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Weiler 56490 Mandrel For Type 1 Cutoff Wheels, 1/4" Diameter Shank, 3/8" Arbor Size

 (Weiler 56490 Mandrel For Type 1 Cutoff Wheels, 1/4
Steel mandrel for mounting Type 1 wheels. Constructed for cut-off wheels with 3/8quot; arbor hole. Suitable for 1quot;- 3quot; wheels

6pc HSS Saw Blades Rotary Tool, Baowox 1/8" Shank Circular HSS Saw Disc Wheel Cutting Blades with Mandrels For Dremel Fordom Drills Rotary Tools

 (6pc HSS Saw Blades Rotary Tool, Baowox 1/8
6pcs HSS Saw Disc Wheel Cutting Blades For Drills Rotary Tools and Mandrel     Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality Set of 5 mini circular saw discs blades for use in hobby mini drills for small cut off jobs. High speed steel blade and mandrel set is ideal for fine precision cuts in aluminium, brass, copper, wood and plastic. Set supplied with 3.2mm diameter shank drill mandrel arbour for easy fitting in any drill. Endurance blade offers faster cutting and extra long life for hobbyist Hardened steel body ensures straight, accurate cuts     Specifications: Material: HSS Color:Silver Outer diameter: 22-44mm Inner diameter: 6.35mm Thickness: 0.8mm Size: 22mm25mm32mm35mm44mm Pole length £º 3mm Weight:80g   Package included: 1x 22mm/0.8mm/6.35mm 1x 25mm/0.8mm/6.35mm 1x 32mm/0.8mm/6.35mm 1x 35mm/0.8mm/6.35mm 1x 44mm/0.8mm/6.35mm 1x 3.2mm mandrel

Weiler 36512 Mandrel for Type 1 Cutoff Wheel, 1/4" Diameter Shank, 1/4" and 3/8" Arbor Size

 (Weiler 36512 Mandrel for Type 1 Cutoff Wheel, 1/4
The Weiler 36512 mandrel securely mounts a Type 1 cutoff wheel with a 1/4" or 3/8" arbor hole onto a grinder that accepts 1/4" stems. The mandrel is designed to fit 0.035"- to 1/4"-thick cutoff wheels and is made of carbon steel for strength and extended tool life. The mandrel consists of a shank and a screw. The shank inserts into a grinder chuck. The arbor end of the shank accepts a cutoff wheel, and the screw portion of the mandrel threads into the shank, securing the wheel to the mandrel.SpecificationsArbor size1/4" or 3/8"Accepted wheel thickness0.035" to 1/4"Shank diameter1/4"Weiler manufactures precision brushes, abrasives and maintenance products. The company, founded in 1898 in Germany and headquartered in Cresco, PA, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9001.

3M Stripe Off Wheel 07498, 4" Diameter x 5/8" Width, 3/8" Mandrel, Beige (Pack of 1)

 (3M Stripe Off Wheel 07498,  4
Scotch-Brite(TM) Stripe off wheel designed for high-speed removal of vinyl, decals, graphics and double sided molding striping and trim. Use on tools with 4000 RPM. MOS: optimum speed is 2000 RPM plus or minus 200. Includes a 3/8-inches in mandrel. Attachment type: threaded, converted form: wheel, density rating: medium, diameter: 4-inches, form type: stripe-off, max rpm: 4000, thickness: 5/8-inches, thread size: 3/8-16 internal, width: 5/8-inches.

Hurricane Turning Tools, Lathe Pen Mandrel Saver, 2MT

 (Hurricane Turning Tools, Lathe Pen Mandrel Saver,)
Hurricane Standard Series Pen Mandrel Saver. This a great upgrade to the standard pen mandrel system. Excessive pressure from the lathe tailstock on the pen mandrel can cause it to bend, making your pen blanks "wobble" or be "out of round". The mandrel saFeatures:Used in tailstocks to secure pen blanks on the mandrelEliminates damaged mandrels and out-of-round pen blanks by putting pressure directly on the pen bushing, not the mandrelAdapts to almost every mandrel with a shaft diameter of .245" (6.22mm) or smaller; mostly commonly used with 7mm mandrelsTailstock Mount: #2 MT (Morse Taper)Material: SteelHurricane Turning Tools is a premium brand of tools and accessories meeting the needs of woodturners and woodworkers. Hurricane Tools include woodturning tools, wood lathe chucks and jaws, drill bits and Hurricane Abrasives. Hurricane products are made in the USA and throughout the world, balancing the need for both high performance and affordable products.

LEE PRECISION 90602, Collet Neck Sizer Die Undersize Mandrel, 0.222" Diameter

 (LEE PRECISION 90602, Collet Neck Sizer Die Undersize Mandrel, 0.222
The undersized mandrel is designed to work with the Lee collet dies. When delivered from the factory, the collet die will grip the bullet with a light press fit with cases of average hardness. Should you desire a tighter fit, you can order this Undersize mandrel to replace the original. These mandrels are undersized by 0.002". specifications: - diameter: 0.222" - quantity: 1

Bitspower Mandrel Kit for 16MM Outer Diameter Rigid Tubing

 (Bitspower Mandrel Kit for 16MM Outer Diameter Rigid)
Bitspower mandrel kit for bending rigid tubing Model: BP-CMMK16-MBK.

Satin Finish Coarse Buff Wheel Mandrel Mounted, 4" Diameter

 (Satin Finish Coarse Buff Wheel Mandrel Mounted, 4
Industrial Quality Nonwoven Coarse Abrasive Mandrel Mounted on a 1/4" Quickchange Hex Mandrel. Produces a Satin Finish on Metal. Can be used for Paint & Rust Removal. Made In Usa By Divine Brothers; A 125 Year Old Company.

Hotline Beadmaker Mandrels 1/16" Diameter

 (Hotline Beadmaker Mandrels 1/16
Size: 1/16" x 8" (10/pk) Stainless steel rods are excellent for bead making when coated with separator.

JSP® MINIATURE BRUSHES,9/16" diameter, hard , MOUNTED on a 3/32" (2.3mm) mandrel , sold in packs of 12

Diameter Mandrel (JSP® MINIATURE BRUSHES,9/16

#42 (1/8" Diameter, 0.020-0.125 Grip) Blind Copper Pop Rivets - Brass Mandrel - 25 Pieces

Diameter Mandrel (#42 (1/8

Budget 2 Piece Mandrel Set - Wire Looping Tool - 10 Different Diameters

Diameter Mandrel (Budget 2 Piece Mandrel Set - Wire Looping Tool - 10 Different)
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