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Milwaukee Hole Dozer General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set (17-Piece)

 (Milwaukee Hole Dozer General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set)
The MILWAUKEE 17-Piece Bi-Metal HOLE DOZER Hole Saw Kit is engineered for longer life and faster cutting performance and is the Most Durable Hole Saw. The kit comes with 17 hole saw blades in 9 sizes: 3/4 in., 7/8 in., 1-1/8 in., 1-3/8 in., 1-1/2 in., 2 in., 2-1/8 in., 2-1/4 in. and 2-1/2 in. The hole saws feature RIP GUARD teeth built with more steel behind the cutting edge for added strength. The teeth give increased productivity on the job site and better hole quality. They are also backed by a limited lifetime tooth break warranty. Each HOLE DOZER is coated with a low friction, thermoset paint that provides a faster cutting speed in wood and more holes cut per battery charge. The hole saw kit comes with a Plug Jack featuring an all access slot design that allows for full access during plug removal. The Plug Jack enables access into the cup for both thick thin material removal, eliminating wasted downtime between holes.

DEWALT D180005 14-Piece Hole Saw Kit

 (DEWALT D180005 14-Piece Hole Saw)

Hole Pro X-230+ 1-7/8" to 9-1/4" TWIN BLADE ADJUSTABLE Pro Hole Saw Cutter Cuts Plywood Sheetrock Plaster Fiberglass OSB Plastic MDF Hardie: Includes Tungsten Carbide & HSS blades

 (Hole Pro X-230+ 1-7/8
ADJUSTABLE TWIN BLADE hole cutter kit with infinite adjustment 1-7/8" to 9-1/4" for faster cutting for recessed lights, ceiling speakers, ducts with perfect balanceOne hole saw kit replaces dozens of hole saws for faster, safer, easier cutting of exactly the hole size needed.Uses 7mm pilot bit, Hole Pro SKU HP1197.Tough 11-1/4" OD ABS Shield - Needs 1/2" drill chuck - Take a quarter the power of hole saws so bigger holes easily cut High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide Blades with 1-1/8" cutting depth replaced in seconds Cutting depth 1-1/8" from a side, 2-1/4" if can be cut from two sides NO NEED for BALANCE BARS as with SINGLE BLADE models that can break off INCLUDES -Pro grade adjustable hole cutter-Ball bearing mounted ABS shield with soft silicon rubber gasket to trap all dust and shavings-Sturdy Carry Case -Replaceable blades and Pilot Bit - narrow kerf High Speed Steel for wood, plastics, acoustic tile, tongue & groove, laminates, rubber and Tungsten Carbide blades for drywall, plaster, Hardi board, fiberglass, chipboard, OSB, plywood, MDF-hex wrenches The depth control knob helps to avoid accidental cutting of wires or pipes in walls or ceilings. Vacuum adapter (HP1174 -- NOT INCLUDED) available for connecting shop vac where asbestos or lead paint existsCut holes in ply...

DEWALT DW1803 Heavy Duty 7/16-Inch Shank Quick Change Mandrel (Fits Hole Saws 1-1/4-Inch - 6-Inch)

 (DEWALT DW1803 Heavy Duty 7/16-Inch Shank Quick Change Mandrel (Fits Hole Saws 1-1/4-Inch -)

DEWALT D180002 Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

 (DEWALT D180002 Standard Electricians Bi-Metal Hole Saw)

Bi-Metal Hole Saw, 6-3/8-Inch Klein Tools 31900

 (Bi-Metal Hole Saw, 6-3/8-Inch Klein Tools)
Klein's Bi-Metal Hole Saws are optimized for cutting steel. The blades provide the fastest, most consistent and longest lasting cutting on the market today. Heavy-duty construction includes thicker 5 mil back plates to stand up to abuse much better. Cuts precise holes in drywall and ceiling tile; For most major brands of 6-Inch recessed lighting fixtures; For drywall, ceiling tile, steel, wood, plastic, stainless steel; Use with Klein Tools Arbor (Cat. No. 31906). Sold separately; For more than 160 years, Klein Tools has manufactured premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools that deliver the performance, durability and precision needed to get the job done right. Our family of engineers, workers and craftsman continue to put six generations of expertise into every tool we create by using only the highest quality materials, superior workmanship, and keeping manufacturing as close to home as we can. Klein isn't just the name of our company, it's also our family name. And since we're an American company that's family-owned and family-run, you know you can count on us to be here tomorrow. Klein Tools doesn't just make great products, we make great products that stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day ... Since 1857.

