Crabb Family Southern Gospel

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Greater Is He

 (Greater Is He)

Super Southern Gospel: The Crabb Family

 (Super Southern Gospel: The Crabb)

Through The Fire

 (Through The Fire)

Share the Joy / Southern Gospel Artist Sampler 2000

 (Share the Joy / Southern Gospel Artist Sampler)
15 tracks of gospel songs.

That's No Mountain

 (That's No Mountain)

Live At Brooklyn Tabernacle

 (Live At Brooklyn Tabernacle)
1. Introduction - Crabb Family 2. Greater Is He - Crabb Family 3. You Let the Light Back In - Crabb Family 4. His Grace - Crabb Family 5. Don't You Wanna Go' - Crabb Family 6. Holy Ground - Crabb Family 7. Please Come Down to Me - Crabb Family 8. Through the Fire - Crabb Family 9. Amazing Grace - Crabb Family 10. Please Forgive Me - Crabb Family 11. Gerald Crabb Testimony - Crabb Family 12. The Reason That I'm Standing - Crabb Family 13. Something's Going on in the Graveyard - Crabb Family 14. The Cross - Crabb Family 15. Lamb, Lion and King - Crabb Family

Greater He Is

 (Greater He Is)


Their musical style is not easily categorized, but instantly identifiable. They are, simply, the hottest thing going in Southern Gospel music and breaking down genre barriers everywhere they go. From their own "Crabb Gatherings," sold-out shows across the country featuring every member of the extended family, to performing with Casting Crowns, Third Day and Mercy Me, the Crabb Family is making noise and winning over legions of new fans with their down-to-earth personalities and mind-blowing musical abilities.

Shepherd's Call

 (Shepherd's Call)

The Crabb Family: The Walk Brand NEW CD Christian Southern Gospel Music

Crabb Family Southern Gospel (The Crabb Family: The Walk Brand NEW CD Christian Southern Gospel)

16 Great Southern Gospel, Vol. 1

Crabb Family Southern Gospel (16 Great Southern Gospel, Vol.)

Southern Gospel Treasury: The Goodman Family (CD)

Crabb Family Southern Gospel (Southern Gospel Treasury: The Goodman Family)
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