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Newtex FirePad Deck Protector (24")

 (Newtex FirePad Deck Protector)
The FirePad Deck Protector saves your expensive stone, composite, or wood deck from the heat given off by your fire pit, smoker, or grill. The intense radiant heat flux given off by these products can burn or char an unprotected deck. This protective deck pad is made with Z-Flex Aluminization and Z-Block fire protection fabrics, the same technology used to protect military equipment and aircraft from the risks of heat and fire. Make bonfires, grilling, and cooking safer and more enjoyable this summer by giving yourself one less thing to worry about! Respect the Deck! Instructions: 1: Place the FirePad beneath your grill or fire pit before igniting a fire. 2: The reflective, silver side of the FirePad should face up, towards the grill. 3: For best results store flat without bending or folding and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Store the product indoors when not in use. Product must be clean and dry during use for best protection 4: There must be at least 1 inch of space in between the source of heat and the FirePad. The FirePad is not designed for direct contact with the bottom of your grill, smoker, or fire pit.

Deck Protect Fire Pit Pad Combo 36" X 36"

 (Deck Protect Fire Pit Pad Combo 36
The DeckProtect pad will protect any wood or combustible surface from extreme heat generated by portable Fire Pits and Chiminea's. Simply slide the DeckProtect pad under your fire pit and enjoy the fire without the worry of damage to your deck. The only fireproof product on the market to safely burn fire pit or chimeneas on wood or composite decks. Deck Protect is the only fire proof product on the market that allows you to burn your fire pit on any surface without the worry of damage. We use only the finest material and everything is made by hand. The pad is made from volcanic rock, fire woven into threads to make a pad that will not be effected by weather of any kind. The pad will not rot or damage from water or fire. The rack is made from 100 percent heavy grade aluminum. This allows you to leave it out year round without rusting or changing color. Deck Protect is fire proof, and weather will not compromise the integrity of our product. Available in 6 other sizes, 12", 16", 24", 27", 30", 36"

Diversitech Original Grill Mat - BBQ Floor Mat - Put Under Gas Grill, Fryer, Fire Pit - Protects Decks and Patios - 30 Inches - Round - Gray

 (Diversitech Original Grill Mat - BBQ Floor Mat - Put Under Gas Grill, Fryer, Fire Pit - Protects Decks and Patios - 30 Inches - Round - )
Protect your wood or composite deck and patio surfaces from spills, stains and sparks with the round “Original” Grill Pad in black by Diversitech. The “Original” Grill Pad comes in a shape, size, and color that's just right for almost any gas or charcoal grill, fryer or smoker! The “Original” Grill Pad is the only product on the market designed for both gas and charcoal/wood-fired appliances that is also compatible with composite decking. The grill pad is made of an exclusive material crafted from fiber cement making it heat- and weather-resistant, flexible and durable, and at 8 pounds it is heavy enough to stay anchored to the ground. The unique cement fiber material will protect your deck better than plastic and metal grills pads because it will not rust, and it will not melt or degrade in sunlight. The “Original” Grill Pad is available in various shapes: round, rectangle and oval; and four unique colors: earth-tone brown, black, gray, and brick to match perfectly to any deck or patio style. The pad will not stick to a composite deck surface as it does not contain rubber backing material. The “Original” Grill Pad is easily cleaned because the material causes grease and other spills to pool at the top. Simply use mild soap and wipe down - no scrubbing needed!...

Northland Online Deck Defender & Grass Guard - Fire Pit Heat Shield - New

 (Northland Online Deck Defender & Grass Guard - Fire Pit Heat Shield -)
PURPOSE: Protects wood & composite decks, patios, concrete & lawn areas from heat damage created by portable gas & wood burning Fire Pits & Chiminea's.FUNCTION: Place "Deck Defender" under your Fire Pit or Chiminea and burn as usual without the fear of heat damage to the area.OPERATION METHOD: Deck Defender blocks heat by balancing three elements that apply to the principles of radiant heat transfer. 1) High shine metals reflect heat, 2) Aluminum acts as a heat sink, and 3) Multi layered metals with air spaces in between create an insulation effect because air is a poor conductor of heat. NASA uses this principle in insulating space suits & crafts. Simple, lightweight, no moving parts or necessary maintenance.TESTED: It's 100% fire-proof & has been extensively tested to extreme conditions. Fire pits average app. 1,200 degrees F. "Deck Defender" has been tested up to 1,500 degrees F - so use with confidence.MATERIALS: Aluminum top plate and lower steel sub-frame operate together in a 2-piece construction. Powder coated frame includes wide feet for lawn applications. Quality U.S.A. materials are hand crafted for longevity and appearance. "Deck Defender" is outdoor storage safe. It sits above the deck providing airflow to prevent moisture from accumulating.SIZE & CAPACITY: 26" squar...