Milwaukee 49-56-9290 BIG HAWG Carbide Hole Saw Kit (10-Piece)

 (Milwaukee 49-56-9290 BIG HAWG Carbide Hole Saw Kit)
The MILWAUKEE BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth is the best hole saw solution for nail-embedded wood and abrasive material applications. This first-to-market hole saw offers extreme life utilizing advanced carbide technology. The BIG HAWG gives users 50X more life in demanding applications with the ability to cut 1000+ more nails. The heavy duty hole saw has 10X larger carbide teeth that rip through materials five times faster. Deeper slots allow for fast and easy plug removal. The BIG HAWG hole saw is the best solution for cutting through the toughest materials, including nails, cement board, shingles, plaster and stucco. The kit includes six BIG HAWG hole saws, two pilot bits, an arbor and a diamond file.

GoSports 6" Hole Saw - Heavy Duty Steel Design - Great for Making Cornhole Boards

 (GoSports 6
The Go Sports 6" hole saw is a premium construction grade tool that cuts perfect 6" diameter holes, no matter what your project. We were frustrated by the other cheap hole saw products that broke after only one use, so we designed our own that is built to last. The bits are perfect for a wide variety of projects, including corn hole boards, air ducts, ceiling lights, speakers and more. The bit universally attaches to any 3/8" drill & up and has a blade depth of 7/8" inch. The saw can cut through wood, drywall, plaster and soft metals. Adult use only and always wear appropriate safety gear when using.

HolePro T-200 1-5/8" to 8" TWIN BLADE Adjustable Hole Saw Cutter for Recessed Lights Speakers. HSS Blades use ¼ Drill Power of a Hole Saw to Cut Sheetrock Plastic Soft-woods NO PLYWOOD/PLASTER

 (HolePro T-200 1-5/8
Replaceable HSS bladesDRILL NOT INCLUDED, NOT FOR PLASTER, OR ENGINEERED WOODS SUCH AS PLYWOOD OR OSB OR MDFGreat for DIYer cutting holes in soft sheetrock for recessed light cans and speakers. Adjustable hole cutter with tough ball bearing mounted ABS shield with silicon gasket dust seal.High speed steel blades cut through sheetrock and have a thin kerf profile to cut through wood, plastics, and delicate acoustic tile. Requires only a hand drill with a 3/8" or larger chuck to cut holes from 1-5/8 inches to 8 inches in diameter and materials up to 1 inch thick. Infinite adjustment and measure bar is marked in inches.Make sure to measure the CUTOUT for the product (speaker, recessed light) .INSTRUCTIONS: Put one blade holder at "6" and the same with the opposite blade holder and the tool cuts a 6" diameter hole. Shield catches all the shavings and dust and holds the cut section. Does away with the mess and need for drop cloths. ABS shield remains in place and the internal bearing allows the adjustable hole cutter to spin independent of the shield. Orange knob makes it simple to limit the cutting depth to reduce risk of cutting wires and pipes behind the sheetrock or paneling.Uses 1/4" pilot bit.Unlike single blade adjustable hole cutters there are no balance bars to change and not...

10-Pack Diamond Holesaw Drill Bit Hole Saw Set For Cutter Glass Ceramic Marble 6-32mm

Hole Saw Pack (10-Pack Diamond Holesaw Drill Bit Hole Saw Set For Cutter Glass Ceramic Marble)

10Pcs 3-50mm Diamond Holesaw Drill Bit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set For Cutter Tile Glass Ceramic Porcelain Marble

Hole Saw Pack (10Pcs 3-50mm Diamond Holesaw Drill Bit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set For Cutter Tile Glass Ceramic Porcelain)

12-pack Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Hollow Core Set Glass Extractor Remover Tools

Hole Saw Pack (12-pack Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Hollow Core Set Glass Extractor Remover)
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