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Nicolas Schöffer: Space, Light, Time

 (Nicolas Schöffer: Space, Light,)
Hungarian-born French artist Nicolas Schöffer (1912–1992), though relatively unknown today, was during his lifetime a significant presence in the art world. His 1956 piece CYSP 1 is considered the first cybernetic sculpture, making use of motors, microphones, and photo-electric cells to create a work based on feedback loops and responsiveness to its environment. For Schöffer, cybernetics enabled a crucial artistic exploration of the boundary between the living and the technological. This important reevaluation of Schöffer’s work features sculptures, paintings, and drawings, including unpublished pieces from the artist’s studio and archive, as well as documentation of his interdisciplinary and experimental collaborations with architects, musicians, choreographers, scientists, and industrialists. Particular attention is paid to the innovative work he created between 1945 and 1975, which takes on particular resonance in our current, digitally saturated world.  

Kasina Light and Sound Sessions Vol 1

 (Kasina Light and Sound Sessions Vol)

The Firefighter's Cinderella

 (The Firefighter's Cinderella)
The first time C. J. Powell rescues her, Natasha Bennington is running a marathon honoring the memory of their friend. Now her work fighting for humanitarian rights is once again putting her at risk. And the rugged San Francisco firefighter has crowned himself her designated hero!Catching the stunning brunette when she collapses at the finish line isn't the way C.J. imagined meeting Tasha again. A year ago, she'd been hopelessly in love with his best friend. Now the fiercely dedicated pro bono attorney needs his protection—especially after a deadly threat forces Tasha to flee to C.J.'s hometown.There are worse things than hiding out in the breathtaking wilds of Alaska with the woman he adores. Now C.J. has a more urgent mission—keeping Tasha safe until the danger's past and she's ready to move on…with him.

Dominique Intimate Apparel Elegant Lace Brasselette 7749

 (Dominique Intimate Apparel Elegant Lace Brasselette)
A path to take, a vow to make - glamour that follows you through.

The New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens of the World

 (The New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens of the)
A celebration in words and breathtaking images of thirty-five landscapes created for private clients by today's preeminent designers. This is a time of renewed originality in garden design. The last twenty years have seen a lucky confluence of money and talent lavished on gardening, and the results are surprising, enchanting, sometimes even controversial. The range of possibilities suggested by these thirty-five gardens is extraordinary: from Jacques Wirtz's undulating beech hedges that recede mysteriously into the mist to Penelope Hobhouse's latest interpretation of the traditional English garden, to Martha Schwartz's Texas creation of red, yellow, and pink painted garden rooms. These hidden masterworks of modern gardening are unlocked for us by the authority, experience, and resources of House & Garden magazine. Every page is an invitation to explore landscapes that have never before been seen by the public--and may never be seen again. International in scope and lavish in its production, this book is the last word on the state of design in the garden world. 340 color photographs

Wild Things: Foursome (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray]

 (Wild Things: Foursome (Unrated Edition))
Wild Things Foursome is the seductive next film in the hot and sexy Wild Things series. Hotel magnate Ted Wheetly is tough on his arrogant hard partying son, Carson (Ashley Parker Angel), who believes his wealthy, womanizer father drove his mother to her death. When Ted is killed in a speed boat accident, Detective Frank Walker (John Schneider) is assigned to investigate the case. As he digs deeper into the death, he becomes more and more suspicious of the scheming, seduction, greed, double-crossing, and possibly even cold blooded murder.

Deep Jazz (Fine Mix)

 (Deep Jazz (Fine Mix))

Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism: Arcadia & Anarchy

 (Divisionism/Neo-Impressionism: Arcadia &)
This beautifully designed exhibition catalogue explores the optically vibrant paintings of the late nineteenth-century Italian Divisionists, examining, for the first time, their relationship to Neo-Impressionism. Artists from both movements subscribed to a painting technique rooted in color theory; held left-wing political views; and pursued similar subject matter--from idyllic landscapes to timely social problems. Arcadia and Anarchy underscores the Italian artists' autonomy from their European counterparts and highlights their importance in pioneering Modernism. Published to accompany the premiere of the exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, which was curated by Vivien Greene and will travel to the Guggenheim Museum, New York in the summer of 2007, this focused study of 40 key Divisionist works is the first of its kind to appear in the United States. Featuring work by Giovanni Segantini, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Albert Dubois-Pillet, Georges Seurat, Vittore Grubicy de Dragon, Maximilien Luce, Paul Signac, Emilio Longoni, Camille Pissarro, Angelo Morbelli, Henri-Edmond Cross, Plino Nomellini, Charles Angrand, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Giovanni Sottocornola, Jan Toorop and Gaetano Previati, it includes essays by Greene, as well as by noted scholars Giovanna Ginex, Dom...

First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography

 (First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of)
An exact date for the invention of photography is evasive. Scientists and amateurs alike were working on a variety of photographic processes for much of the early nineteenth century. Thus most historians refer to the year 1839 as the “first” year of photography, not because the sensational new medium was invented then, but because that is the year it was introduced to the world.   After more than 175 years, and for the first time in English, First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography brings together more than 130 primary sources from that very year—1839—subdivided into ten chapters and accompanied by fifty-three images of significant visual and historical importance.   This is an astonishing work of discovery, selection, and—thanks to Steffen Siegel’s introductory texts, notes, and afterword—elucidation. The range of material is impressive: not only all the chemical and technological details of the various processes but also contracts, speeches, correspondence of every kind, arguments, parodies, satires, eulogies, denunciations, journals, and even some poems.   Revealing through firsthand accounts the competition, the rivalries, and the parallels among the various practitioners and theorists, this book provides an unprecedented way to understand ...

Coaster Company Dominique Bedroom Mirror, White

Dominique 1 Light (Coaster Company Dominique Bedroom Mirror,)

Orren Ellis Dominique 1-Light LED Bath Sconce

Dominique 1 Light (Orren Ellis Dominique 1-Light LED Bath)

Jean Pierre Dominique 30 x 50 in. Loop Accent Rug, Peacock Blue/Mineral Blue

Dominique 1 Light (Jean Pierre Dominique 30 x 50 in. Loop Accent Rug, Peacock Blue/Mineral)

Orren Ellis Dominique 1-Light LED Bath Sconce

Dominique 1 Light (Orren Ellis Dominique 1-Light LED Bath)

Flambeau Dominique 1 Light Table Lamp

Dominique 1 Light (Flambeau Dominique 1 Light Table)
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