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Global G-56-7 inch, 18cm Vegetable Hollow Ground Knife

 (Global G-56-7 inch, 18cm Vegetable Hollow Ground)

Global 7" Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife

 (Global 7
Also known as a Nakiri knife with hollow ground/granton edge. A Japanese-style square-tip knife that is great for chopping meat, root vegetables and big prep jobs. Popular alternative to the Santoku. The scalloped grooves on the sides of the blade edge helps with reducing friction and sticking of foods.

Shun VB0718 Sora Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

 (Shun VB0718 Sora Hollow Ground Santoku Knife,)
A Santoku knife (Santoku meaning "three virtues" in Japanese) is used for chopping, slicing and mincing. The Shun Sora Hollow-Ground Santoku knife is perfect for all these tasks and more. Sora, in Japanese, means "sky". Let your imagination take you-the sky's the limit with what you can do with your Shun Sora Knives. Featuring our proprietary composite blade technology that brings together a VG10 cutting edge, clad with one layer of stainless steel on each side to create a san mai edge, with a mirror-polished Japanese 420J stainless steel upper. Boasting a razor-sharp 16-degree cutting angle on each side of the blade, Sora puts all the high-performance technology where it's needed most: the cutting edge. Laser-cut, 2-sections are fit together and braze welded to permanently join them. Blade shapes and handles are designed for traditional Japanese knives, while the beautiful wavy pattern on each blade is reminiscent of Japanese sword hamon lines. The hollow-ground feature makes tiny air pockets which help with food release from the blade. Each handle is made with a textured TPE polymer handle that provides balance, and is easy to maintain. The texture of each handle provides a tacky surface when wet, making them superior to use around juicy fruits, vegetables and meat. A stunning ...

Global GS-39-5 1/2 inch, 14cm Vegetable Hollow Ground Knife

 (Global GS-39-5 1/2 inch, 14cm Vegetable Hollow Ground)

PAUDIN Classic 7 inch Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

 (PAUDIN Classic 7 inch Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen)
Santoku knife is a traditional Japanese Multipurpose chef's knife designed for home use. It is perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats, and fish. PAUDIN's Santoku knife is a superior knife that belongs to the chef and those who is fond of cooking worldwide. The helper for your kitchen, give you a reason to love cooking. Ultra-Sharp Reliable performance, precision forged blade makes every cut and slice happy, better longer edge than ordinary knife, due to the extreme hardness of HRC 50+ Ultra-durable Made of German steel 5Cr15MoV (1.4116), the blade has durable life; The superb alloy prevents dulling and rust, maintains as the original sharpness overtime. Safe, healthy and easy to care Safe, smooth cut can be easier controlled and keep safe as while used Healthy, super anti-rust makes every cut fresh and clean After clean and dry, it is convenient to keep shining and sharp. Some golden rules for treat this kitchen knife Rinse as soon as you're done with it. Dish detergent can be used. Most importantly- to avoid rust, you must dry it off after you use. Hand washes- no dishwashers. About PAUDIN One of emerging global brand, PAUDIN has synonymous with superior quality products with a yond and very motivated team. The start-up ha...

Global GS-37-5 1/4 inch, 13cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

 (Global GS-37-5 1/4 inch, 13cm Santoku Hollow Ground)
GLOBAL has razorsharp straight edge sharpened by hand at a 15% angle. Thinner blades for lighter weight giving you more agility with less fatigue. Perfect balance using a weighted hollow handle. No bolster design allowing for full edge use and full-blade sharpening. All stainless steel construction with slip free handle.The “santoku” is the type of knife and “Cromova” is the type of steel that is used in the production of the knife.

Winco KFP-73, 7" Acero Nakiri Knife, Hollow Ground Asian Style Knife with Black POM Handle, Vegetable Knife, Japanese Cleaver Chopping Knife, NSF

 (Winco KFP-73, 7
Winco KFP-73, 7" Acero Nakiri Knife, Hollow Ground Asian Style Knife with Black POM Handle, Vegetable Knife, Japanese Cleaver Chopping Knife, NSF is designed for chopping different types of vegetables as well as meat products. Acero forged series offers an exceptional commercial quality at never-before-seen prices. Made of X50 Cr MoV15 German steel, this Japanese style knife features a fully forged, full-tang construction. Unique POM injection molded handle helps to achieve balanced weight distribution for ease of use. 6-spot advanced polishing allows for a more comfortable grip. The knife features a straight blade edge suitable for cutting all the way to the cutting board without the need for a horizontal pull or push. This means that the cut is more controllable as you are only going in one direction. Ideal for push cutting and chopping, this traditional Japanese vegetable knife is a great choice for cutting your greens or salads. Besides, this nakiri knife can be used for other cutting tasks as well.

Shun Classic 5-inch Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife

 (Shun Classic 5-inch Hollow Edge Nakiri)
Made from VG-10 stainless steel, Shun knives are specially constructed to be harder, less brittle, but also more flexible than traditional steel formulations. The VG-10 core is then clad with 16 full layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel on each side, for a total of 33 layers. These layers not only protect the VG-10, they create an exquisitely-detailed surface reminiscent of Damascus or pattern-forged steel, the kind once used for Samurai swords. As a result, the knives are simply stunning to look at--much like antique Damascus knives but without their tendency to rust. As an additional benefit, the slight patterning helps slice rather than crush delicate foods and keeps cut food from sticking to the blade. This Shun Classic nakiri knife is additionally hollow ground, meaning that the dimples on the side of the blade enhance the sharpness of the edge and improve it's resistance to sticking to food as you slice. Made in Japan.

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 3 Layers Forged Stainless Steel Vegetable Usuba/Nakiri Hollow Ground Knife/Cleaver, 6.5-Inch

 (ZHEN Japanese VG-10 3 Layers Forged Stainless Steel Vegetable Usuba/Nakiri Hollow Ground Knife/Cleaver,)
This ZHEN VG-10 3-Layer Forged Steel knife is designed for cutting meats, chopping or slicing vegetables. The blade is made of 3 layers of Japanese forged steel with a VG-10 steel cutting core at HRC 60-62 hardness for durability, exceptional strength, and stain resistance. The full tang handle comes in brown color Pakkawood that is non-slip, bacteria resistant, easy to clean, and waterproof. A mirror polished steel bolstering completes this essential kitchen cutlery piece. Every ZHEN knife comes inside a handcrafted box or storage box perfect for displaying or gifting. *DO NOT chop bones or use on glass, tile, or granite cutting boards. Hand wash with gentle dish soap, rinse, and towel dry immediately. We recommend sharpening ZHEN knives on a whetstone at a 15 degree angle. Limited lifetime warranty against defects, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our knives are made from imported Japanese steel and expertly crafted in our ISO 9001 certified Taiwan factory.

Cuisinart 15pc Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Cutlery Block Set

Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife (Cuisinart 15pc Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Cutlery Block)

Vegetable Knife

Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife (Vegetable Knife)

Winco KFP-73, 7-Inch Acero Nakiri Knife, Hollow Ground, POM Handle, Black, NSF

Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife (Winco KFP-73, 7-Inch Acero Nakiri Knife, Hollow Ground, POM Handle, Black,)
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