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Derwent Sketching Wallet, 17 Pieces Per Set (2300218)

 (Derwent Sketching Wallet, 17 Pieces Per Set)
Our stylish sketching wallet is perfect for the artist who Loves to get outdoors. Small enough to fit in your bag it contains a selection of handy drawing media; 6 x graphic pencils (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B); 2 x water soluble sketching pencils (4B, 8B); 1 x Onyx Pencil (dark); 3 x tinted charcoal pencils; 1 x charcoal Pencil (dark); 1 x metal sharpener; 1 x plastic eraser; 1 x a5 sketching pad

Derwent Graphic Pencils, Metal Tin, 24 Count (34202)

 (Derwent Graphic Pencils, Metal Tin, 24 Count)
Derwent Graphic Pencils are a professional quality product that anyone can use. With the hexagonal barrel, you gain greater precision for detailed drawings. The hard (H) degrees contain a 2.2 mm core for sharp, fine lines, while the black (B) soft degrees use a 3.5mm core to obtain softer lines. Be prepared for any project. Derwent offers a comprehensive range of 20 degrees to help you achieve your vision. Choose from the popular HB pencil, the fine and crisp 9H, or the soft and smudgy 9B. As you have a versatile set, you can choose the pencil that fits your artistic concept. Whether used for blending, fine detailed illustrations or shading and depth, these pencils will help you express your vision. The core sharpens to a fine, long-lasting point, great for emphasizing even the smallest details. The fine point allows for professional-level precision on your most intricate images. With a heritage dating to 1832, Derwent’s innovation comes from an understanding of artists. We’ve produced a range of quality art materials, many of which are made in our British manufacturing plant.

Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils, Metal Tin, 6 Count (0700837)

 (Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils, Metal Tin, 6 Count)
Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils, 6-Ct. Metal Tin Use Them Wet or Dry Derwent Sketching Pencils are watersoluble tools best suited for freestyle sketching and bold line drawings. A soft, extra wide graphite core sweeps smoothly across paper for a fast, even lay down, yet is equally suitable for more detailed work. Use them dry or add water to bring a new dimension to your work. Durable metal tin includes 2 each of the following degrees: HB, 4B, 8B and a pencil sharpener. H pencils are hard, light and leave less graphite on paper. B pencils are soft, dark and leave more graphite on paper; HB is somewhere in the middle range between H and B, yet still reasonably hard. The more B’s, the softer the lead. HB is equivalent to a standard number 2 pencil. Plus, they’re pre-sharpened, so they’re ready to use. Watersoluble Sketching Pencils Allow You to Create in a Variety of Ways: Cross Hatching — Simply lay down lines by crisscrossing them over each other. Layering — Layer different degrees of pencil to achieve various tones and shades. Blending and Burnishing — Perfect for adding shine to your work especially when drawing leaves of fruit. Wax Resist — Draw your design using the burnishing pencil, then add your graphite and/or color. The wax will resist the p...

Derwent Sketching Pencils, 4mm Core, Metal Tin, 6 Count (0700836)

 (Derwent Sketching Pencils, 4mm Core, Metal Tin, 6 Count)
Six Derwent Soft Sketching Pencils plus a free shapener are housed in a metal tin box.

Derwent Sketching Collection, Metal Tin, 24 Count (34306)

 (Derwent Sketching Collection, Metal Tin, 24 Count)
34306 Features: -Pencil set. -For freestyle sketches and bold line drawings allowing complete and spontaneous freedom of expression. -The soft wide 0.15" graphite core in a round 0.31" barrel sweeps smoothly. -Sketching collection. -Category: Drawing. -Age Group: Adult. Product Type: -Colored Pencils. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -9.37". Overall Width - Side to Side: -7.8". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -0.59". Overall Product Weight: -15.17 lbs.

Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils, 12 Degrees of Hardness Metal Tin, 12 Count (2301946)

 (Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils, 12 Degrees of Hardness Metal Tin, 12 Count)
Academy Sketching Pencils by Derwent, 12-Ct. Metal Tin View Larger A Comprehensive Range of Degrees Perfect for Tackling Every Subject The Academy Sketching Pencil leaves a lasting mark with its soft, extra wide graphite strip. From quick, freestyle sketches to more thoughtful, detail work, Academy sketching pencils provide versatility, so they're perfect for beginning artists. Sketching pencils provide the foundation for most artwork so having a large range to choose from is ideal. For fine, straight lines choose a hard H pencil that will hold its point. Available in HB - 5H. For work that includes smudging, the dark, smooth and soft B pencil is your best choice. Available in six degrees: 3B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H. Plus, the pencils are pre-sharpened for immediate use. Tin includes: 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H Hexagonal 6.9 mm barrel 2.9 mm core Also available in a tin and pod of 12 View Larger Derwent Heritage Since 1832, Derwent has been inspiring amateur and professional artists with an exceptional range of innovative fine art materials. Related Products Academy Sketching Pencils by Derwent, 6-Ct., Metal TinGenerous, round barrels in this collection of sketching pencils. Academy Sketching Pencils by Derwent, 12-Ct., Pod ...

Derwent Line and Wash Sketching Set, 14 Pieces Per Set (2302162)

 (Derwent Line and Wash Sketching Set, 14 Pieces Per Set)
Create exciting splashes of graphite, dynamic tones, and dramatic lines. Presented in a stylish and practical double layer silver tin the contents include; graphic pencils x 6 - 4B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H; water soluble sketching pencils X2 - 4B, HB; water brush x 1; eraser Shield x 1; paper stump x 1; sharpener x 1; plastic eraser x 1

Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Mixed Media, Pack, 8 Count (0700665)

 (Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Mixed Media, Pack, 8 Count)
A comprehensive collection of water soluble media helps you produce loose, free sketches and bold line graphite drawings. Add water to introduce painting to your work. The graphite gently dissolves into subtle tones to expand your creative possibilities. The pack includes: 3 water soluble Sketching Pencils (HB, 4B, and 8B), 2 water soluble Graphite Sticks (2B, 6B), a paintbrush, pencil sharpener, and a plastic eraser.

Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Pencil 8B

 (Derwent Water Soluble Sketching Pencil)
The Derwent Watercolor Sketch Pencils provide a consistent wash with great versatility. Blendable with water.

Derwent Graphic Soft Sketching Pencil Set, 12 Pieces

Derwent Sketching (Derwent Graphic Soft Sketching Pencil Set, 12)

Derwent Inktense Pencil 36-Color Tin Set

Derwent Sketching (Derwent Inktense Pencil 36-Color Tin)

Derwent Academy Sketching Pencil Set, 12-Pencil Tin Set

Derwent Sketching (Derwent Academy Sketching Pencil Set, 12-Pencil Tin)
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