British Cello Sonatas

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British Cello Sonatas

 (British Cello Sonatas)
Brothers Paul and Huw Watkins are among today's brightest young British musicians. Huw Watkings Cello Sonata (2000), composed for his cellist brother, receives its world premiere recording on this disc, along with three established works by Britten, Bridge and Goehr. Both Huw and Paul are in great demand in Europe and Asia performing with the BBC Orchestra and the national symphony orchestras of Amsterdam, Norway and Sweden. This disc continues the Nimbus tradition of promoting the best of British serious music.

Leonard Rose - The Complete Concerto and Sonata Recordings

 (Leonard Rose - The Complete Concerto and Sonata)
Pure gold is how the New York Times once described the playing of Leonard Rose. To mark the centennial of the renowned American cellist s birth, Sony Classical is pleased to announce a comprehensive reissue of his concerto and solo chamber discography on 14 CDs. Made for American Columbia over a quarter century from 1949 to 1974, the recordings include Rose s collaborations with three of America s finest orchestras those of New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland under their iconic conductors Dimitri Mitropoulos, Bruno Walter, George Szell, Leonard Bernstein and Eugene Ormandy.

British Cello Sonatas

 (British Cello Sonatas)

Faure: Pelleas Et Melisande Dolly

 (Faure: Pelleas Et Melisande)

British Cello Phenomenon

 (British Cello Phenomenon)

Bush: Phantasy and Quartet for Strings And Piano, Cello Sonata, 3 Contrapuntal Studies by London Piano Quartet (2004-02-10)

 (Bush: Phantasy and Quartet for Strings And Piano, Cello Sonata, 3 Contrapuntal Studies by London Piano Quartet)
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English Cello Sonatas

 (English Cello Sonatas)

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Geminiani: Concerto Grosso Nos. 4 & 12

 (Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Geminiani: Concerto Grosso Nos. 4 &)
The Four Seasons, one of the most famous pieces of classical music, circulated widely in Vivaldi's time. Years later, though, it fell out of the repertoire for over a century before being "rediscovered" in the first part of the 20th century. First published in Amsterdam in 1725, The Four Seasons are the first four of a set of twelve concertos with the overall title Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione (The contest between harmony and invention), Op. 8.The original publication that included The Four Seasons provided a sonnet (possibly by Vivaldi himself) giving a detailed program for each of the four concertos, and indicating pictorial effects in greater detail than any other work of Vivaldi. These include bird calls; angry tremolos designated as "thunder;" gentle dotted rhythms marked "the murmuring of the fronds and plants"; the viola as "barking dog;" a pastoral dance with the sound of bagpipes; the voice of the cuckoo and the turtle dove; a furious summer storm; a depiction of "drunks;" an imitation of horn calls in "the hunt;" the shiver of Winter, with its blasts of wind and chattering of teeth, sliding on the ice, falling as it cracks, and the joy of resting peacefully by the fireside. Too many to name here, they are all spelled out in the sonnets and notes that accomp...

Robert Carl: The Geography of Loss

 (Robert Carl: The Geography of)
Imagine, if you will, a busy, furiously humming beehive, and, within it, a calm, meditative bee. The image comes from only one work on this disc, and yet it seems curiously apropos to so much of Robert Carl's (b. 1954) music. There is a still center in his music, even at its modernist rowdiest. In his music dissonance and rhythmic complexity do not connote anxiety, fear, violence, but rather the overflow of the exuberant noise that springs up from the ground of life. His music embraces extremes of simplicity and complexity, which in his vision interpenetrate each other. Symphony No. 4 (2008), one of his best and most ambitious works, is a score often dense with polyrhythms and dissonant counterpoint. Its subtitle is "The Ladder,"and the ladder in this case is the harmonic series, the series of overtones that arises naturally as you move your finger along a piano or guitar string while playing it. Two pieces on this disc were born from the sense of loss following the deaths of both of Carl's parents, in quick succession. The less obvious one is the Chamber Concerto for Guitar, subtitled "The Calm Bee in the Busy Hive" (2009-10). The ten-member ensemble includes a second guitar, and both guitars are tuned to a scordatura that facilitates a harmonic series on E: E-G#-D-F#-Bb-F. The ...

Cello Sonatas

British Cello Sonatas (Cello Sonatas)

Cello Sonatas

British Cello Sonatas (Cello Sonatas)

Britten: Cello Symphony / Cello Sonata

British Cello Sonatas (Britten: Cello Symphony / Cello)
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