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Gossen GO H264A Sixtomat F2 Light Meter f/Flash, Ambient, Cine and Reflective Metering (Black)

 (Gossen GO H264A Sixtomat F2 Light Meter f/Flash, Ambient, Cine and Reflective Metering)
With its outstanding diversity and high performance, The six to mat F2 is the ideal standard tool for demanding amateurs with their own studio flash kits, lighting specialists and filmmakers. The included technology and features are high quality, and operation is clear-cut and easy to understand. The universal six to mat F2 is laid out for use in the studio, as well as outdoors. It makes quick work of incident and reflected light measurements for flash and ambient light, displays mixed lighting conditions as well as required multiple flashes, and performs contrast measurements. The calculated exposure values can be displayed either in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments. It masters all common lighting situations For Analog and digital photography, as well as filmmaking, with outstanding precision and time-tested quality. Battery AA battery size display type led Height 4. 65 in max EV 0. 1EV max f-stop f/90 max shutter speed 60 min f-stop f/1 min shutter speed 1/8000 Multiple flash capable Yes number of batteries 1 Number of batteries Weight 0. 66 lbs. Width 2. 56 in

Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter

 (Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux)
Note: Before you place order, please kindly note that you purchase this light meter from our store Thousandshores Inc instand of other seller, they are not authorized by Dr.meter and may not ship the item to you after receive the money, we want to save your loss. Dr.Meter The Digital Light meters are used in the fields of cinematography and scenic design, in order to determine the optimum light level for a scene. They are used in the general field of lighting, where they can help to reduce the amount of waste light used in the home, light pollution outdoors, and plant growing to ensure proper light levels Specifications -Display: 3-1/2 digit 18mm LCD -Power: 9V battery -Ranges: 0.1-200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux -Accuracy: ±3% ±10 digits (0-20,000 lux) / ±5% ±10 digits (over 20,000 Lux) -Repeatability: ±2% -Temperature Characteristic: ±0.1%C -Photo detector type: Silicon Photo Diode with Filter -Operating temperature: 32-104 degrees F (0-40 degrees C) -Sampling rate: 2-3 times per second -Battery life: 200 hours (estimate) -Dimensions: 149 x 71 x 41 mm -Photo Detector Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 28 mm Package Content -1 x Dr.Meter 1330B Light Meter -1 x Carrying case -1 x 9V battery -1 x User manual

Sekonic Spectomaster Meter (401-800)

 (Sekonic Spectomaster Meter)
Sekonic c-800-u spectrometer color and illuminance meter. Sekonic c-700 is a full-spectrum color meter that can precisely measure every kind of light including LED HMI fluorescent and electronic flash.

Lumu Power Light & Color Meter for Photo and Video

 (Lumu Power Light & Color Meter for Photo and)
LUMER POWER transforms your iOS device into a professional color and light meter. Lumu Power is the first light metering hardware which combines Color Temperature, Illuminance, Spot, Ambient and Flash Exposure metering functionality. iOS companion app is constantly improved and refined. Just download the free app and you are ready to go. ADVANTAGES: · Turns your phone into Lightmeter! Phone and Lightmenter meter - 2 in 1 · iPhone accessory, which works as Lightmeter and as Colormeter · The smallest lightmeter on the market · Easy to use · Extremely accurate · Modern design with two-sided use (dome and flat side) · “Volume button” works as reading trigger · Bright or dark background · Double duty: LightMeter in Colormeter as an iPhone attachment · Bonus feature which you get with stand alone app: spot metering mode · Best cost performance · Half price of the classic Lightmeter (which even dont have the colormeter) 7 different modes of measurements in one device: Dome Side of the Lumu power measures: · 1. AMBIENT EXPOSURE - get perfect exposure every time. Control Balance between aperture and shutter time to achieve the right effect. · 2. FLASH EXPOSURE - No more blind guessing. Simply measure flash and control balance between flash and ambient light”. · 3. C...

Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Light Meter

 (Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Light)
Since its introduction, Sekonic's L-358 Flash Master has become the best-selling digital flash meter in its class. Weather-sealed against the nastiest of working conditions, the L-358 delivers dead-nuts accurate flash and ambient light reading in both incident and reflected modes.For mixed lighting scenarios, the L-358 displays the combined exposure values of both flash and ambient light sources, including the percentage of flash in total exposure in 10-percent increments. Dual ISO buttons allow for quick exposure factoring when working with two differing film speeds, film and Polaroids, or other situations where comparison readings are desired.

