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LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Oils, Butter Rum Flavoring Oil, 1 Ounce Bottles

 (LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Oils, Butter Rum Flavoring Oil, 1 Ounce)
LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Oils, Butter Rum Flavoring Oil.

Lorann Oils Butter Rum Flavoring, 1 Dram

 (Lorann Oils Butter Rum Flavoring, 1)
Butter rum, 1 dram (3.7 Ml) by LorAnn Oils.These Super-Strength flavors are 3 to 4 times stronger than grocery store extracts - a little goes a long way! perfect for use in hard candy, candy centers, fondants, fudges, and other baked goods. This flavor is appropriate for chocolates and chocolate coatings.  Gluten free and certified kosher Pareve by star-k.

Torani Butter Rum Syrup 750mL

 (Torani Butter Rum Syrup 750mL)
Italian syrup - Torani flavored syrups are made with the finest ingredients. Commonly used to make specialty coffee drinks, espresso drinks, iced teas, Italian sodas and more.

OliveNation Butter Rum Flavor, 8 Ounce

 (OliveNation Butter Rum Flavor, 8)
Many are familiar with the delicious drink called hot buttered rum. This drink, made with rum, butter and hot water garnished with either a cinnamon stick or ground nutmeg is a wonderful treat. Our pure butter rum extract will add the flavor of buttered rum to your cookies, cakes and icings.

LorAnn Superstrength Butter Rum Flavoring 4 oz.

 (LorAnn Superstrength Butter Rum Flavoring 4)
Estos aceites concentrados Flavoring han sido una parte integral de la American Candy Making para años, para cocción profesional y doméstico. Let el intenso sabor de estos aceites & flavorings put extra Pizzazz en su siguiente receta. El flavorings son altamente concentrado y unsweetened. No dejes que el diminuto 1-dram (0,125 fl. oz o 1 tsp) botella te engañe. Una muy pequeña cantidad está lleno de sabor y aroma y es generalmente 3 - 4 veces más fuerte que extractos (extractos son diluted por importantes cantidades de alcohol y/o agua). Lorann Oils se puede utilizar para una variedad de aplicaciones de Flavoring - incluyendo Hard Candy, ventosas, cobertura y bombones y muchos Specialty Confections. También puede ser utilizado en aplicaciones de maquillaje como Lip Balms,

Butter Rum Flavoring 4 oz, by LorAnn Oils, with Glass Dropper Bundle

 (Butter Rum Flavoring 4 oz, by LorAnn Oils, with Glass Dropper)
LorAnn Butter Rum Flavor 4 oz plastic bottle with a 4 oz Glass Child Resistant Dropper. Use Cheesecake Flavor Candy Oil In: Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications. Note: When substituting these flavors for extracts, use ¼ to ½ teaspoon for 1 teaspoon of extract.

Candy & Baking Flavoring Oil-Butter Rum

 (Candy & Baking Flavoring Oil-Butter)
A twin pack of flavors or oils for candy making! Ideal for hard candy, chocolates, frostings, cookies, fudges, and baking. 4 times stronger than extracts! Package includes recipes! Each bottle has .125 fluid ounces inside. Made in USA.

DaVinci Gourmet Classic Flavored Syrups Butter Rum 750 mL

 (DaVinci Gourmet Classic Flavored Syrups Butter Rum 750)
No one compares to DaVinci Gourmet. With over 50 classic flavors, all made from pure cane sugar. Their family of delectable gourmet products lets you experience how flavorful life can be. DaVinci Gourmet syrups are perfect for virtually any application: espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee and tea, granitas, smoothies, Italian sodas, desserts and more.

Hobbyland Candy Flavors (Butter Rum Flavoring, 1 Fl Oz), Butter Rum Concentrated Flavor Drops

 (Hobbyland Candy Flavors (Butter Rum Flavoring, 1 Fl Oz), Butter Rum Concentrated Flavor)
Hobbyland Candy Flavors (Butter Rum Flavoring, 1 Fl Oz), Butter Rum Concentrated Flavor Drops. TASTE: Add to taste. SWEETNESS: Flavorings are Sugar Free. You decide how sweet by adding your own sweeteners. ALWAYS ASK: What is my base? Will the other ingredients affect my flavoring? MIXING RATIOS and STRENGTH: Some flavors are more explosive than others. You decide the ratio and how explosive the flavor will be. USES: This is a multi-purpose concentrated flavoring for adding flavors and enhancing flavors in beverages, baked goods, candy, desserts and food. Add flavors to recipes for candies, candy coatings, hard candy, confectionery, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, fondants, frostings, gumdrops, ice creams, yogurts, desserts, pies, pudding, coffee, frappuccinos, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, malts, milk, milkshakes, protein shakes, smoothies, slushies, teas, iced teas, soda and pop. CONTAINED ALLERGENS: None. Contains No added salts, sugars, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, dyes or oils. Salt-Free, Sugar-Free, Caffeine-Free, Artificial Colors-Free, Sweetener-Free, Alcohol-Free, Nicotine-Free, Diacetyl-Free and Acetyl Propionyl-Free. All Kosher USP flavor ingredients contained in this product are approved for use in regulation of the FDA or listed as being generally recognized as saf...

LorAnn Butter Rum Super Strength Flavor 4 oz

Butter Rum Flavoring (LorAnn Butter Rum Super Strength Flavor 4)

Butter Rum Flavor LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oil 1 oz

Butter Rum Flavoring (Butter Rum Flavor LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oil 1)

BUTTER Flavor LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oil - 4 oz.

Butter Rum Flavoring (BUTTER Flavor LorAnn Hard Candy Flavoring Oil - 4)
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