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Ball freshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and Multi-Cooker

 (Ball freshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and)
Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner, Silver

Granite Ware Canning Set, 8-Piece, Black

 (Granite Ware Canning Set, 8-Piece,)
Granite Ware Canning Set, 8-Piece Set Canning is an economical way to preserve fresh quality foods at home while retaining their important vitamins and nutrients. The right equipment is essential to ensure a quality product and Granite Ware offers all the basics for blanching produce for the freezer or for cold pack canning. Product Highlights: -The Granite Ware 8-piece Canning Set includes everything you need to get started! The kit includes a 21.5-quart Water Bath Canner that holds seven 1-quart jars. Durable enamel-on-steel construction heats quickly and efficiently. Side loop handles help ensure safe, secure transport. The domed lid helps trap in heat for faster boiling. Safe to use on gas and electric stovetops. Not recommended for use on glass cooktops. Hand wash. The Jar Rack makes lifting jars out easy and is collapsible to save space. -The 5-piece tool set includes a bubble remover, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, jar wrench and jar funnel. Bubble Remover: -Flexible, tapered silicone scraper releases trapped air along the sides and deep down in the corners of the jar. -Accurately measures head-space with laser engraved ruler markings – both functions are essential to ensure best canning outcomes. Jar Lifter: -A vital tool for safely handling sterilized jar...

Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner with Temperature Indicator by VICTORIO VKP1130

 (Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner with Temperature Indicator by VICTORIO)
The VICTORIO VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner is the ultimate in canning versatility. The built-in Temperature Indicator features 3 color-coded elevation settings to help insure correct processing by either steam or water bath method. Tempered glass lid with steam vent.

Granite Ware Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit, 9-Piece

 (Granite Ware Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit,)
Note: Do not use on glass cooktops (does not have a flat bottom). F0718-1 Features: -9 Piece canner set.-Holds 7 quart jar.-Made in USA. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 10'' H x 15.25'' W x 15.25'' D. Collection: -Graniteware collection.

Ball Enamel Water Bath Canner, Including Chrome-Plated Rack and 4-Piece Utensil Set

 (Ball Enamel Water Bath Canner, Including Chrome-Plated Rack and 4-Piece Utensil)
Jarden 10730 Ball Fresh Preserving KitJarden 10730 Ball Fresh Preserving Kit Features: Great for beginner canners, this affordable kit holds the essential tools needed to start canning today Includes a 21-quart capacity enamel water bath canner, home canning rack and 4 piece utensil set with jar lifter, lid lifter, funnel and bubble remover and headspace tool Enamel coated steel base is non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods and matching lid Steel core allows the pot to heat quickly includes newly designed chrome plated rack that resists corrosion and holds jars of any size, large to small Bonus utensil set with tools to help you safely and easily handle hot jars and lids, fill jars, measure headspace and remove air bubbles

Stainless Steel Canning Rack, Flat, by VICTORIO VKP1056

 (Stainless Steel Canning Rack, Flat, by VICTORIO)
The VICTORIO VKP1056 Stainless Steel Flat Canning Rack is one of the canning tools you cannot do without! Not only can you remove jars more safely and easily, it also helps keep the canning jars from touching the sides of the canner.

Ball Jar Collection Elite Stainless-Steel 21-Quart Waterbath Canner with Rack and Glass Lid (by Jarden Home Brands)

 (Ball Jar Collection Elite Stainless-Steel 21-Quart Waterbath Canner with Rack and Glass Lid (by Jarden Home)
The time-honored tradition of fresh preserving meets modern style with the new Ball Collection Elite Stainless Steel Waterbath Canner. This sleek canner will match the decor of today’s kitchens, while delivering the superior performance and premium quality Ball Brand Fresh Preserving Products have provided for 125 years. This beautiful Collection Elite series waterbath canner will last for generations. Durable 18/10 stainless steel and large 21-quart capacity delivers superior performance and premium quality features that home canners want. Triple layer base of thick aluminum fused between stainless steel provides even and efficient heat distribution. Also perfect for preparing additional kitchen creations beyond fresh preserving – such as soups, stews, seafood and more.

Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-Quart

 (Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer,)
Granite Ware has all the canning products, tools and accessories to do it safely and successfully. The Granite Ware 20-quart Pressure Canner and Pressure Cooker/Steamer is a professional-quality tool, UL-listed, and made of hard anodized aluminum, with stay-cool handles and a locking stainless steel lid. An accompanying rack fits down into the pot to keep jars up off the bottom, and comes with folding handles for easy raising and lowering. The rack holds up to 7 one-quart jars, 8 one-pint jars or 24 half-pint jars. The steamer insert fits into the stepped portion of the vessel about 1/3 the way up from the bottom to hold foods out of the cooking liquid and can handle all your large capacity steaming needs – for tamales, seafood, pulled pork, pot roast, ribs, and more. The pressure canner achieves the high temperature required for safely processing foods with the USDA endorsing it as the only safe method for canning meats, poultry, and low-acid vegetables. It can also be used as a large pressure cooker for any meal that needs to come together quickly. This Granite Ware pressure cooker preserves flavor and nutrients, tenderizes tough cuts of meat, and cooks many foods in one-third to one-tenth the time compared to traditional methods, and is large enough to create family-sized me...

Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece Set

 (Norpro Canning Essentials Boxed Set, 6 Piece)
Measures: 10.25" x 3" x 1.25" / 26cm x 7.5cm x 3cm, 6 Piece Set A must have for the canning enthusiast and begginer alike! Six essential tools for canning and dehydrating. Conveniently all in one box! Capture summer fruit and vegetables at their prime for enjoyment throughout the year by canning at home. Includes Norpro items:* 1938: Long tongs with green vinyl coated handles to keep sterilized canning components sanitary before/during and after use.* 600: A vinyl coated jar lifter to lift sealed jars out of hot water safely and securely. Soft grip is perfect for glass jars.* 606: Magnetic lid lifter safely removes flat lid from hot water and helps keep seal sanitized.* 607: Extra wide mouth funnel guides food into jars with less mess.* 598: A vinyl coated jar wrench to seal lids on tightly.* 591: A bubble popper/measurer to measure the head space in jars and to pop any air bubbles in the food before sealing. Norpro was founded in 1973 with a vision to design, manufacture, and supply the highest caliber kitchenware. Norpro’s offering of innovative, high quality product for cooking, preparing and serving food are produced with superior materials and craftsmanship.

Granite Ware 21.5-Quart Graniteware Canner

Graniteware Canner (Granite Ware 21.5-Quart Graniteware)

Granite Ware 12-Quart Mini Canner with Jar Rack

Graniteware Canner (Granite Ware 12-Quart Mini Canner with Jar)

Granite Ware 21.5 Quart Steel Water Bath Canner 9 Piece Kit

Graniteware Canner (Granite Ware 21.5 Quart Steel Water Bath Canner 9 Piece)

Granite Ware 21.5-Quart Graniteware Canner Pot

Graniteware Canner (Granite Ware 21.5-Quart Graniteware Canner)

Antique Cream City Graniteware Black Speckle Steamer Canner With Orig. Paperwork

Graniteware Canner (Antique Cream City Graniteware Black Speckle Steamer Canner With Orig.)

Granite Ware Canner Rack (Fits 11.5qt Canning Pot)

Graniteware Canner (Granite Ware Canner Rack (Fits 11.5qt Canning)
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