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Western SS Sweet Iron Snaffle D-Ring Bit

 (Western SS Sweet Iron Snaffle D-Ring)
The Sweet Iron Snaffle D-Ring Bit features a 5" mouth piece with 3" Offset D-rings. This D-ring snaffle has a copper inlay creating a sweet tasting bit for your horses. The sweet iron mouth piece with added copper inlay helps your horses salivate which helps prevent them from getting a dry mouth. Color of mouth pieces may vary between black and browns.

Weaver SS Twisted Snaffle D-Ring Bit

 (Weaver SS Twisted Snaffle D-Ring)
Weaver Leather Twisted Snaffle D-Ring Bit Best used with an all leather curb strap to prevent the bit from pulling through the horse's mouth, offset dees are great bits for starting colts, training exercises, introducing a new riding discipline or for softening an older, more seasoned horse's mouth. Mouthpiece works independently of rings. Pressure points: bars, corners of mouth and tongue. Please note: Horses should never wear a bit when tied. Features: Stainless steel 5" Sweet iron twisted wire mouth with 1" circumference 3" Offset dees

PRORIDER Steel D-Ring Copper Inlay Rollers 5-1/2" Mouth Horse Bit Tack 35515C

 (PRORIDER Steel D-Ring Copper Inlay Rollers 5-1/2


Classic Antique Floral Western Dee Ring Show Bit This beautiful Western Dee Ring Bit features a classic antique floral trim on the 2 3/4" Dee rings making it great for shows. It has a 5 1/8" snaffle mouthpiece of curved sweet iron with copper inlays.

PRORIDER Equine Stainless Steel Copper 5-1/2" Mouth D-Ring Snaffle Horse BIT TACK 35552C

 (PRORIDER Equine Stainless Steel Copper 5-1/2
Stainless steel Copper Mouth D-Ring comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel, Guaranteed against rust.

Draft Horse 6.5" D-ring Bit with Copper Rollers

 (Draft Horse 6.5
Draft Horse stainless D-ring snaffle bit with copper - a premium bit for drafts horses - full stainless steel with large copper rollers

Western SS Copper Mouth Snaffle D-Ring Bit

 (Western SS Copper Mouth Snaffle D-Ring)
Western Sweet Iron D-Ring Snaffle Bit Stainless steel dee; 5" sweet iron jointed mouth with copper inlay Dee Ring Snaffle Bit, 3 inch rings. Mouthpiece Diameter: 10mm

Dover Saddlery Hunter D-Ring Bit, 5

 (Dover Saddlery Hunter D-Ring Bit,)
Hunter Dee Ring Snaffle Bit, 5:Made of stainless steel, this Hunter Dee Ring Bit has classic D-rings that are elegant enough for show. This affordable snaffle bit has a single-jointed mouthpiece that acts on the bars, lips and palate.About Dover Saddlery: Dover Saddlery only offers quality products that they would use on their own horses, so you can have complete confidence in your every purchase. The Dover tradition that began in 1975 continues today - using their understanding of horses and the sport to better serve the equestrian customer.

Kelly Silver Star Barrel D-Ring Snaffle

 (Kelly Silver Star Barrel D-Ring)
Hop up on that saddle and take control with the Kelly Silver Star Barrel D-Ring Snaffle on your side. This stainless steel bit has rings with an eggbutt design which are sure not to pinch your horse's sensitive mouth. The jointed mouthpiece of this bit gives just the right amount pressure. About JT International For over 35 years, JT International has been providing riders with quality equestrian equipment designed to maximize the riding experience. With over 1,100 different types of products available, they offer new and time-honored favorites to riders all over the world. From tack to training supplies, JT International has each rider and their mount covered. Sturdy stainless steel construction. Features barrel D-ring. Choose from available mouth size options. Great bit for well trained horses.

Do it 14-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

D-ring Bit (Do it 14-Piece Masonry Drill Bit)

Do it Best 10-Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set

D-ring Bit (Do it Best 10-Piece Cobalt Drill Bit)

Do it Best 7-Piece Titanium Hex Shank Drill Bit Set

D-ring Bit (Do it Best 7-Piece Titanium Hex Shank Drill Bit)

5 inch D Ring Snaffle Bit With Copper Rollers, BT-005

D-ring Bit ( 5 inch D Ring Snaffle Bit With Copper Rollers,)

Thin Slow Twist Wire D Ring Snaffle Sweet Iron Horse Bit 5 1/4" - Used

D-ring Bit (Thin Slow Twist Wire D Ring Snaffle Sweet Iron Horse Bit 5 1/4

Happy Mouth D-Ring Snaffle Bit- 5 1/4"

D-ring Bit (Happy Mouth D-Ring Snaffle Bit- 5)
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