Diversitech ULTRA Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ and Fire Pit Mat - Protects Decks and Patios - 10 Year Warranty 48 x 30 Inches Black

 (Diversitech ULTRA  Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ and Fire Pit Mat - Protects Decks and Patios - 10 Year Warranty 48 x 30 Inches)
Protect your wooden deck and patio Floor from spills, stains and sparks with the ULTRA grill Mat by DiversiTech. The ULTRA grill Mat provides the best protection for your surfaces and has the highest rated surface protection forup to 600 °F and can protect from embers, sparks, oil, grease, spills, drippings and splatters on multiple surfaces including wood, composite, cement, brick, slate, stone or even tile. This grill Mat is made of a flexible material that lays flat on the surface you are protecting, it will not crack, tear or curl. This Mat is perfect to use under gas grills, charcoal grills, fryers and fire pits, designed to withstand the most demanding outdoor living conditions. The ULTRA grill Mat is the ultimate protection for deck and patio areas and is backed by an industry-shattering 10-year warranty, ensuring an extended product life withstanding fading or material breakdown. This Mat is easy to clean and measures 48" L x 30" w. DiversiTech ULTRA grill Mat sets a new standard for surface protection unrivaled by any product on the market and targets the outdoor enthusiast who demands the best possible protection.

KoolPad Fire Pit Pad & Grill Mat - 24 INCH - Protect Your Deck, Patio or Lawn from Expensive Damage from Heat, Fire Spillover, or Grease Drips from a Permanent or Portable Fire Pit or Grill (24")

 (KoolPad Fire Pit Pad & Grill Mat - 24 INCH - Protect Your Deck, Patio or Lawn from Expensive Damage from Heat, Fire Spillover, or Grease Drips from a Permanent)
KoolPad is simple to use on outdoor decks, for fire pits. Simply place the KoolPad under your firepit, grill, or smoker with the reflective side (shiny side) up. The cloth, soft side (KoolGrip) faces down to protect your surface. Do NOT place fire, coals, heat directly on the KoolPad. When storing KoolPad, please do not bend or fold it.

Fire Pit Safety Base

 (Fire Pit Safety Base)
Pave the way for fire safety success with our Fire Pit Safety Base. The powder-coated, iron frame is designed to keep 16" x 16" pavers (not included) in place under a fire pit or stove. This gives the pit a base to prevent it from moving around and keeps the grass and patio floor from burning. This collapsible frame is easy to use - just drop it on the ground of your patio or yard and start building. Pavers not included.

Resilia - Grill and Garage Protective Mat - Decorative Embossed Diamond Plate Pattern - Black, (3 Feet x 4 Feet)

 (Resilia - Grill and Garage Protective Mat - Decorative Embossed Diamond Plate Pattern - Black, (3 Feet x 4)
Anti-Stain Grill and Garage Protective Mat protects decks, floors and pavers against accidental spills as well as grass, rust and oil stains. Place in front or under your grill to catch grease spatter or use in front of your patio door. Heavy duty, flame retardant, phthalate free, flexible PVC vinyl. Easy to clean vinyl, no scrubbing necessary! The floor-hugging design will keep it from snagging on swinging doors. Use in high traffic areas to protect floors (patio, garage, laundry room, entryway, porch door). Use in your Garage under the lawn mower, snow blower, garden tools or motorcycles to prevent oil and rust stains on cement floor.

Tuffy Outdoor BBQ Grill Mat, Protective Pad for Patio or Deck

 (Tuffy Outdoor BBQ Grill Mat, Protective Pad for Patio or)
Tuffy mats are designed and manufactured here in the United States using over 70% recycled rubber which helps reduce the number of tires being dumped into our landfills. The material has passed very stringent testing for safety. Tuffy mats are safe to use as a bbq grill mat or grill pad with your outdoor grill and barbecue, smoker, fryer, and kamado cooker! Whether you use charcoal, wood pellets, gas, or electricity as the heat source, our heat resistant mat will serve you well. Our mat is not fireproof, and is safe for use up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean up is very easy because Tuffy mats resist animal fats, fish oils, grease, sauces and marinades; so with warm soap and water, you can bring the smooth rubber surface back to new. The ribbed bottom helps to prevent mold and mildew, we recommend moving the mat once in awhile to expose all areas of the deck to sunlight. Tuffy mats also work great as a garage oil mat, protective mat, barbecue mat, camping mat, patio mat...under trash and recycle bins, lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATV-UTV's and snowmobiles or while repairing any of these motorized products so little parts don't fall into the dirt or snow. Tuffy mats can be reversed with the ribbed side up making it a great mat to wipe your feet on before entering your cabin camper, R...

Better Homes and Gardens Colebrook 37" Gas Fire Pit

Fire Pit Pad (Better Homes and Gardens Colebrook 37

Better Homes and Gardens Carter Hills 57" Gas Fire Pit

Fire Pit Pad (Better Homes and Gardens Carter Hills 57

Axxonn Rectangular Tile Top Fire Pit, Brownish Bronze

Fire Pit Pad (Axxonn Rectangular Tile Top Fire Pit, Brownish)
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