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Lunar Marine Folding Aluminum Mast Step

 (Lunar Marine Folding Aluminum Mast)
Our Mast Step offers a sleek, modern design. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum, our three -part step will prove to be timeless. Held together with a Grade 5 titanium pin, it is strong enough to support even the most hardy of sailors. Our step is tumbled, then anodized for a smooth and protective finish that blends into your mast. It is streamline to ensure your lines will not snag or get tangled. Each step is packaged with an easy-to-use template and two stainless steel screws for the perfect self-installation. (These screws were used for our weight testing and are highly recommended by our team.) Each Mast Step has two magnets that lock the step closed, ensuring it will not rattle or open in rough seas and high winds.

Davis Instruments Windex 15 Suspension Bearing

 (Davis Instruments Windex 15 Suspension)
Windex 15. The 15" (38.1cm) vane can be through bolted or tapped into the masthead. The mounting socket has a 5/16"–18 thread. The entire unit weighs only 3.9 ounces (111 g). Features spike above vane to keep birds off your mast. Sapphire suspension system and reflector tabs on the bottom surfaces make Windex 15 highly sensitive and visible even at night!

WHW Whole House Worlds Silver Spinnaker Sail Boat Sculpture, Polished Aluminum, Hand Cast, 8 1/4 Inches Tall, Newport, Cape Cod, Coastal, Regatta Style

 (WHW Whole House Worlds Silver Spinnaker Sail Boat Sculpture, Polished Aluminum, Hand Cast, 8 1/4 Inches Tall, Newport, Cape Cod, Coastal, Regatta)
Sail into summer all year round with the Silver Spinnaker Sail Boat Sculpture. Made to compliment coastal and nautical decor, this fine piece depicts a ship in the water with the wind in its sails. Artisinal Design. Highly detailed and well made, this high quality piece of hand cast art depicts a sailboat festooned with abstract shapes that curve with the motion of the wind to meet at the top of the mast. Well sized, this piece measures as follows: 7 L x 1¾ W x 8¼ H inches. Catch a breeze and conjure the feeling of the sea in your space. Ideal for homes of nautical style and coastal themes, this piece is ideal on mantel in the living room or to top a stack of books on a coffee table arrangement. Great for gifting, this accent piece is a perfect present for wannabe captains, sailors, boaters and seafaring folk. Ideal for celebrating special occasions like Father's day, summer holidays, birthdays and many more. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds Welcome to the product line of Whole House Worlds. The New York based company offers high quality, stylish products for every room in the house, and beyond. From the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom, dining room, home office, closet and garden: Our criteria are comfort, quality, style and value.

Davis Instruments Windex 10 Suspension Bearing

 (Davis Instruments Windex 10 Suspension)
Windex 10. Sport Sapphire suspension bearing, 10" vane (25 cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibility day and night. Includes glass reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for side, top or front of mast mounting on most dinghies, smaller boats and sport boats. Stands just 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall and weighs 1.2 ounces (31 g).

JacobsParts Latching Maintained Pushbutton ON/OFF Switch Black Aluminum Metal with Red LED fits 5/8" (16mm) Diameter Panel Cutout Hole

 (JacobsParts Latching Maintained Pushbutton ON/OFF Switch Black Aluminum Metal with Red LED fits 5/8
SpecificationsOperation Type: Latching/Maintained (Push it, ON; Push it again, OFF)Panel Cutout Diameter: 5/8" (16mm)Thread Depth: 5/8" (16mm)Total Depth (Including Contacts): 1.5" (36mm)Faceplate Diameter: 3/4" (18mm)Max Switch Rating: 250V AC/DC 3ALED rating: 12V DC 15mACircuit Type: 1NO1NC (one pair of normally open contacts and one pair of normally closed contacts)Switch Type: SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw)Enclosure Material: Aluminum zinc alloyProtection Level: IP67Operation Temperature: -20C to 55CLatching switches may be used in a variety of applications including cars, motorcycles, boats, computers, LEDs, and electronics projectsConstructed of non-oxidizing, corrosion resistant aluminum zinc alloyThe switch and LED are separate. The LED can be on all the time or only when the switch is ON, depending on how you wire itRated PI67 waterproof. May be exposed to heavy rain, splashes, etc. without damage

