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The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management

 (The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk)
In a world where most businesses fail, The Art of Preventing Stupid offers a system for leaders to solve common business problems before they happen. Author Matthew Neill Davis introduces the Preventing Stupid Method to running a business, a method that guides readers in identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing threats to and weaknesses in their business. This book details how to efficiently prevent and manage potential and present problems and helps business owners and managers learn how to create leads for a more profitable business. You will learn how to seize opportunities rather than wallow in problems that should never have made it to the surface. Forward-thinking risk management This book delivers bold business strategy rooted in forward-thinking risk management. It is about changing how leaders think, so they can run their business with confidence, effectiveness, and profitability. It shows struggling entrepreneurs how to weed out the stupid mistakes they're making, so they can move forward. For those already running a business, it offers next-level risk management strategies to make work easier, more profitable, and more secure. Advice from a lawyer In The Art of Preventing Stupid, you'll get a lawyer's perspective and insight and the value of a fractional general c...

Stuart Davis: In Full Swing

 (Stuart Davis: In Full Swing)
This book pays tribute to the mature work of Stuart Davis, a distinctly American artist who adapted European modernism to reflect the sights, sounds, and rhythms of popular culture. Beginning in 1921, a series of creative breakthroughs led Davis away from figurative painting and toward a more abstract expression of the world he inhabited. Drawing upon his admiration for Cézanne, Léger, Picasso, and Seurat, Davis developed a style that would evolve over the next four decades to become a dominant force in postwar art. His visionary responses to modern life and culture both high and low remain relevant more than 50 years after his death. Focusing on the images and motifs that became hallmarks of his career, this book features approximately 100 works―from his paintings of tobacco packages of the early 1920s, the abstract Egg Beater series, and the WPA murals of the 1930s, to the majestic works of his last two decades. The authors take a critical approach to the development of Davis's art and theory, paying special attention to the impact his earlier work had upon his later masterpieces. They also discuss Davis’s unique ability to assimilate the lessons of Cubism as well as the imagery of popular culture, the aesthetics of advertising, and the sounds and rhythms of jazz―his gr...

Ferment: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Culturing Foods, from Kombucha to Sourdough (Fermented Foods Cookbooks, Food Preservation, Fermenting Recipes)

 (Ferment: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Culturing Foods, from Kombucha to Sourdough (Fermented Foods Cookbooks, Food Preservation, Fermenting)
A gorgeous and inspiring resource on fermenting for cooks of all skill levels120+ recipes for familiar and lesser-known cultured foods: Celebrated the world over for their health benefits and dynamic flavors, cultured and fermented foods are seeing and revival and are becoming everyday meal mainstays. In this extensive collection, fermentation pioneer Holly Davis shares more than 120 recipes for familiar—and lesser-known—cultured foods, including yogurt, pickles, kimchi, umeboshi, scrumpy, and more. Contains more than 100 photographs, helpful hints, and informational charts offering guidance on incorporating fermented ingredients into the diet. With a striking, luxe textured cover and engaging projects for amateur and experienced fermenters. Holly Davis is a chef, teacher, and co-founder of Iku Wholefoods in Sydney, Australia. Her expertise has been refined through 40 years of teaching fermentation techniques around the world. "This brilliant book will take you safely on many culinary adventures." —Fergus Henderson, chef and founder of St. JOHN RestaurantThis cookbook will be the cornerstone of every preserving kitchenWith recipes and tips to use fermented products alongside culturally related mealsIncludes recipes such as toasted sesame and miso dressing, crisp white radi...

Pickers and Poets: The Ruthlessly Poetic Singer-Songwriters of Texas (John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by the Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University)

 (Pickers and Poets: The Ruthlessly Poetic Singer-Songwriters of Texas (John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by the Center for Texas Music History, Texas State)
Many books and essays have addressed the broad sweep of Texas music—its multicultural aspects, its wide array and blending of musical genres, its historical transformations, and its love/hate relationship with Nashville and other established music business centers. This book, however, focuses on an essential thread in this tapestry: the Texas singer-songwriters to whom the contributors refer as “ruthlessly poetic.” All songs require good lyrics, but for these songwriters, the poetic quality and substance of the lyrics are front and center. Obvious candidates for this category would include Townes Van Zandt, Michael Martin Murphey, Guy Clark, Steve Fromholz, Terry Allen, Kris Kristofferson, Vince Bell, and David Rodriguez. In a sense, what these songwriters were doing in small, intimate live-music venues like the Jester Lounge in Houston, the Chequered Flag in Austin, and the Rubaiyat in Dallas was similar to what Bob Dylan was doing in Greenwich Village. In the language of the times, these were “folksingers.” Unlike Dylan, however, these were folksingers writing songs about their own people and their own origins and singing in their own vernacular. This music, like most great poetry, is profoundly rooted. That rootedness, in fact, is reflected in the book’s emphasis o...

