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The Berlin Raids: The Bomber Battle, Winter 1943–1944

 (The Berlin Raids: The Bomber Battle, Winter)
A “meticulously documented” account that covers the RAF’s controversial attempt to end World War II by the aerial bombing of Berlin (Kirkus Reviews).   The Battle of Berlin was the longest and most sustained bombing offensive against one target in the Second World War. Bomber Command Commander-in-Chief, Sir Arthur Harris, hoped to wreak Berlin from end to end and produce a state of devastation in which German surrender was inevitable. He dispatched nineteen major raids between August 1943 and March 1944—more than ten thousand aircraft sorties dropped over thirty thousand tons of bombs on Berlin. It was the RAF’s supreme effort to end the war by aerial bombing. But Berlin was not destroyed and the RAF lost more than six hundred aircraft and their crews. The controversy over whether the Battle of Berlin was a success or failure has continued ever since.   Martin Middlebrook brings to this subject considerable experience as a military historian. In preparing his material he collected documents from both sides (many of the German ones never before used); he has also interviewed and corresponded with over four hundred of the people involved in the battle and has made trips to Germany to interview the people of Berlin and Luftwaffe aircrews. He has achieved the difficult ta...

ACDelco 19329373 Berlin Blue Metallic (WA122V) Four-In-One Touch-Up Paint - .5 oz Pen

 (ACDelco 19329373 Berlin Blue Metallic (WA122V) Four-In-One Touch-Up Paint - .5 oz)
The ACDelco Touch-Up Paint Tool includes a four-in-one applicator; consisting of a fiberglass cleaning and prep tool, a piston style pen-tip for small, concise fixes and a tapper tip brush applicator for larger scratches and chips. The tool offers .25 ounce of the base color and .25 ounces of a clear coat for the perfect repair. The easy-to-use tool is also fitted with a mechanical agitator to ensure color match.

Nightfall Berlin: ‘For those who enjoy vintage Le Carre’ Ian Rankin

 (Nightfall Berlin: ‘For those who enjoy vintage Le Carre’ Ian)
'Note-perfect, multi-layered, rugged as a T-34 tank. Grimwood is about to become your new favourite thriller writer' Independent___________ 1986, the Cold War is thawing . . . But not for British intelligence officer Major Tom Fox. Smuggled into East Berlin, Fox's orders are clear: repatriate a remorseful defector. They are less clear over what to do when his mission is compromised. Trapped in East Berlin, hunted by an army of Stasi agents and wanted for murder on both sides of the Wall, Fox must stay free and get out alive. To do both he must discover who sabotaged his mission - and why . . .___________'A fine book for those who enjoy vintage Le Carre' Ian Rankin'The new Le Carre . . . an absolutely brilliant page turner . . . if you love thrillers, Jack Grimwood is a name you need to remember' BBC Radio 2 The Sara Cox Show'Thriller of the summer. A dark, twisty tale of Cold War conflict' i paper 'The rejuvenation of the espionage thriller continues apace' Guardian

STAEDTLER Premium Corium Urbes"Berlin" Fine Tip Fountain Pen

 (STAEDTLER Premium Corium Urbes
Initium Corium Urbes pens Berlin Corium Urbes is a lively toll, an individual homage to multifaceted cities throughout the world. The decision, which of these cities suits you best, can we take it off them. We can but Longings Awaken, to New York or Paris, London or Beijing, Moscow or Hong Kong or after the city of our Unternehmensgründers: Nuremberg. The Product Details: Cap with screw cap Corpus from high quality cowhide Printed with innovative STAEDTLER inkjet-technology With matt chrome metal to fittings Equipped with Cartridges-Konvertersystem Stocked with Converter High quality stainless steel spring Skint with Mars head Writing tip with iridium grain Feather Width: F, M, B Made in Germany

Berlin Battlefield Guide: Third Reich and Cold War

 (Berlin Battlefield Guide: Third Reich and Cold)
On 16 April 1945 the Red Army unleashed a colossal offensive against Berlin with the aim of destroying Hitler's armies in the East and capturing the German capital before the Western Allies. Over two million soldiers confronted each other in the last act in the war against Nazi Germany. In the course of the next three weeks, relentless Soviet assaults crashed against a desperate, sometimes suicidal defense, and the historic city was turned into a vast battlefield. This epic contest, which has fascinated students of warfare ever since, can only be understood by visiting the sites of the battle on the ground, in the outskirts, in the suburbs, in the center where the final dramatic combat took place. That is why Tony Le Tissier’s detailed, graphic and highly illustrated guide is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to understand the battle and follow its course along the streets of the modern city. ‘All of Tony Le Tissier’s knowledge is synthesized into this must-have book – and more…. It can only be described as indispensable to anyone visiting the city and wishing to experience Zhukov’s triumph and Hitler’s Götterdämmerung …. Critical for understanding the battle…. Le Tissier’s detailed, full-color and scaled maps are … a joy to study.’ Defenceweb ...

