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American Art Pottery: The Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection

 (American Art Pottery: The Robert A. Ellison Jr.)
The fascinating story of the American art pottery movement told through hundreds of distinctive works  During the height of the Arts and Crafts era in Europe and the United States, from the late 1800s until World War I, American ceramics were transformed from industrially produced ornamental and table wares to aesthetically and technologically innovative art pottery. This fascinating history is exemplified by the outstanding works in the collection of Robert A. Ellison Jr., who over half a century assembled one of the most important and comprehensive selections of American art pottery. More than 300 of the finest examples of works made by both well-known and less familiar ceramists, including George E. Ohr, Hugh Robertson, Charles Volkmar, Mary Louise McLaughlin, Matt Morgan, Maria Longworth Nichols, and Frederick Hurten Rhead, are beautifully reproduced, along with numerous period advertisements and photographs, imparting a full understanding of the movement’s personalities and achievements.

Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

 (Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, Pottery Wheel Kit for)
More than just another crafting gadget, Do Art Pottery Studio introduces the child to the art and history of hand sculpted pottery. From pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheel set will teach and inspire. Includes 3 lbs. of clay, 6 piece tool set, craft apron, table cover, 12 pots of paint, glaze, sponge, 2 paint brushes, illustrated instructions and ideas. -Foot pedal operation requires 4 C batteries -not included.

Creative Hobbies 1 7/8" Hake Blender Brush for Watercolor, Wash, Ceramic & Pottery Painting

 (Creative Hobbies 1 7/8
Creative Hobbies hake brush is made of soft sheep hair and is made thick to provide a firm touch. It produces a wide variety of background effects and can be snapped apart to make a smaller brush. The handle is made of bamboo and measures 1 7/8" wide by 4.25". Hake brushes are unique flat, wide brushes, ideal for applying media over large areas, for wash, sizing, gluing and more. The flat handle and the select soft hair give you excellent brush control. It's an indispensable tool when used on delicate and absorbent Oriental papers and on art and craft projects.

DecoArt TG01-10 Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, 4-Ounce Triple Thick Gloss Glaze (Jar)

 (DecoArt TG01-10 Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, 4-Ounce Triple Thick Gloss Glaze)
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Becauase it is extra-thick, only one coat is needed for most surfaces. Triple Thick is not intended for outdoor use and is not heat resistant.

Amazing Glaze:Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and Firing

 (Amazing Glaze:Techniques, Recipes, Finishing, and)
"This book made me fall in love with glaze all over again." —Ben Carter, author of Mastering the Potter’s Wheel Whether you look forward to glazing your work or are guilty of saying "I hate glazing!" Amazing Glaze is for you. Join author and Odyssey Clayworks founder Gabriel Kline on a journey that makes glazing less intimidating and more fun. Start in the "glaze kitchen" where you'll set yourself up for success, then move on to learning the tools and techniques for getting your glaze right every time. Along the way, Gabriel shares dozens of tried-and-true recipes and combinations for both mid-range and high-fire glazes. The recipes and foundational techniques of Amazing Glaze are just the beginning. Learn about layering with slip and underglaze, work with resists, and combine techniques to take your glazing above and beyond. Whether you're after crystalline effects, an elusive red, or a crash-course in applying decals it's all here. A variety of artist features and stunning gallery work from today's top artists will leave you inspired and ready to get glazing.

The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing and Firing at Cones 4-7 (Lark Ceramics Books)

 (The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing and Firing at Cones 4-7 (Lark Ceramics)
According to Ceramics Monthly, approximately 75% of potters glaze their pieces at mid-range temperatures—and this complete studio guide eliminates the guesswork from the popular process. Along with hundreds of recipes, it explores mixing, application, specific firing and cooling cycles, and all the factors that make glazes work. See how to boost colors with intense stains, washes, and underglazes; achieve stunning results that equal high-fire glazing, and expand the frontiers of mid-range with tips for wood, salt, and soda firing. 

AMACO Potters Choice Lead-Free Glaze Set - B, 1 pt, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

 (AMACO Potters Choice Lead-Free Glaze Set - B, 1 pt, Assorted Colors, Set of)
AMACO Potters Choice Glaze Set 2 contains six assorted colors that includes 1 pint each of chun plum, lustrous jade, seaweed, ironstone, textured, turquoise and saturation gold. Lead-free, high-fire glazes are fired in an oxidation kiln and works well with stoneware or porcelain clays. For best results, apply on Cone 04 bisque. High Fire Glazes, Cone 5-6. Lead free.

Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce (GP008)

 (Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce)
JUDIKINS-Use directly over artwork for a raised glass-like finish or as a dimensional glue for glitter and beads. Directions: Do not shake. Cut applicator lower to increase flow. Tip can be cleaned with a straight pin. Keep tightly caped. 8 fluid ounces. Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Best Grip and Lather Shave Bowl - Blue Handmade Pottery

 (Best Grip and Lather Shave Bowl - Blue Handmade)
This shaving bowl is designed and handcrafted by Jay, a potter who also uses the bowl daily for shaving with a puck soap, brush and razor. This bowl is about 2.3 inches tall and 4 inches wide. This bowl is unique in that only the rim of the bowl is glazed. The textured, unglazed sides give the hand an excellent surface to grip even when wet. The unglazed interior of the bowl helps a soap puck to stay in place and whip up lather much easier than a glazed surface. This bowl is thrown and altered on the wheel. As Jay throws the pot on the wheel, it is altered by pulling indentations into the sides. These side pulls aid in helping the lathering process and make the bowls easy to hold. The shaving bowl is designed to fit a 3" standard soap puck. If you are interested in similar shaving bowls in different colors, such as blue, purple, white and green, type JaysClay into the Amazon search bar and you will see the other items available.

Mod Podge Gloss Fast Dry Tissue Glue and Glaze, 1 Pint

Glaze Art Pottery (Mod Podge Gloss Fast Dry Tissue Glue and Glaze, 1)

Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss Glaze 4oz-

Glaze Art Pottery (Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss Glaze)

Stilt for Kiln Firing #803 Fire Up to Cone 5 Firing For Ceramics and Pottery Sturdy 3 Pin Support for Glazed Bisque Pieces (6 pack of 1 1/4" stilts)

Glaze Art Pottery (Stilt for Kiln Firing #803 Fire Up to Cone 5 Firing For Ceramics and Pottery Sturdy 3 Pin Support for Glazed Bisque Pieces (6 pack of 1 1/4
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