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British Steam Locomotive Builders

 (British Steam Locomotive)
From the early 1800s and for nearly 170 years, steam locomotives were built in Great Britain and Ireland, by a variety of firms, large and small. James Lowe spent many years accumulating a considerable archive of material on the History of the locomotive building industry, from its early beginnings at the dawn of railways, until the end of steam locomotive construction in the 1960s. British Steam Locomotive Builders was first published in 1975 and has not been in print for some years. This useful and well researched book is a must for any serious railway historian or locomotive enthusiast, 704 pages with reference to 350 builders, 541 illustrations and 47 diagrams. The material in this book has been carefully selected to cover all the leading former steam locomotive manufacturers in the British Isles.

British Steam: Southern Railway (The Golden Years of British Steam Trains)

 (British Steam: Southern Railway (The Golden Years of British Steam)
1st Milrpost 1995 1st print 1991 edition hardcover fine condition in fine original illustrated boards as issued In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

Steam, Soot and Rust: The Last Days of British Steam

 (Steam, Soot and Rust: The Last Days of British)
The disappearance of the steam locomotive in the land of its birth touched the hearts of millions, but when the government announced the Modernization Plan for Britain's railways in 1955, under which steam was to be phased out in favor of diesel and electric traction, few people took it seriously. Steam locomotives were an integral part of our daily lives and had been for almost one and a half centuries. Furthermore, they were still being built in large numbers. It was popularly believed that they would see the century out and probably well beyond that. But the reality was that by 1968 – a mere thirteen years after the Modernization Plan – steam traction had disappeared from Britain's main line railways. It was harrowing to witness the breaking up of engines, which were the icons of their day, capable of working long-distance inter-city expresses weighing 400 tons on schedules faster than a mile a minute. Top speeds of 100mph were not unknown.This book chronicles the last few years as scrap yards all over Britain went into overtime, cutting up thousands of locomotives and releasing a bounty of more than a million tons of scrap whilst the engines, which remained in service, were a shadow of their former selves; filthy, wheezing and clanking their way to an ignominious end. The...

A Pageant of British Steam: Steam Preservation in the 21st Century

 (A Pageant of British Steam: Steam Preservation in the 21st)
A Pageant of British Steam is a book honouring the position to which Britain’s Heritage Steam Railways has now arrived.Preservation has become the word for the achievements of the thousands of volunteers who have given up a mass of time to advance the saving of this section of Britain’s history. Most of these people are the likely descendants of our Industrial Revolution where the skills have never been forgotten.The book shows in fine color photography the wonderful selection of locomotives and rolling stock running on our preserved lines – all across the country. Text highlights the historical background of railway history from the earliest times right through to the ‘end of steam’ in the nineteen sixties.Geoff Swaine has emerged to be a leader in this field of photography, be it lineside or heritage working steam. His style is one of his own, where the subject leaps from the page, usually bathed in fine sunlight with blue sky above.Informative captions accompany every picture not only targeting the novice or newcomer to the subject, but the experienced rail enthusiast will also be pleased to learn a thing or two.This book strongly features the historical background as well as catching some of the people who now revel in dressing the part to prove their love of this e...

British Steam Locomotives: The Steam Trains Of Great Britain Shown In 200 Photographs

 (British Steam Locomotives: The Steam Trains Of Great Britain Shown In 200)
An overview of the different locomotives from British Heritage lines across the country.

Small Island By Little Train

 (Small Island By Little Train)
From stalwart little locomotives of topographic necessity, to the maverick engines of one man's whimsy, Britain's narrow-gauge steam trains run on tracks a world apart from its regimented mainlines. In Small Island by Little Train, eccentricity enthusiast Chris Arnot sets out to discover their stories. Stories include miniature railway on the Kent coast, used for Home Guard military trains during World War II, and now the school commute for dozens of local school children. The UK's only Alpine-style rack-and-pinion railway, scaling one of Britain's highest mountains. The five different gauges of railway circling one man's landscaped garden, and the team building their own trains to run on it.Far more than mere relics of the nation's industrial past, or battered veterans of wartime Britain, these are also stories of epic feats of preservation, volunteerism, tourism, and local history. They are an exploration of idiosyncrasy, enthusiasm and eccentricity. Or, to put it another way, a tale of Britishness.

Shed Side on Merseyside: The Last Days of Steam

 (Shed Side on Merseyside: The Last Days of)
In the 1950s Merseyside was a Mecca for steam enthusiasts; over 400 locomotives were allocated to the seven depots that serviced Liverpool and Birkenhead. This book covers the last twenty years of steam in Merseyside, when the area was the centre of commercial and maritime business. For the enthusiast, these sheds were places of magic, where giants of steam could be viewed at close range; for those who worked there, the experience was somewhat different as poor equipment and long shifts were commonplace. Shed Side on Merseyside provides a fascinating portrait of the daily operations of the freight and passenger trains of the region during the final years of Britain's steam era. First-hand accounts from staff including diary entries provide an insight into this period and contemporary photographs and drawings evoke the grimy, metal-clattering, smoke-filled industry, forever etched in our industrial heritage.



Building Small Steam Locomotives: A Practical Guide to Making Engines for Garden Gauges

 (Building Small Steam Locomotives: A Practical Guide to Making Engines for Garden)
If you have an ambition to build a small live steam locomotive, but are daunted by the skills required, then this book is for you. Written in his clear and encouraging style, Peter Jones demystifies the whole process for those with little or no previous experience. Contents include: An explanation of terms; Basic metalworking processes; Step-by-step project guides; Machining; Boilermaking; Painting; and Finishing. Fully illustrated throughout with color photographs and drawings, and including appendices of suppliers and societies, this is an invaluable work for the railway modeler.

Steam Train Dream Train (Board Book)

British Steam Trains (Steam Train Dream Train (Board)

DK Eyewitness Books: Train : Discover the Story of Railroads from the Age of Steam to the High-Speed Trains o from the Age of Steam to the High-Speed Trains of Today

British Steam Trains (DK Eyewitness Books: Train : Discover the Story of Railroads from the Age of Steam to the High-Speed Trains o from the Age of Steam to the High-Speed Trains of)

LEC USA 1880 Santa Fe Steam Locomotive 4-4-0 American Battery Operated Train Set

British Steam Trains (LEC USA 1880 Santa Fe Steam Locomotive 4-4-0 American Battery Operated Train)
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