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Oscilloscope Applications for the QRP Enthusiast

 (Oscilloscope Applications for the QRP)
QRP continues to be one of the more active segments of the amateur radio hobby. Different people are drawn to QRP for different reasons but, for many, part of the fun is in building and learning. The oscilloscope is an affordable and useful tool to helping learn more about how (or if) your QRP transmitter is working. Because of that, the questions, "Should I buy an oscilloscope?" or, even more often, "I just bought an oscilloscope, what can I use it for?" frequently come up.This short book shows how to use the Rigol DS1102E an oscilloscope to measure and characterize the popular Tuna Tin 2 QRP transmitter. The approach and examples are applicable to virtually any modern oscilloscope and QRP transmitter.If you are a QRP enthusiast who has just purchased an oscilloscope or is thinking about the purchase of one, this book will show you the basics of using a scope to measure output power and efficiency along with evaluating the keying waveform and harmonic suppression of your latest transmitter project.A QRP transmitter, an oscilloscope, the ability to build a few simple test accessories, and a desire to peal back a layer of the onion and gain a deeper understand of how your transmitter works are all that is needed to start the journey!

Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs

 (Oscilloscopes for Radio)
Add a Scope to Your Ham ShackOscilloscopes are a useful tool in the world of electronics, allowing radio amateurs to “see” the signals inside their equipment. With personal computers and today’s technologies, a variety of analog, digital or hybrid scopes are available to hams for solving problems and testing new ideas in home workshops.Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs is filled with practical information you’ll need for using a scope. It begins with an overview of the oscilloscope and continues on to discuss characteristics, applications, probes, controls, and input modes. If you’re considering adding this piece of test equipment to your ham shack, there is an explanation of scope specifications and features to help you select an oscilloscope that is right for you.Includes:Why Get an Oscilloscope?A Little HistoryEvery Scope Has These ElementsProbes and AccessoriesScope Sections in DetailInput ModesLet’s Put a Scope to WorkIf You Are Going to Buy One – SpecificationsSoftware Oscilloscopes — Capable and FreeReviews of Several Current ModelsAbout ARRL: Founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim, ARRL (American Radio Relay League) is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US. Today, with more than 161,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateur...

Oscilloscopes: How to Use Them, How They Work

 (Oscilloscopes: How to Use Them, How They)

Walfront 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Kit, ADO102 2CH Handheld Digital General&Automotive USB Oscilloscope Digital Multimmeter AC100-240V(US Plug)

 (Walfront 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Kit, ADO102 2CH Handheld Digital General&Automotive USB Oscilloscope Digital Multimmeter AC100-240V(US)
Specification: Model: ADO102 Input Input coupling: AC, DC Channel: 2 Input impedance: 1MΩ, 25pF Max input voltage: 40V(probe X1), 400V(probe X10), 2000V(probe X100) Probe attenuation: 1X, 10X Attenuation setting: 1X, 10X, 100X Signal acquisition system Sampling method: Real time sampling, random sampling Memory depth: 4K Vertical system Vertical sensitivity: 1000mV-5V(probe X1), 100mV-50V(probe X10) (1, 2.5, 5 stepping) Vertical accuracy: ±3% Vertical resolution: 8bit Bandwidth: 10MHz Horizontal system Realtime sampling rate: 100MSa/s Scanning range: 25nS/div - 5S/div Trigger system Mode: Auto, normal, single Typoe: Rising edge, falling edge Auto detection: Support (20Hz-10MHz)  Measurement system Cursor measurement: Time and voltage cursor Measurement method: Manual Measyrement: Amplitude, frequency, period, duty cycle General parameter Input voltage: AC 100-240V Plug type: US plug Screen: 3.2 inch 320*240 LCD Battery: 2 * BRC18650 lithium batteries (NOT included) Package weight: Approx. 1050g / 37.0oz Package list: 1 * Oscilloscope 1 * Plug 1 * Oscilloscope Probe 4 * Automotive Acupuncture Probe 1 * Screwdriver 2 * High Voltage Probe 2 * Test Probe 1 * USB Cable 1 * Screen Protective Film 1 * Calibration Pen 2 * Protection Cover 8 * Identification Ring 1 * CD 1 * Bla...

