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Perri's Nylon Fleece Girth, Brown, 50-Inch

 (Perri's Nylon Fleece Girth, Brown,)
Perri's Is Best Known For The Most Complete Line Of The Finest Amish Made Products Available Anywhere. Nylon Web Girth With Washable Synthetic Fleece. Double Elastic And Roller Buckles.

Intrepid International Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic, 48

 (Intrepid International Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic,)
The Intrepid International Fleece Cinch Girth is wonderfully made with layers of nylon over heavy fleece. The buckles are made from durable stainless steel. Constructed to be a long lasting, quality girth. The layers of nylon are covered with heavy fleece so it’s comfortable on your horse. There is no irritation or discomfort, making it ideal for longer periods of time with the saddle on. This girth makes for a happy horse and a happy human. The and buckles are perfect for easy attachment. Adjust the fit to work with almost any sized horse. They’ll be comfortable and there will be no slipping or sliding either. Everything stays easily in place. For over 45 years, Intrepid International has been the leading global manufacturer and distributor of products for horse and rider. We strive to provide quality products at reasonable prices with superior customer service. Package contains (1) Intrepid International Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic, 48. Chafeless webbing girth is laced with fleece for comfort and style. Double-ply elastic at both ends with stainless steel roller buckles. Sizes: 30 - 38 Brown with White Fleece.

Weaver Leather Neoprene Straight Smart Cinch

 (Weaver Leather Neoprene Straight Smart)
The Smart Cinch with patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle gives riders extra leverage for easier cinching. The buckle's unique, two roller design has helped thousands of users, from recreational riders to professionals, get reliable performance they can count on ride after ride. Cast rather than welded, this buckle is seamless and streamlined for a modern look and added durability. Roller system features a narrow channel for less play and smoother rolling and positions latigo more securely, giving you a straight pull every time. Buckle tongue has a thick, long shape and a hooked tip that helps keep your latigo more secure.

Ovation OVSELLERIE Airform Chafeless Girth, Size: 48 (402013BRN-48)

 (Ovation OVSELLERIE Airform Chafeless Girth, Size: 48)
Cocoon CLB404BY Laptop Case, up to 16 inch, 16.5 x 3.5 x 12.75 inch, Black

Weaver Leather AirFlex Straight Cinch, 30-Inch, Black

 (Weaver Leather AirFlex Straight Cinch, 30-Inch,)
The AirFlex Cinch offers the ultimate in cinch design. With the perfect combination of breathability, comfort and performance, the AirFlex Cinch is constructed from white cool flex foam that will not absorb heat like traditional black neoprene. This patented, state-of-the-art performance cinch features a unique airflow channel design that helps prevent heat from being trapped and maximizes air circulation. From cutting a cow to trail riding, riders of all types will appreciate this cinch's design. Plus, this cinch is easy to clean by simply hosing off after each ride. Padded flex edges move with your horse for extra cushioning and enhanced performance. Non-rust stainless steel hardware. U.S. Patents #6,993,893 and #7,340,873.

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Straight Smart Cinch

 (Weaver Leather Felt Lined Straight Smart)
Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch This cinch features a two-roller design that eliminates the need to pull leather against leather, so that you can easily and safely cinch up your horse. Rollers give you more leverage, making this cinch easier on the horse. Features: Nylon with felt lining is comfortable on the horse Nylon off-billet holder Rust-proof stainless steel buckle and dees

Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinch (Black, 34" w/Black Fleece)

 (Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinch (Black, 34
The Shoulder Relief Cinch actually changes the position and angle of the latigos to prevent the saddle tree from interfering with the shoulder. The center of the cinch is set forward to sit in the horseÕs natural girth groove (heart girth). While the sides of the cinch are cut back to meet the latigos 2 inches behind where the horseÕs natural girth groove lies. This brings the latigos from angling forward, to becoming perpendicular to the ground (in the case of a forward girth groove horse), which reduces the saddleÕs tendency to be pulled forward into the shoulders. With horses that have shoulder interference without angled billets, it simply moves the billets back to keep the saddle farther away from the shoulders. The secondary benefit to this shape, is that it is cutback at the elbows. This gives more room for elbow movement as well, and prevents galls in the elbow area.

Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch Girth, Brown, 32-Inch

 (Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch Girth, Brown,)
Western Fleece Cinch Hard-to-find thick Fleece Girth with stainless steel Dee rings and stainless steel buckle ends. Five layers of nylon over heavy fleece makes this girth comfortable, yet super strong. A quality cinch that will last. Washes easily. Brown or Black Sizes: 28 - 36.

Professionals Choice Equine Smx English Girth (Size 50-Inch, Brown)

 (Professionals Choice Equine Smx English Girth (Size 50-Inch,)
Ideal for the rigors of training and competition, the non-slip SMx English Girth is especially comfortable for your horse because the combination of elastic and buckles on each end provides uniform pressure and even pull. Available in Black or Chocolate



Rural365 | Horse Girth Saddle Cinch Strap – Black Girth Fleece Girth

Horse Girth (Rural365 | Horse Girth Saddle Cinch Strap – Black Girth Fleece)

Horse Leather Handmade Western Back Cinch Girth Flank Saddle Tack 9767-70

Horse Girth (Horse Leather Handmade Western Back Cinch Girth Flank Saddle Tack)
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