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Schleich 72102 Barn with Animals & Accessories Action Figures, One Size, Red

 (Schleich 72102 Barn with Animals & Accessories Action Figures, One Size,)
Very early in the morning, the farmer opens the big doors to the stable building so he can feed the animals and muck out their stalls. He is very proud of his Black Angus bulls and they love the amazing new massage machine. “Calm down,” laughs the farmer. “You’ll all get a turn!” Today, they get turnips. In order to ensure the animals always have enough to eat, the farmer uses the rope winch to lift feed up to the hayloft. He stores it there for cold winter days. There are lots of things to discover, operate and rebuild on the big farm. Tending to the animals is a lot of work. Their stalls need to be mucked out, new straw needs to be put down and they need to be fed. The farmer loves his work and wouldn’t want to swap places with anybody.

Schleich Braunvieh Cow

 (Schleich Braunvieh Cow)
The Schleich figurines are all modeled in finest detail and encourage children to play and learn at the same time. Braunvieh cows are a domestic cattle breed that originated in Switzerland.

Schleich Assorted Farm World Animals Action Figures

 (Schleich Assorted Farm World Animals Action)
This set contains five farm animals: a Fleckvieh Calf, a cat, a border Collie, a goose and a Mustang foal. A Fleckvieh Calf and a Mustang foal have been born on the farm. They're still a little unsteady on their feet, but they toddle boldly across the farmyard. The Goose honks excitedly in greeting and the border Collie sniffs them happily, while the cat sits comfortably in a sunny spot and watches the peaceful life at the farm. All the Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling.

Schleich Texas Longhorn Cow Toy Figure

 (Schleich Texas Longhorn Cow Toy)
Analogous to its name, the Texas Longhorn bull has handlebar-like horns on its head. Prized for their beauty and intelligence, Texas Longhorns are a unique breed with much to offer. Sold for choice genetics, these cows are often bred with others to benefit those breeds with easier birthing or leaner beef. Texas Longhorn cattle have strong instincts and are very tough. They can live in arid areas, feeding on weeds and cactus, for long periods of time. Protected by their mother, these calves are exceptionally strong when born and begin walking very soon after birth.

Schleich 13797 North America Holstein Cow Toy Figure

 (Schleich 13797 North America Holstein Cow Toy)
Cows show affection by licking each others' heads, shoulders and backs. If they are separated from their friends, they often get stressed and sad. It's not difficult for cows to tell each other apart: they have unique voices and scents. In addition, the animals can identify up to 100 faces from their herd and are highly intelligent. Not only can they solve puzzles, but they actually really enjoy them. If they work out how to open a gate with a button, they jump up and down and frolic around.

Schleich Hereford Calf Toy Figurine

 (Schleich Hereford Calf Toy)
The Schleich figures are model LED with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime. Most Hereford calves have a dark red coat. Their face, chest, neck and belly are white. The calves process the food they eat extremely efficiently, which allows them to put on several hundred kilograms in their first two years. A fully grown cow weighs 600 to 800 kg, while a fully grown bull weighs 900 to 1, 350 kg.

Schleich North America Simmental Cow Toy Figure

 (Schleich North America Simmental Cow Toy)
Grass is hard to digest. That's North America simmental cow why cows chew an average of 50 times per minute – a total of 30, 000 times per day. Even if we humans really make an effort, we generally don't chew a morsel of food more than 30 times. Cows produce over 150 liters of saliva per day as a result. This makes them very thirsty, so they also drink a lot of water: up to 180 liters per day. This is equivalent to a large bathtub filled to the top. If they are very thirsty, they can even drink 25 liters per minute.

Schleich 13880 Black Angus Calf

 (Schleich 13880 Black Angus)
Schleich figurines encourage children to play and learn at the same time. A black Angus Calf drinks its Mother's milk for the first six to eight months. The cattle of this breed grow very fast – an eight-month-old calf can weigh 160-180 kg. Originally the animals come from Scotland, where the weather can be very cold and wet. The animals are therefore very robust.

Schleich North America Holstein Bull Toy Figure

 (Schleich North America Holstein Bull Toy)
Before two Bulls fight, they stare at each other aggressively. "The first one to look away loses", as the saying goes. It doesn't happen often, but if neither of them gives up, then they fight. In that case, the Bulls Charge at each other on the pasture with lowered heads and ram each other. Even if the ground is a little muddy, the Bulls always find firm footing when they fight. This is due to their claw-like hoofs, which consist of two Toes that dig firmly into the ground.

Schleich Wild Life, Wildlife Animal Assortment (Giraffe, Anteater, Elephant, Cheetah, Flamingo) Toy Figures

Cow Schleich Animal (Schleich Wild Life, Wildlife Animal Assortment (Giraffe, Anteater, Elephant, Cheetah, Flamingo) Toy)

Schleich Horse Club, Horse Wash Area Play Set

Cow Schleich Animal (Schleich Horse Club, Horse Wash Area Play)

Schleich American Bison Toy Animal

Cow Schleich Animal (Schleich American Bison Toy)
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