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(2) Packs of Ebonite Ultra Slide Bowling Powder_Use on Thumb and Bowling Shoes

 ((2) Packs of Ebonite Ultra Slide Bowling Powder_Use on Thumb and Bowling)
(2) Packs of Ebonite Ultra Slide Bowling Powder for one great price.

Ebonite Ultra Slide Powder

 (Ebonite Ultra Slide Powder)
A must-have accessory to provide a consistent slide in high humidity regions. This powder is perfect for synthetic lanes, and completely eliminates sticking shoes. Also works great to use on your thumb.

Ebonite Ultra Grip Rosin Bag & Ultra Slide Powder Bundle

 (Ebonite Ultra Grip Rosin Bag & Ultra Slide Powder)
Bundle Includes : 1 bag of Ebonite Ultra Slide Powder and 1 bag of Ebonite Ultra Grip Rosin

bowlingball.com Perfect Slide Bowling Slide Aid (1)

 (bowlingball.com Perfect Slide Bowling Slide Aid)
Get the perfect slide on the approach with the bowlingball.com Perfect Slide! This convenient dual-purpose accessory provides a smooth slide on approaches, especially in high-humidity areas. It may also be used in the thumb-hole to assist with a quicker release. Packaged in a resealable bag to protect the inside of your bowling bag.

Master Industries Easy Slide Shoe Sole Conditioner(Color may vary)

 (Master Industries Easy Slide Shoe Sole Conditioner(Color may)
Easy Slide by Master Industries is the perfect shoe sole conditioner to ensure that you achieve the best slide on your approach. Each unit is individually packaged in reusable zip-lock bags.

Storm Scented Grip Bag, Black

 (Storm Scented Grip Bag, Black)
Special combination of conditioners and rosin is unlike any other grip bag in bowling Absorbs moisture Low residue Adds grip Reusable storage bag Fragrance: Vanilla Assorted Colors

bowlingball.com Bowling Basics Kit

 (bowlingball.com Bowling Basics)
Be ready to keep your bowling ball clean, your hands dry and yourself ready for consistent strikes with the bowlingball.com Bowling Basics Kit!

Master Industries Puff Balls Bowling Grip Aid

 (Master Industries Puff Balls Bowling Grip)
The Puff-Ball by Master Industries keeps hands dry and in full control with a better grip for more effective release. Made of 100% woven terry velour they remove moisture quickly with no residue build-up.

Brunswick Power Slide Bag (Single)

 (Brunswick Power Slide Bag)
Convenient dual-purpose accessory--provides smooth slide on approaches, a must have for high humidity areas..

ebonite ultra slide powder

Ebonite Ultra Slide (ebonite ultra slide powder)

Ebonite Ultra Slide, 12 Bags

Ebonite Ultra Slide (Ebonite Ultra Slide, 12 Bags)

Ebonite Ultra Slide

Ebonite Ultra Slide (Ebonite Ultra Slide)
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