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Dead Hunger III: The Chatsworth Chronicles

 (Dead Hunger III: The Chatsworth)
A gas emitting from the earth's core has transformed 90% of the living into ravenous, flesh-eating zombies, and the remaining 10% are fighting for their lives.  Hemp Chatsworth takes the reins in book three of the Dead Hunger series, which finds our small band of heroes growing with each passing day. Seeking the safety of a less vulnerable part of the country, Flex and company pack up and head to New Hampshire, where a community of survivors thrive, facing the daily battles together.  But a new, terrifying threat has awakened from the dead, and they are great in number, presenting a new challenge to humankind. Some of our friends will not survive, but those left behind to fight another day will have their vengeance, if it's the last thing they do.  And while vengeance may not always be productive, it sure feels good. Join Flex, Gem, Hemp, Charlie, and Trina, and don't forget the Great Pyrenees, Bunsen! Cheer for them as they fight to make the world safe once more. Don't doubt them for one second...they might just succeed.  Warning! This book contains blood, zombies, gore, foul language, zombies, and children with weapons. If you dig that kind of thing, then what the #!#@$#%[email protected] are you waiting for?

Two Heads Equal Two Hands: The Story of the Chatsworth Killer in His Own Words

 (Two Heads Equal Two Hands: The Story of the Chatsworth Killer in His Own)
"The murders must be random, highly simplified, with no elaborate tortures, no exotic locations, no manipulated crime scenes or messages left behind for the cops and media. Every murder must occur inside the residence of the murder victim." (The words of the infamous Chatsworth Killer) From 2003 to 2006, a series of 14 brutal murders summoned the deepest fears in the hearts of everyone living in California's San Fernando Valley. The killer behind the murders would become known only when he turned himself in to authorities in 2006, confessing to the murders and declaring he had "proof" that "emptiness" and "informational symmetry" made random crime impossible to prevent in modern-day society. While the subsequent investigation and trial that led to the Chatsworth Killer's life imprisonment have been well documented, the man-monster himself has remained silent - until now. With elaborate legal agreements in place to ensure the killer cannot profit from the resulting book, writer-philosopher Emericus Durden undertook a series of interviews with the man over several months in 2010. The result is Two Heads Equal Two Hands, the first and only account by the serial killer himself of what he did and why he did it.

Kick: The True Story of JFK's Sister and the Heir to Chatsworth

 (Kick: The True Story of JFK's Sister and the Heir to)
Filled with a wealth of revealing new material and insight, the biography of the vivacious, unconventional - and nearly forgotten - young Kennedy sister who charmed American society and the English aristocracy and would break with her family for love. Encouraged to be "winners" from a young age, Rose and Joe Kennedy's children were the embodiment of ambitious, wholesome Americanism. Yet even within this ebullient group of overachievers, the fourth Kennedy child, the irrepressible Kathleen, stood out. Lively, charismatic, extremely clever, and blessed with graceful athleticism and a sunny disposition, the alluring socialite fondly known as Kick was a firecracker who effortlessly made friends and stole hearts. Moving across the Atlantic when her father was appointed as the ambassador to Great Britain in 1938, Kick - the "nicest Kennedy" - quickly became the family's star. Despite making little effort to fit in to British high society, she charmed everyone from the beau monde to Fleet Street with her unconventional attitude and easygoing humor. Growing increasingly independent, Kick would also shock and alienate her devout family by falling in love and marrying the scion of a virulently anti-Catholic family - William Cavendish, the heir apparent of the Duke of Devonshire and Cha...

Steven Curtis Chapman-audio Cd-first Hand-1989 Edition

 (Steven Curtis Chapman-audio Cd-first Hand-1989)
Artist Steven Curtis Chapman's audio CD named First Hand-1989 published one

12121-712 - Chatsworth 6" Channel Rack-To-Runway Mounting Plate Using J-Bolts; 10 to 12"W

 (12121-712 - Chatsworth 6
6" Channel Rack-To-Runway Mounting Plate Using J-Bolts; Black; 10 to 12"W

Christmas With Razzberry

 (Christmas With Razzberry)

Horizontal Power Strip Type: Standard Plug 15A (5-15R)

 (Horizontal Power Strip Type: Standard Plug 15A)
12816-701 Type: Standard Plug 15A (5-15R) Features: -Available with twist lock or standard plug type. -Surge protection also available. Product Type: -Electrical Accessories. Lifestage: -Adult. Generic Specifications: -15 or 20 Amp options with two different plug styles: 5-15R and 5-20R. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -5 Pounds. Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -1.75 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -17 Inches.

Fire! Patty Learns What to Do

 (Fire! Patty Learns What to Do)

A Duck Called Chatsworth

 (A Duck Called Chatsworth)
Chatsworth is no ordinary duck. He can: read an encyclopedia at a single glance, eat toast faster than you can butter it, save Mr. Piccoli's pet shop from financial ruin without ruffling a feather, and solve mysterious crimes in the blink of an eye. And he's a whiz at making friends, too. Chatsworth, a duck for our times!

Chatsworth 30130-723 CPI Universal Cable Manager - Refurbished

Chatsworth Audio (Chatsworth 30130-723 CPI Universal Cable Manager -)

Chatsworth - 11911-712 - Chatsworth 11911-712 Cable Raceway - Raceway - Black - 1 Pack

Chatsworth Audio (Chatsworth - 11911-712 - Chatsworth 11911-712 Cable Raceway - Raceway - Black - 1)

Dead Hunger III: The Chatsworth Chronicles - eBook

Chatsworth Audio (Dead Hunger III: The Chatsworth Chronicles -)
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