The Apple Pushers

 (The Apple Pushers)

Electronic Projects for Oscilloscopes 2017

 (Electronic Projects for Oscilloscopes)
Electronic Projects for Oscilloscopes 2017 by Joseph Berardi The 2017 edition has embraced using a low-cost Arduino Uno board to make various oscilloscope projects. The book starts out with a tutorial on how one works and the different types of waveforms that can be observed. The next section of the book has an electronic reference that covers the fundamentals of passive electronic components. More sophisticated components are also presented with a comparison of different possible components useful in making the circuits for a digital oscilloscope. The 2017 edition added the Arduino Uno embedded controller. The low-cost Arduino embedded controller simplifies the amount of hardware required to build an oscilloscope. An embedded controller-based oscilloscope greatly enhances the capabilities and programmability of the oscilloscope. This book explores several different techniques for utilizing the less than twenty-five dollar Arduino Uno board and demonstrates how easy it is to make several different oscilloscope projects. The Oscilloscope 1 project demonstrates using the Uno board’s built-in analog-to-digital converter with a few lines of code to create a primitive oscilloscope. There is no additional hardware required other than a Uno board connected to a PC. The Oscilloscope 3 ...

Hantek 1008C 8CH Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope 2.4MSa/s USB 2.0 bandwidth 100K Program Generator

 (Hantek 1008C 8CH Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope 2.4MSa/s USB 2.0 bandwidth 100K Program)
Introduction: 8 channels oscilloscope for vehicle testing. Over 80 types of automotive diagnostic function (Ignition/Sensor/Bus detection/Perform/Starter and charging circuits etc.) . Video Help Function, provides the video help of diagnostic which can be watching online, The diagnostic result can be generated diagnostic report., printed or taken screenshot by pushing one key, many methods to save the data(txt,csv,rfc,xls,doc,jpg). Supported to record waveform for a long time. It can simulate camshaft and crankshaft signal.  General Oscilloscope: Input Impedance:Resistance: 1MΩ  Input Sensitivity:10mV/div to 5V/div Input Coupling:DC Resolution:12 bits Memory Depth:4K Max. Input:400V (DC+AC Peak) Real-Time Sampling Rate:2.4MSa/s Bandwidth:100K Time Base Range:1ns/div to 20000s/div(1-2-5sequences) Time Base Precision:±50ppm Trigger Source:CH1, CH2,CH3,CH4, CH5, CH6,CH7,CH8 Trigger Mode:Edge X-Axis Input:CH1 Y-Axis Input:CH2 Voltage Measurement:Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase,Vavg, Vrms, Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot Time Measurement:Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle Cursors Measurement:Horizontal ,Vertical, Track, Auto Measure Modes Waveform Signal Process:+,- , x,÷, FFT, Invert FFT:Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman...

Night School

 (Night School)
Award winning documentary that follows three student determined to graduate from their high school in Indianapolis despite the fact that the institution has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.



Automotive Oscilloscopes : Waveform Analysis

General Oscilloscopes (Automotive Oscilloscopes : Waveform)

Pomona 6049A General Purpose Oscilloscope Probes without Readout Actuator, 150 MHz System Bandwidth

General Oscilloscopes (Pomona 6049A General Purpose Oscilloscope Probes without Readout Actuator, 150 MHz System)

200KHz DS0150 15001K DSO-SHELL DIY Digital Oscilloscope Kit With Housing 12Bit

General Oscilloscopes (200KHz DS0150 15001K DSO-SHELL DIY Digital Oscilloscope Kit With Housing)

Hantek 1008C 8CH Virtual Automotive Diagnostic DAQ Signal Generator Oscilloscope

General Oscilloscopes (Hantek 1008C 8CH Virtual Automotive Diagnostic DAQ Signal Generator)

Hantek 1008C Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope Program Generator 8CH USB2.0

General Oscilloscopes (Hantek 1008C Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope Program Generator 8CH )

1008C USB Auto Scope/DAQ/8CH Generator vehicle test currect clamp Oscilloscope

General Oscilloscopes (1008C USB Auto Scope/DAQ/8CH Generator vehicle test currect clamp)
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