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Buddies Collection

 (Buddies Collection)
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Barnaby Jones Complete Collection 8 Seasons 179 Episodes

 (Barnaby Jones Complete Collection 8 Seasons 179)
Screen legend Buddy Ebsen stars as Jones, a milk-drinking detective who comes out of retirement to investigate the death of his son. And the crime-solving doesn't stop there. Running for eight seasons during television's golden era of action-adventure shows, this Quinn Martin-produced hit was nominated for multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Lee Meriwether co-stars, guest stars include a who's who of 1970s TV royalty: Meredith Baxter, Bill Bixby, Morgan Fairchild William Shatner, Leslie Nielsen, and many more. 179 episodes, 178 hrs, 30 DVDs.

Treasure Buddies

 (Treasure Buddies)
Disney's irresistible talking puppies -- Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and Mudbud -- are back in an all-new movie that takes them halfway across the world to the ruins of ancient Egypt. With the help of some exotic new friends, this epic adventure is a treasure trove of pure Buddy fun. In a race against a devious cat, the Buddies and their new friends, Cammy and Babi, must avoid booby traps, solve puzzles and explore a mysterious tomb -- all in search of the greatest treasure known to animalkind. Packed with action, heart and tail-wagging bonus features, TREASURE BUDDIES unleashes a celebration of teamwork and friendship your family will enjoy again and again.

Ted & Ted 2 Thunder Buddies Collection [Blu-ray]

 (Ted & Ted 2 Thunder Buddies Collection)
Ted Family Guy creator She MacFarlane delivers his signature boundary-pushing humor in the outrageous comedy-blockbuster critics are calling "hysterically funny!" (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is a grown man whose cherished teddy bear came to life as the result of a childhood wish…and hasn't left his side since. Can John's relationship with longtime girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis), move forward with his lovably profane buddy in the picture? Ted 2 Everyone's favorite foulmouthed teddy bear is back for a second round of hilarious antics and outrageous adventures. When Ted (voiced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane) is declare property by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Ted and his best friend John (Mark Wahlberg, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Other Guys) must go to court to fight for Ted's personhood. With the help of their smart, beautiful, (and pot-loving) lawyer (Amanda Seyfried, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables), the thunder buddies for life battle to legalize Ted in this "wickedly funny" (Los Angeles Times) sequel that will keep fans laughing right up to the very end.

Spooky Buddies

 (Spooky Buddies)

The Tonight Show Vault Series 12 DVD collection starring Johnny Carson

 (The Tonight Show Vault Series 12 DVD collection starring Johnny)
The Vault Series - Volumes 1-12 DVD Collection The biggest release of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson in years is here! The Vault Series has become a hit with Carson fans, historians and late night aficionados alike. This 12-DVD set includes: 24 Full Shows - including commercials! Plus over 4 hours of bonus clips. Volume 1 - 10/2/1972 - 10th Anniversary Show 09/19/1972 - Bob Hope, Dom Deluise, John Denver, Peter Fonda 09/22/1972 - Peaches Jones Stunt Demonstration Volume 2 - 10/23/1974 - Johnny's Birthday with Buddy Hackett and more 10/23/1984 - Paul McCartney, Mary Gross, Jonathan Brown 10/23/1987 - Extended Bonus with David Letterman and Joe Piscopo Volume 3 - 12/05/1975 - Sean Connery, Michael Caine, David Brenner and more 12/12/1975 - Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Charles Nelson Reilly and more 12/02/1975 - Lucille Ball interview Volume 4 - 03/02/1976 - Charlton Heston, Michael Landon, Larry Adler, Billy Crystal 03/03/1976 - Orson Welles, John Byner, Susan Clark, Sam Blotner 03/23/1976 - Monologue and Desk segment Volume 5 - 03/04/1976 - Robert Blake, Don Rickles, Bob Hope, Desi Arnaz 03/05/1976 - Bing Crosby, Ray Bolger, Marvin Hamlisch, Burt Mustin 03/23/1976 - Joan Embery, Rodney Dangerfield Volume 6 - 09/07/1973 - Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Karen Valentine and more...

Ma & Pa Kettle Complete Comedy Collection

 (Ma & Pa Kettle Complete Comedy)
Ma and Pa Kettle have their hands full with a ramshackle farm and a brood of ramshackle children. When the future comes a-callin' in the form of modern houses, exotic locales and newfangled ideas, Ma and Pa must learn how to make the best of it with luck, pluck and a little country charm.

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - Featured Guest Series 12 DVD Collection -Volumes 1-12

 (The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - Featured Guest Series 12 DVD Collection -Volumes)
The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - Featured Guest Series 12 DVD Collection - Volumes 1-12 The Newly released 12 DVD collection of 33 Full Shows - including Commercials! - plus close to 2 hours of bonus clips from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson featuring some of the most beloved guests to ever appear on the show. Featuring: Don Rickles, Robin Williams, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Burt Reynolds, Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Joan Embery, and Jim Fowler Volume 1: Featuring - Don Rickles - 2 FULL SHOWS - plus Bonus Clip Show 1: 11/14/73 Show 2: 01/06/76 Bonus Clip: NYC Award Reels 1968 Appx Running Time: 166 minutes Volume 2: Featuring - Robin Williams - 3 FULL SHOWS Show 1: 04/3/84 Show 2: 01/10/91 Show 3: 09/19/91 Appx Running Time: 160 minutes Volume 3: Featuring - David Letterman - 3 FULL SHOWS Show 1: 11/24/78 Show 2: 08/30/91 Show 3: 05/15/92 Appx Running Time: 185 minutes Volume 4: Featuring - Jay Leno - 3 FULL SHOWS Show 1: 04/28/77 Show 2: 06/22/88 Show 3: 05/16/91 Appx Running Time: 185 minutes Volume 5: Featuring - Jerry Seinfeld - 3 FULL SHOWS Show 1: 06/27/85 Show 2: 02/21/86 Show 3: 06/09/88 Appx Running Time: 157 minutes Volume 6: Featuring - Burt Reynolds - 3 FULL SHOWS Show 1:...

Ted 1 & 2: Thunder Buddies Collection (DVD)

Buddies Collection (Ted 1 & 2: Thunder Buddies Collection)

Ted 1 & 2: Thunder Buddies Collection (Blu-ray)

Buddies Collection (Ted 1 & 2: Thunder Buddies Collection)

4 Film Favorites: Buddies & Badges Collection (DVD)

Buddies Collection (4 Film Favorites: Buddies & Badges Collection)
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