Kyosho Seawind 1-Meter RC Racing Yacht Vehicle

 (Kyosho Seawind 1-Meter RC Racing Yacht)
The Kyosho Seawind has captured the stunning style and performance of JF class racing in an RC model worthy of these majestic yachts. As the captain, you have control of the helm and precise trim of the main sail and the jib. A high-resolution RC system delivers your commands to the boat in the most smooth and proportional manner. The RC system also operates on the 2.4 GHz band, which means you don't have to worry about frequency control or another RC vehicle interfering with the operation of your boat. You simply turn on the transmitter, and the rest is maritime bliss! The hull features a deep fixed keel with a bullet weight to help keep the boat as upright as possible as the massive sails fill with the wind. Metal-geared servos handle sail and rudder movement, and the rudder uses a more durable push-pull linkage arrangement. The Seawind has a unique ability to accelerate sharply after rounding a marker. She's also efficient in light wind, so you can play the wind shifts like a pro. The Seawind includes a molded one-piece ABS hull, factory finished fitted with a 2.4GHz RC system that automatically manages frequency band selection. How long before you're sailing? The Seawind is pre-rigged as much as possible to make raising the mast and sails as easy as possible. Installing the k...

EVERBRITE Starter Kit (16 Oz.)

 (EVERBRITE Starter Kit (16)
EVERBRITE Starter Kit is a great way to restore the color and luster to about 125 square feet of faded or chalky metal siding or other metal surfaces. EVERBRITE Coating is a tough, durable, clear protective coating that will restore the color and luster of faded metals, and protects metals from tarnish, rust, corrosion, fading, chalking, oxidation and even UV rays. You can use EVERBRITE on painted and unpainted metals. For example: metal siding, storage doors, metal roofs, garage doors, anodized aluminum, curtain wall, tractors, equipment, copper gutters, copper roofs, metal buildings, and more! Why choose EVERBRITE Protective Coating? Clear coating. Will restore & protect any color. Restores faded, oxidized surfaces to look new again. Provides Long-term protection from corrosion, oxidation, rust, tarnish and fading and can be maintained indefinitely. Easy to apply. Self Leveling. Easily re-coated. There is no mixing and no waste. Extremely durable, scratch and abrasion resistant. Will not chip, crack, peel or yellow when applied as directed. Protects from U.V. rays, salt water, salt air, chlorine, acid rain, bleach, bird droppings, mildew, etc. Use for interior or exterior metal. Will bond to itself - no sanding or priming needed to apply or reapply. EVERBRITE can be easily appl...

Deco 79 37988 Aluminum Wood Copper Sailboat Home Decor Product, 13"W/18"H

 (Deco 79 37988 Aluminum Wood Copper Sailboat Home Decor Product,)
B>description: ≪. have a look at this sailboat table accent. This is perfect for marine theme decoration. This sailboat is made from the combination of wood and aluminum. The base is wooden and the top is made from aluminum with a copper finish. This sailboat has a shiny appeal that makes it look appealing. This sailboat decor is light weight, hence it's easy to lift and shift from place to place. If you have a marine theme home interior than this sailboat is a must have. You can add this decor to your bedroom, drawing room, kitchen or study interior. Such type of decor can be part of office interior as well.

Tram VHF Marine Antenna

 (Tram VHF Marine Antenna)
Tram-browning Offers quality workmanship and materials. Their products provide exceptional performance and function thanks to expert engineering. They are proud to offer the vhf marine antenna.

Sail boat love 6" STICKER *F190* DECAL lake life ski life jacket sailing mast

Aluminum Mast Sailboat (Sail boat love 6

Mast Boom and Fitting Set for Steerix Fusion Micro Catamaran RC Sailboat

Aluminum Mast Sailboat (Mast Boom and Fitting Set for Steerix Fusion Micro Catamaran RC)

Pink and Orange Beach Sunset Palm Trees Ocean Sail Boat Vacation Tire Rim Wheel Aluminum Valve Stem Caps, Multiple Colors

Aluminum Mast Sailboat (Pink and Orange Beach Sunset Palm Trees Ocean Sail Boat Vacation Tire Rim Wheel Aluminum Valve Stem Caps, Multiple)
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