Candied Walnuts

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Trader Joe's Candied Walnuts (5 Oz)

 (Trader Joe's Candied Walnuts (5)
Trader Joe's Candied Walnuts (5 Oz)

The Nutty Gourmet - Flavored Walnuts 8oz - (Honey)

 (The Nutty Gourmet - Flavored Walnuts 8oz -)
Our products are sure to excite every member of the family, whether looking for sweet, spicy or just savory. We have grown California walnuts and glazed them with great flavors to help get you on the heart-healthy superfood snack bandwagon. Sea Salt Walnuts keep it simple, these California grown walnuts are lightly coated with olive oil and sea salt. Rosemary Walnuts add sophistication to adult snacking. Pair them up with your favorite wine or add them to your next cheese board. Honey Walnuts have all natural ingredients that balance the sweetness of honey and the nuttiness of walnuts with only a few grams of sugar making it kid friendly. Maple Cinnamon Walnuts are going to upgrade your breakfast by ten-fold. While some will eat them by the handful, try adding them to cereal, smoothies, pancakes, the possibilities are endless. Chipotle Walnuts have a sweet, spicy and smoky symmetry creating a perfect snack for on the go. Ideal for sharing with friends and family at your next BBQ. Buffalo Walnuts have just the right amount of spicy to get you excited for game-day and they pair nicely with beer... or Root Beer. Habanero Walnuts have a nice kick to them, we don't know if they're addictive because they are spicy, or if they are spicy because they're addictive. All we know is that onc...

Diamond Original Glazed Walnuts - 32 oz (2 lbs)

 (Diamond Original Glazed Walnuts - 32 oz (2)
Nut Toppings--An easy way to make everyday dishes special. From salads to oatmeal to savory dishes, Diamond Nut Toppings add taste, crunch and the wholesome goodness of nuts. Recipes for Glazed Walnut, Apple, and Blue Cheese Salad and Glazed Walnut & Berry Breakfast Parfait on the package.

Kirkland Praline Pecans 2.5lb

 (Kirkland Praline Pecans 2.5lb)
Fancy Pecans with a Sweet Praline Coating

Fresh Gourmet Dried Cranberries & Glazed Walnuts, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 9)

 (Fresh Gourmet Dried Cranberries & Glazed Walnuts, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of)
A perfect combination of savory and sweet, as well as crunchy and juicy. A perfect partnership of color, crunch and flavor. Our Cranberries & Glazed Walnuts are an unparalleled combination that fills your mouth with everything you crave: savory and sweet, crunchy and juicy, all at the same time. With today`s trend towards salads that move beyond the ordinary side plate, this nut and fruit mix is just the thing you need to create a delicious centerpiece to your meal. At Fresh Gourmet, we bring good taste to your table – every day. Fresh Gourmet is the number one brand of croutons and salad toppings sold in the world. Long known for the innovative approach that inspired the original produce crouton, the Fresh Gourmet brand offers the largest variety of salad toppings available on the market today. As salad toppings experts, Fresh Gourmet sets the pace with today`s trends, offering busy cooks the crunch, flavor and texture that transform everyday dishes into memorable meals in minutes. For nearly 30 years, Fresh Gourmet continues to be the one brand you turn to for the Crunch You Crave!

Damn Good Popcorn's Frosted Cinnamon Sugar walnuts

 (Damn Good Popcorn's Frosted Cinnamon Sugar)
Damn Good Popcorn's delicious frosted Walnuts Made with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. Made fresh to order. One 8 oz package. Our customers at our popcorn store rave about our frosted almonds, cashews and pecans! We make all of our gourmet popcorn and nuts in small artisan batches. Licensed by the state of Ohio health Department. Family owned and operated

Emerald Glazed Pecans Non GMO Verified (Pack of 2)

 (Emerald Glazed Pecans Non GMO Verified (Pack of)

Nut Cravings - Fresh Honey Glazed Candied Pecans (1 Pound) - In Resealable Bag - 16 Ounce

 (Nut Cravings - Fresh Honey Glazed Candied Pecans (1 Pound) - In Resealable Bag - 16)
Enjoy the sweeter side of nature. Get ready to indulge, and savor the sweet, enticing carnival aroma of Honey Glazed Pecans by Nut Cravings! These mouthwatering all-natural delights provide a versatile anytime snack that's healthy, hearty-and totally gratifying. Conveniently shelled, halved and ready to chomp, our crunchy pecans are lightly glazed in a delectable honey batter before being roasted to a golden brown. These sugared sensations are always harvested at the peak of ripeness, promising perfectly smooth texture and yummy honeyed flavor in every sealable stand-up bag. Satisfy your sweet tooth by tossing them in your daily yogurt, oatmeal or ice cream, or serve them chopped in some homemade turtles or pecan pie. Every time you see the Nut Cravings seal, it's safe to dive in knowing you'll feel good, feast well, and enjoy full satisfaction under our 100% Crackproof Guarantee. So share with family, gift to friends-go nuts! What You Get? ▶ A Yummy Pouch Honey Glazed Pecans by Nut Cravings ▶ Your choice of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pounds ▶ A travel-friendly bag that stands and zips ▶ All-natural goodness that's totally craveworthy! Specs & Details! ▶ Package size: 1 - 5 pounds ▶ Honey Roasted ▶ Kosher certified ▶ Grown in the USA, packed fresh in NY How to Enjoy? ▶ ...

Emerald Glazed Pecans,Non GMO Verified, 5oz (Pack of 1)

 (Emerald Glazed Pecans,Non GMO Verified, 5oz (Pack of)
Natural and artificial flavors. Emerald Glazed Pecans explode with irresistible flavor. In this kettle-cooked snacking sensation, our premium walnuts are glazed with a delicious, crunchy glazed to bring out the great flavors of pecans. Pure pleasure for your taste buds - flavorful and wholesome too. Terrific for snacking, desserts and as a delightful topping for ice cream.

Sante Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts (Sante Candied Walnuts)

Trader Joe's Candied Walnuts (5 Oz)

Candied Walnuts (Trader Joe's Candied Walnuts (5)

Nature's Tree Chandler Walnuts, 8 oz Bag

Candied Walnuts (Nature's Tree Chandler Walnuts, 8 oz)
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