Gossen Digipro F, Exposure Meter for Flash and Ambient Light with Swivel Head

 (Gossen Digipro F, Exposure Meter for Flash and Ambient Light with Swivel)
Gossen DigiPro F2 Flash and Ambient

Sekonic 401-208 Twin Mate Light Meter (Black/White)

 (Sekonic 401-208 Twin Mate Light Meter)
The Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE compact light meter is small and stylish. It?s the smallest light meter designed to combine incident and reflected light measurement and is ideal as the primary meter for the beginning or advanced photographer, as well as a backup meter for the pro.

Replacement battery for A220 504A Avo: METER MODEL 71, METER MODEL 73

 (Replacement battery for A220 504A Avo: METER MODEL 71, METER MODEL)
Replacement battery for A220 504A Avo: METER MODEL 71, METER MODEL 73 BRAND NEW - AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT A220 504A Alkaline 15V Battery NEDA 220 LR154 10F15 Type: Alkaline Voltage: 15VDiameter: 15.1 Length: 34.9 mm Amperage: 60mAh THIS AFTERMARKET WORKS WITH Avo: METER MODEL 71, METER MODEL 73 Bang & Olufsen: BEOSYSTEM 2400, BEOSYSTEM 6000, BEOSYSTEM 6002 Feinwerkbau: MODEL 90 (FWB 90) AIR PISTOL Fox: MICRON P ALARM Gossen: SIXTRON EXPOSURE METER Minox: AG-1 FLASH GUN Morini: 162E, 162EI, CM84E PISTOL*, CM84EL PISTOL*Nikon: BC-7 FLASH UNIT Polaroid: 202 FLASH GUN Rollei: 16S FLASHES Ultrasonic: REMOTE CONTROL COMMANDERS 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Exell Battery A220/504A Fits Morini CM84E, CM84EL Free Pistols

 (Exell Battery A220/504A Fits Morini CM84E, CM84EL Free)
Exell Alkaline Battery A220/504A Replaces NEDA 220 Eveready 504The A220/504A (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) battery is Alkaline and cylindrical. It is the perfect replacement for the hard to find Eveready 504. The original Eveready 504 is Carbon Zinc and a rounded-off square in cross section (Height: 34.9 mm, Length: 15.1 mm, Width: 15.9 mm). This Alkaline A220/504A battery is a fine replacement.These 220 (Eveready 504, Rayovac 220 or BLR154) batteries have a shelf life in excess of four years. Why not buy two or more packs, take advantage of our reduced price and make sure you are not left unable to use your camera or pistol next time your battery runs out.Specifications:Type: Alkaline, Voltage: 15V, Amperage: 60mAh, Length: 34.9 mm, Diameter: 15.1, Additional Information:The A220/504A fits the Morini CM84E and CM84EL free pistols. These pistols have a light-emitting diode in the trigger guard assembly which will only allow the pistol to fire if the light beam is blocked by the presence of a finger on the trigger. The down-side is that battery consumption is increased by having the light-emitting diode turned on all of the time, so ensure that you shut the switch off, or you will drain your battery., , The A220/504A fits the Minox flashgun for AG-1 and Rollei 16S flashes. This batte...

GOSSEN Digipro F 2 - Flash meter - cine mode - digital

Gossen Flash Meter (GOSSEN Digipro F 2 - Flash meter - cine mode -)

Gossen Sixtomat F2 Light Flash Exposure Meter For Camera #GO H264A

Gossen Flash Meter (Gossen Sixtomat F2 Light Flash Exposure Meter For Camera #GO)

gossen digisix 2 light meter, sbc photodiode light sensor #go 4006-2

Gossen Flash Meter (gossen digisix 2 light meter, sbc photodiode light sensor #go)



Gossen Electronic Flash Meter #468

Gossen Flash Meter (Gossen Electronic Flash Meter                          )

Gossen Multibeam and Luna-Flash Attachment For Luna Pro-SBC Meter

Gossen Flash Meter (Gossen Multibeam and Luna-Flash Attachment For Luna Pro-SBC)
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