refer to your camera's instructions manual to see if this feature is present. Size:19*12.3cm Package Included: Lens Focus Calibration Card X2 Usage 1. Set up the ruler. 2. Ensure both the camera and ruler are level, exactly perpendicular and at the same height. It is best to mount the camera on a tripod to do this. 3. Set the lens to the widest aperture to obtain the shallowest depth of field. This will make it easier to determine if your lens is focusing accurately. Auto-focus on the crosshair at the center of the ruler, then take a photo. 4. Inspect the photo to see if focusing is accurate. It is recommended that you do this on a computer since you will be able to see better on a bigger scre...

Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big Lie

 (Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big)
NEW Updated 7th Edition The power-packed book that helped hundreds of shooters improve their groups and scores, some by as much as forty or fifty points. Written by Master Sergeant Jim Owens, his 20+ years of Marine Corps Shooting Team experience will give you the skills and insights to excel in any type of rifle competition. Jim’s book covers the core basics, in-depth as only he can. With his tips you will master breathing, natural point of aim, sight alignment, sight picture, focus and trigger control. Includes additional sections on mental conditioning, marking your sights, zeroing, normal come ups, light effects, damage to the crown, care in cleaning, throat erosion and way more. Jim's advanced theory section has been praised by High Masters and numerous National level competitive marksmen. This updated edition includes a new extra chapter on "Analyzing Groups". Revised and updated as of 2013, this new version is a must-have for every student of shooting.

Beginner Yoga For A Healthy Back & Better Core

 (Beginner Yoga For A Healthy Back & Better)

PAL - Perfect Alignment Laser 2 (PAL2) Crosshair Lamp

 (PAL - Perfect Alignment Laser 2 (PAL2) Crosshair)
PAL 2 Features: •Adjustable lamp head •Lock-in permanent position •Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair •Bright, crisp Non-Gaussian lines show uniform brightness across entire length of beam •Reflective 6" wide and 3" tall shade protects laser beam •Adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼" thick •28" arm with flexible elbow joint •Adjustable height •Weighted base post firmly slips into the adjustable clamp

Club Face Path 101. Set Up for Success.

 (Club Face Path 101. Set Up for)

LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit - 9MM HD/300,000 Hits Battery Life Laser Training Cartridge (HD), Lightning-to-HDMI Cable, Tripod Mini, 4 Authentic Targets, Free Mobile app

 (LaserHIT Dry Fire Training Kit - 9MM HD/300,000 Hits Battery Life Laser Training Cartridge (HD), Lightning-to-HDMI Cable, Tripod Mini, 4 Authentic Targets, Free Mobile)
HOW IT WORKS Take aim at the LaserHIT paper target with your firearm loaded with the laser training cartridge and pull the trigger The cartridge will emit a short red laser light each time it's struck by the firing pin/striker LaserHIT mobile app running on your phone/tablet will track your shots on the target and display your hits You will see each of your shots on your phone and TV (if connected) in real-time with realistic sound effectsCARTRIDGE TYPES HD for precise hit registration GENERIC for work on trigger controlCOMMON CARTRIDGE FEATURES (HD & GENERIC) Drop-in-barrel design without any further modifications to your firearm SEMI-AUTO DA/SA compatible Two o-rings keeps the cartridge in a place and maintain alignment during training Rimless design prevents the cartridge from being extracted during cycling Hardened rubber primer designed to protect your firing pin from wear, and it is replaceable Class IIIa red laser is safe to use without eye protection Solid brass constructionHD CARTRIDGE FEATURES SEMI-AUTO, BOLT action, Revolvers compatible unique 300,000 hits (or 3 years) battery live small, low-visible laser dot compatible with iPhones/iPads and some Android phones/tabletsGENERIC CARTRIDGE FEATURES 3,000 hits battery live bright, high-visible laser dot compatible with iP...

The Perfect Placement Kit, 2nd Edition by Designs in Machine Embroidery

 (The Perfect Placement Kit, 2nd Edition by Designs in Machine)
Perfect placement is the key to successful embroidery. With the Perfect Placement Kit, it's easy to achieve perfect placement of designs on almost everything: napkins, towels, shirt cuffs, left chest and more. Embroider perfectly matched sets of linens and clothing with speed and precision.Benefits:Precisely position designs on napkins, towels, shirt cuffs, left chest and moreMake exact duplicates with easeFlawless precision monogrammingNo measuring requiredGreat for embroiderers from beginners to prosProfessional results with minimal effortNo more guesswork, rework or hassleIncludes ruler in both English and metric measurements for easy embroidery design calculationsHeavily supported in Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine with enticing articles, features and compatible project ideasKit Includes:11 Perfect Placement PlasticTemplates for linens:-Hand towel with border-Hand towel without border-Bath towel with border-Bath towel without border-Sheets above band-Pillowcase above band-Pillowcases/sheets on band-Napkin on point-Napkin right corner-Receiving blanket-Baby burp cloth4 Perfect Placement plastic templates for wearables:-Sleeve cuff-Left chest-Center front-Boxer shorts30 target stickers6 text stickersThe Mini Ruler: a translucent, flexible ruler that fits in any 4 x 4 hoo...

LP SUPPORT LP Support X-Tremus 170XT Men's Knee Brace - Enhanced Features Target Entire Knee - Silicone Pad Surrounds Kneecap - Durable Breathable Knit (Medium)

 (LP SUPPORT LP Support X-Tremus 170XT Men's Knee Brace - Enhanced Features Target Entire Knee - Silicone Pad Surrounds Kneecap - Durable Breathable Knit)
LP 170 XT functions to rapidly initiate jumping and running, coordinate complex movements and absorb excessive impact on the knee joint. Integrated with special pattern design, LP 170 XT automatically controls knee alignment in effective trajectory which helps to prevent accumulative micro-traumas or acute injuries, therefore reducing repetitive impacts and assisting sports performance.

Drew Polystyrene Foam Archery Target

Alignment Target (Drew Polystyrene Foam Archery)

Crosman Spinning Full Metal Portable Target CSLT

Alignment Target (Crosman Spinning Full Metal Portable Target)

Bone Collector BC-300 Bag Field Point Target

Alignment Target (Bone Collector BC-300 Bag Field Point)
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