80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades K-2

 (80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades)
80 easy-to-do, classroom-tested ideas to help you plan engaging, purposeful Morning Meetings for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. The book includes 20 friendly greetings, 20 empowering sharings, 20 engaged activities, and 20 inspiring messages.This handy reference also includes:An introduction with tips and reminders to help you plan and lead successful meetingsAn at-a-glance chart listing content area and skills reinforcedAn appendix with sample combinations of ideas, reproducible Morning Meeting planning sheets, tips on teacher language, and resources for learning more about Morning Meeting

Trees: Between Earth and Heaven (1)

 (Trees: Between Earth and Heaven)
Art Wolfe’s immersive photos capture the wonder humans have felt about trees for millennia.From the biblical Tree of Life to the Native American Tree of Peace, trees have played an archetypal role in human culture and spirituality since time immemorial. An integral part of a variety of faiths—from Buddhism and Hinduism to Native American and aboriginal religions—trees were venerated long before any written historical records existed. Through the vivid images of legendary photographer Art Wolfe, Trees focuses on both individual specimens and entire forests, and offers a sweeping yet intimate look at an arboreal world that spans six continents. Author Gregory McNamee weaves a diverse and global account of the myths, cultures, and traditions that convey the long-standing symbiosis between trees and humans, and renowned ethnobotanist Wade Davis anchors the text with a penetrating introduction. Humans have always shared this planet with trees, and Trees by Art Wolfe is a breathtaking journey through and homage to that relationship and its past, present, and future.

Art_Latin_America: Against the Survey

 (Art_Latin_America: Against the)
The Davis Museum’s groundbreaking curatorial project, Art__Latin__America: Against the Survey, reconsiders conventional frameworks for understanding, exhibiting, and discussing Latin American and Latinx art. This illustrated volume, published with the exhibition, features 70 essays by leading scholars and specialists from across the Americas on an exceptional selection of art works, many never before seen or published.The Davis collection includes more than 550 works connected to the region known as “Latin America”—as site of production, place of origin, or point of reference. The exhibition features 150 highlights, in all media, by over 100 artists from across the Americas, including the US. The works are organized into eight compelling themes that reveal particular strengths of the collection: Identity and Territory, City and Country, War and Loss, Protest and Resistance, Workers and Farmers, Models and Mothers, Saints and Rituals, and Geometry and Gesture.Contrary to familiar museological conventions of the chronological survey or geographic overview, Art__Latin__America includes works from radically different times and places, juxtaposing the familiar and the unknown, the expected and unexpected, generating new visual conversations and challenging viewers and readers ...

Inside Llewyn Davis

 (Inside Llewyn Davis)

Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Mechanical Support: Principles and Practice

 (Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Mechanical Support: Principles and)
Offering a unique, multidisciplinary approach to the complexities of CPB, the 4th Edition of Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Mechanical Support: Principles & Practice remains the gold standard in the field. This edition brings you fully up to date with every aspects of cardiopulmonary bypass, including new information on management of pediatric patients, CPB’s role with minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery, mechanical circulatory support, miniaturized circuits and CPB, sickle cell disease and CPB management, and much more. A newly expanded title reflects the rapidly evolving nature of extracorporeal technology, encompassing both short-term and long-term forms of cardiac and pulmonary support. Key FeaturesThe most comprehensive and authoritative text in the field, widely used by anesthesiologists, perfusionists, and cardiothoracic surgeons, as well as intensive care specialists, neonatologists, and interventional cardiologists.Provides expert, full-color guidance on equipment, physiology and pathology, hematology, clinical applications, and neonates, infants, and children.Addresses univentricular and biventricular assist devices, as well as the various forms of extracorporeal pulmonary support that may or may not include circulatory assistance.Includes a brand-new look at t...

Miles Davis Quintet at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, California, 1957 Art Print

Davis Art Center (Miles Davis Quintet at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, California, 1957 Art)

Miles Davis (New York City) 20x20 Framed Art Print.

Davis Art Center (Miles Davis (New York City) 20x20 Framed Art)

Drawing Prizes in the Crosby Opera-House Lottery. Sketched by Theodore R. Davis. Print Wall Art

Davis Art Center (Drawing Prizes in the Crosby Opera-House Lottery. Sketched by Theodore R. Davis. Print Wall)
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