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The Incomplete, Year-by-Year Selectively Quirky, Prime Facts Edition of the History of The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

 (The Incomplete, Year-by-Year Selectively Quirky, Prime Facts Edition of the History of The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage)
The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is amongst the largest music festivals in the country. Half a million people congregate in New Orleans for two weekends in April and May every year to experience the riches of New Orleans and Louisiana music, as well as a selection of popular jazz, blues, gospel, country, hip-hop and rockers from around the country. The History of Jazz Fest Book is the only book that extensively covers the 35-year history of this world famous event. The year-by-year full color format provides ample detail for any one of the millions of individuals who has attended the festival over the years to jog a specific memory, yet is laid out with such a rich selection of images and quirky details to appeal to an audience interested in music yet who has never made the pilgrimage to New Orleans.

Making Intangible Heritage: El Condor Pasa and Other Stories from UNESCO

 (Making Intangible Heritage: El Condor Pasa and Other Stories from)
In Making Intangible Heritage, Valdimar Tr. Hafstein―folklorist and official delegate to UNESCO―tells the story of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage Convention. In the ethnographic tradition, Hafstein peers underneath the official account, revealing the context important for understanding UNESCO as an organization, the concept of intangible heritage, and the global impact of both. Looking beyond official narratives of compromise and solidarity, this book invites readers to witness the diplomatic jostling behind the curtains, the making and breaking of alliances, and the confrontation and resistance, all of which marked the path towards agreement and shaped the convention and the concept.Various stories circulate within UNESCO about the origins of intangible heritage. Bringing the sensibilities of a folklorist to these narratives, Hafstein explores how they help imagine coherence, conjure up contrast, and provide charters for action in the United Nations and on the ground. Examining the international organization of UNESCO through an ethnographic lens, Hafstein demonstrates how concepts that are central to the discipline of folklore gain force and traction outside of the academic field and go to work in the world, ultimately shaping people’s understanding of their own practices...

Voices From The Land: A Collective Memoir

 (Voices From The Land: A Collective)
A special collection of first hand accounts, community statements, poetry and journal entries written by the women and girls who attended the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival from 1976 until the festival's ending in 2015.

New Zealand University Days - Sweetwaters Music Festival

 (New Zealand University Days - Sweetwaters Music)
One of a series of autobiographical short stories, where the author recalls his university days studying law at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. This one, concerning his summer vacation working experiences in a concrete works at Kaiwaka, and the 1983 Sweetwaters Music Festival.

Memphis Music & Heritage Festival Live 1989 Highlights

 (Memphis Music & Heritage Festival Live 1989)

Beausoleil - Live From The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

 (Beausoleil - Live From The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage)
The first concert DVD form this incredible live act, captured on stage at JazzFest! 30 years into his career, BeauSoleil’s Michael Doucet is Cajun music to most people. The fiddler, singer and songwriter plays dozens of gigs with BeauSoleil every year, gets massive exposure on NPR—including a long-running relationship with A Prairie Home Companion — and has won a GRAMMY for Best Traditional Folk Album. His band, which mixes traditional Cajun music with folk-rock, zydeco, New Orleans jazz, Tex-Mex, country and blues, is just as accomplished. Despite their success as an album act, they are truly in their element on stage. And there’s no better way to experience them live than at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. This DVD, BeauSoleil’s first,captures the band’s electrifying performance at the 2002 JazzFest and is a must-own for fans of Cajun and roots music. Special Features: • Interviews with Al Tharp, Billy Ware, Jimmy Breaux, Tommy Alesi, David Doucet & Michael Doucet • Michael Doucet remembers fiddle greats Dennis McGee and Canray Fontenot • Music videos, including "Bunk’s Blues" and "Sophie" • A special performance of "Varise" • 5.1 Audio Program Listing: Reel De Dennis McGee Newz Reel Happy One-Step Recherche d’Acadie Le Chanky-Chank França...

Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link's Louisiana

 (Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link's)
An untamed region teeming with snakes, alligators, and snapping turtles, with sausage and cracklins sold at every gas station, Cajun Country is a world unto itself. The heart of this area—the Acadiana region of Louisiana—is a tough land that funnels its spirit into the local cuisine. You can’t find more delicious, rustic, and satisfying country cooking than the dirty rice, spicy sausage, and fresh crawfish that this area is known for. It takes a homegrown guide to show us around the back roads of this particularly unique region, and in Real Cajun, James Beard Award–winning chef Donald Link shares his own rough-and-tumble stories of living, cooking, and eating in Cajun Country. Link takes us on an expedition to the swamps and smokehouses and the music festivals, funerals, and holiday celebrations, but, more important, reveals the fish fries, étouffées, and pots of Granny’s seafood gumbo that always accompany them. The food now famous at Link’s New Orleans–based restaurants, Cochon and Herbsaint, has roots in the family dishes and traditions that he shares in this book. You’ll find recipes for Seafood Gumbo, Smothered Pork Roast over Rice, Baked Oysters with Herbsaint Hollandaise, Louisiana Crawfish Boudin, quick and easy Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits with Fig-Ginger ...

Historic Images 1974 Press Photo New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival-Music at Festival. - 0 x 0

 (Historic Images 1974 Press Photo New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival-Music at Festival. - 0 x)
This is an original press photo. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival- So what's best to see and hear at the New Orleans Event? Well, you might start at the Gospel tent, which has been a hit every year and affords a squint at and a listen to the music w

Historic Images 1971 Press Photo Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival- Live Clarinet Music. - 8.25 x 10 in

 (Historic Images 1971 Press Photo Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival- Live Clarinet Music. - 8.25 x 10)
This vintage photograph is from one of various newspaper archives including: Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and more. I do not copy or reproduce photographs. Every item is a unique vintage piece that was once housed in a news archive. The size is noted on a custom label on the back of most of my photos.


Heritage Music Festivals (ATLANTA POP FESTIVAL (Vinyl))

Live At The 2009 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Heritage Music Festivals (Live At The 2009 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage)

Live at Peach Music Festival 2012

Heritage Music Festivals (Live at Peach Music Festival)
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