usus.isis silver +++ ballpoint pen with magnetic mechanics system +++ Berlin Design +++ black ink

 (usus.isis silver +++ ballpoint pen with magnetic mechanics system +++ Berlin Design +++ black)
The material chosen for usus.isis is the hi-tech ceramic ZIRCONIUM-OXIDE. It is most commonly known as SCRATCH AND BREAK-PROOF thus it is used in industry in the FORMULA 1 and for dental prosthesis. Zirconium-oxide is harder than steel and it also has fascinating TACTILE AND OPTICAL QUALITIES. Due to manufacturing processes the sintered natural material may show slight color nuancesWith its housing of zirconium oxide, the elegant pen simply won't show any wear and tear. Traces (of dirt for instance) on the housing can easily be removed with car polish. The ivory-colored ballpoint pen, fitted with gold- or silver-plated components is delivered in an elegant gift box.As with all the BERLIN BRAND MANUFACTURER's other pens, the usus.isis is based on a patented magnet technology and doesn't need springs or other small components. The zirconium oxide pen is a tangible representation of the latest applied materials research.With its elegant small and timeless form the usus.isis is an incomparable combination of HIGH-TECH AND ELEGANCE.Product features:HI-TECH writing instrument with a housing made of zirconium oxidehousing harder than steel, scratch-proofThe ceramic can EASILY BE CLEANED with car polishFascinating functionality working with neodymium magnetsHIGH QUALITY METAL REFILL (met...

Coin Pouch Berlin Pen Holder Clutch Wristlet Wallets Purse Portable Storage Case Cosmetic Bags Zipper

 (Coin Pouch Berlin Pen Holder Clutch Wristlet Wallets Purse Portable Storage Case Cosmetic Bags)
Jessent Pouch Makeup Excellent Capacity Can Meet All Your Different Needs. Fits Full-Size Bottle, Suitable For Family/couple Or Long-term Travel. You Can Put Your Make-up, Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shaving Kit And So On, All In One Place. Make Your Travel Comfortably And Easily To Have All Your Necessities In One Bag.

Idena 621729 Sidewalk Chalk Pen Style 4, XXL

 (Idena 621729 Sidewalk Chalk Pen Style 4,)
'These colourful sidwalk chalks make this very fun and creativity when playing on the fresh air. The four XXL chalk pens satisfy with their coverage, lightweight abrasion and a good fit in children's hands. With the colours blue, green, red, yellow young children the chance to wonderful pictures on roads and paths create, which can be very simply wash with water. The chalk sticks are approx. 20 cm in length and have a diameter of approximately 2 inches (4.5 cm), so that even younger children would your fun with this clear, as chalk won't break. The chalk from Idena Fully conforms to European safety standards. The brand Idena has itself, in the writing and toy market safe established and convinces thanks to the large wide range of products. The brand promise "We Live ideen. is now in over 1400 items.

Siege of Kustrin 1945: Gateway to Berlin

 (Siege of Kustrin 1945: Gateway to)
The unexpected arrival of Soviet troops at the end of January 1945 at the ancient fortress and garrison town of Küstrin came as a tremendous shock to the German High Command-the Soviets were now only 50 miles from Berlin itself. The Red Army needed the vital road and rail bridges passing through Küstrin for their forthcoming assault on the capital, but flooding and their own high command's strategic blunders resulted in a sixty-day siege by two Soviet armies which totally destroyed the town. The delay in the Soviet advance also gave the Germans time to consolidate the defenses shielding Berlin west of the Oder River. Despite Hitler's orders to fight on to the last bullet, the Küstrin garrison commander and 1,000 of the defenders managed a dramatic breakout to the German lines.The protracted siege had an appalling human cost - about 5,000 Germans were killed, 9,000 wounded and 6,000 captured, and the Russians lost 5,000 killed and 15,000 wounded. Tony Le Tissier, in this graphic and painstakingly researched account, has recorded events in extraordinary detail, using the vivid eyewitness testimony of survivors to bring the story of the siege to life.

Belkin Mixit Up 6Ft Braided USB-C to USB Charge and Sync Data Cable - White

Berlin Pen (Belkin Mixit Up 6Ft Braided USB-C to USB Charge and Sync Data Cable -)

Belkin 3-Button Wired USB Optical Ergonomic Mouse with 5-Foot Cord

Berlin Pen (Belkin 3-Button Wired USB Optical Ergonomic Mouse with 5-Foot)

Belkin - Handheld stylus (pack of 3) - for Palm m100, m105

Berlin Pen (Belkin - Handheld stylus (pack of 3) - for Palm m100,)

Goldfink Berlin Fountain Pen. Vintage piston filler. Excellent & Working. 2 nibs

Berlin Pen (Goldfink Berlin Fountain Pen. Vintage piston filler. Excellent & Working. 2)

Pelikan City series Berlin fountain pen box

Berlin Pen (Pelikan City series Berlin fountain pen)

Wafco Gigant, Germany, Berlin 1940's-50's

Berlin Pen (Wafco Gigant, Germany, Berlin)
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