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European Choral Music: 1525-1751 / Various

 (European Choral Music: 1525-1751 /)
Sixteenth-century and early-17th-century choral writing is polyphony at its most fascinating and intricate. The Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford, under Stephen Darlington's direction, sing here with absolute solidity and lovely tone, even from the trebles and boy altos. In addition to somewhat familiar works by the great Italian master Palestrina, we get three masses by the Spanish composer Victoria, a couple of masses and some motets by Lassus, and rare items by Morales and Esteves. Just sit back and let the rich texture of this haunting music wash over you--it's as uplifting as it is radiant. --Robert Levine

Choral Music from Persia : Farah Choir - گروه همسرایان فرح

 (Choral Music from Persia : Farah Choir - گروه همسرایان)
In autumn 1978 the Farah Choir went Austria to record its debut album.
 Seven Persian folk songs were recorded in Vienna, and the album was planned to be
released in Tehran. However, the victory of the Islamic Revolution in
 Persia (Iran) disrupted those plans. The choir, supported by Queen Farah Diba (Pahlavi), was dissolved, and its conductor Evlin Baghcheban, went into exile. The recording and the choir were forgotten in the wake of the revolution until... -- The package contains a bilingual booklet about the untold story of Farah Choir and its rare photos and the CD contains 7 famous solk songs: 1- To Bio (Come to me) from Bakhtiari region 2- Baboli Koreh (The Girl from Babol) Mazandaran region 3-Dokhtar-e Boyer Ahmadi (The Girl from Boyer-Ahmad) Bakhtiari region 4- Sholeyl (The Sun), Lorestan region 5- Mastom Mastom (I Am Drunk), Pars region) 6- Aziz Joon (My Dear), Mazandaran region 7- Dast be Dastmalom Nazan (Do Not Touch My Handkerchief) Bakhtiari region. The songs have been arranged for choir by Rubik / Ruben Gregorian and Samin Baghcheban. - اجرایی از گروه همسرایان فرح / کر فرح که در سال ۱۹۷۸ در اتریش ضبط شده است: هفت ترانه محلی ایران از لرستان، مازندران، پارس و چهار...

European Choral Music

 (European Choral Music)

Choral Masterpieces of the European Renaissance

 (Choral Masterpieces of the European)

A Jewish Celebration in Song (Milken Archive of American Jewish Music)

 (A Jewish Celebration in Song (Milken Archive of American Jewish)
In their first-ever recording of American Jewish music, the world-famous Vienna Choir Boys are joined by the Chief Cantor of the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem, Naftali Herstik, and by Cantor Shimon Craimer. This disc features joyful new music and stirring, tuneful melodies that have thrilled audiences during recent international concert tours of the Vienna Choir Boys. Kalib’s The Day of Rest is a concert service comprising settings of texts from three sections of the Sabbath liturgy. Psalms of Abraham is a cantata comprising twelve original settings of Psalms (or excerpts) from the biblical Book of Psalms—so titled in honor of the Beth Abraham Youth Choir.

Lost Music of Early America (Music of The Moravians)

 (Lost Music of Early America (Music of The)
When the subject of 18th-century music comes up, the United States is rarely considered any sort of creative artistic bastion. But this collection of Moravian religious music reveals how deep a fallacy it is to write off the U.S. as unimportant in vocal music history. The Moravian Church, founded on the cusp of the 14th and 15th centuries, would generate a distinctly musical worship tradition in the 1700s, just prior to the first Moravians settling in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Once in Pennsylvania, the music flowed at a brisk pace, comprising significant sections of worship ceremonies. Composers included in this collection reflect two particular facets of the music: its harmonic simplicity and its abiding spiritual values. Of course, "simplicity" is an easily derogatory descriptive, but that is not at all the case here. These choral works display tremendous richness and depth, with traces of J.S. Bach's cantatas as well as works by Haydn and even Mozart, who developed on a parallel musical track to the Moravians. And there are pop smarts here, too: One of the songs even quotes the Star Spangled Banner, then a ditty for the masses. The period instruments create a fine chamber background--music that floats without weighting the vocals or tearing ears away. A second bonus CD contains...

500 Years of European Choral Music

 (500 Years of European Choral)
For more than 30 years, these ground-breaking recordings by the legendary Eric Ericson have been the standard for choral interpretation. While often out-of-print or only available as a costly import, these recordings by Maestro Ericson with the Rundfunkchor Stockholm and Stockholmer Kammerchor are a virtual omnibus of choral literature. The Clarion label was founded by Stanley Schmidt- a distinguished music educator, choral director, radio personality and businessman, for the purpose of showcasing the great choral recordings from the past and provide contemporary choirs with a vehicle to promote their own recordings. Mr. Schmidt is also President of, one of the country’s largest and most celebrated distributors of recorded choral music. It is with tremendous satisfaction that Clarion can once again make these priceless recordings available for the enjoyment of collectors and the inspiration of choral directors. Be sure to contact us to stay informed of future releases on the Clarion label.

Sacred Treasures; Chorale Mast

 (Sacred Treasures; Chorale)
Words cannot describe poignantly enough the exquisite, angelic voices that permeate the heart and exalt the soul on Sacred Treasures. The most highly regarded Russian and Bulgarian choirs sing the hymns of Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Lvovski, and other composers in the Russian Orthodox Church's tradition of "Divine Worship" (worship through chant). From the first tolling bells that open the CD with a willowy, floating piece from Rachmaninov's Liturgy of St. John, to the final bells closing the door on "Hymn of the Cherubim" (Grigory Lvovski), this CD creates a gentle, distinctly Byzantine glory. The rhythms slowly wisp along while the choirs' baritones, tenors, and sopranos mesh into one expansive blessing. Meant to comprehensively gather not all Russian liturgical pieces but rather hymns that emote an inner tranquility and celestial grace, Sacred Treasures plays like a piece of heaven on Earth. --Karen Karleski

The Music of Armenia, Volume 1: Sacred Choral Music

 (The Music of Armenia, Volume 1: Sacred Choral)
The Music of Armenia focuses much of its six volumes on the sacred and folk music traditions of the Eastern Armenians. It was recorded mostly within the modern republic. The only exception was the folk music of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, which was recorded inside that strife-torn area in Azerbaijan. The Music of Armenia, as substantial as it is, in fact began as a musical detour. The intrepid New Zealand composer, David Parsons, who has previously produced The Music of Cambodia and The Music of Vietnam was working on another project for Celestial Harmonies entitled, The Music of Islam, when Celestial Harmonies' president, Eckart Rahn, asked if he had heard the monastic choirs of Armenia. Parsons set off to investigate: once there, he says, "I was struck by the extremely high level of development in all the music I was hearing. For me, personally, this was the most outstanding traditional music I had heard."The recent explosion of interest in Gregorian Chant and in the mystical music of various, mostly Eastern European composers, suggests that there is something in modern Western life that has listeners searching for the ancient, or, perhaps timeless sounds, of sacred music. The sacred choral music heard on The Music of Armenia, Volume One: Sacred Choral Music certainly...

Light Eternal - Choral Music of Morten Lauridsen (CD)

European Choral Music (Light Eternal - Choral Music of Morten Lauridsen)

Sacred Choral Music Feast of All Saints & All (CD)

European Choral Music (Sacred Choral Music Feast of All Saints & All)

Oxford Choral Classics: European Sacred Music

European Choral Music (Oxford Choral Classics: European Sacred)
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