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The Ultimate Guide to Spas and Hot Tubs : Troubleshooting and Tricks of the Trade

 (The Ultimate Guide to Spas and Hot Tubs : Troubleshooting and Tricks of the)
The author is Los Angeles-based and maintains pools for the rich and famous. For homeowners and others who must do more for themselves than many of his clients, and for those considering turning pro, Tamminen offers detailed information about installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining hot tubs and spas (he's done the same for pools in previous books). He covers plumbing systems, pumps and motors, filters, heaters, automation, optional equipment, water chemistry, cleaning and servicing, and special repairs. The book includes photos and diagrams, a glossary, websites, and resources for service professionals. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

O-Care Natural Hot Tub & Spa Water Care Kit. Sample Kit lasts up to (5) Weeks

 (O-Care Natural Hot Tub & Spa Water Care Kit.  Sample Kit lasts up to (5))
Chlorine levels go up and down in a hot tub and when the levels are down there's no protection. O-Care will protect your hot tub 24-7 against sediment build up. SIMPLY ADD O-CARE ONCE A WEEK To ensure clean pipes and to protect components such as pumps and heaters stand the test of time O-Care is added weekly. O-Care is a (2) two compound formula which means that an O-Care Box contains (2) different bottles. Simply add O-Care No#1 and then immediately add O-Care No#2. FOLLOW THESE THREE EASY STEPS! Check the volume (gallons) of your hot tub. The label on the bottle will show how much you'll need to add. #1: Add the appropriate amount of O-Care No# 1 to the measuring cup and add it to the water. Ensure to run the pump for better mixing. #2- Now add O-Care No#2 immediately after the 1st compound and run the pump and jets for a couple of minutes. #3 Finish by simply adding some sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine as usual. The water may turn cloudy when adding O-Care. This will clear in less than an hour. If you are unsure of how much sanitizer to add check your hot tub manual. O-CARE INCLUDES AN APP THAT MAKES WATER MAINTENANCE EASY! Your purchase includes an automated app and going forward your O-Care app will tell you what to do. Your O-Care water maintenance app is now in our...

6560-860, Sundance Spas - Jacuzzi Flow Switch

 (6560-860, Sundance Spas - Jacuzzi Flow)
Sundance Spas Flow Switch with transparent tee 3/4" barb and a 3/8" barb off the side. This flow switch fits all 1999-present 2 pump or 3 pump systems and 2001+ 1-Pump Capri Systems. Used on the following Spa Models: Sundance 800/850/880 Series, 1999 - Present Sweetwater and Portifino Series with Circulation Pump Jacuzzi J-300 LCD Series Models, 2002+ (with box end connectors). If you have a 2002+ LED J-300 use the 2560-040 (curled finger connector) Troubleshooting: A defective flow switch will cause a flashing 'Flo' or solid 'Flo' on the control panel icon. Solid 'Flo' is the flow switch Flashing 'Flo' could be the flow switch, circulation pump (clogged or defective) or dirty filter.

La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25102-GP Wireless Monitor System Set with Wet Probe

 (La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25102-GP Wireless Monitor System Set with Wet)
The La Crosse Alerts™ Monitor and Alert System by La Crosse Technology® is easy to use, flexible and extremely affordable for its versatile functionality. Custom text and e-mail alerts notify customers when the temperature or humidity exceeds their desired range, when the battery is low, or when the connection is lost*. Add up to 5 sensors to remotely monitor in a wide variety of applications. Remotely monitor and protect your family, pets, home, garden, hot tub and valuables from temperatures and humidity levels with custom text and e-mail alerts*. Alerts can even help you prevent frozen pipes, mold or food spoilage*. The applications are endless. * Disclaimers: (1) La Crosse Technology, LTD. (“La Crosse”) provides various alert services to aid users. La Crosse shall not be liable for accuracy, usefulness or availability of data transmitted via the service. Users are solely responsible for damages to persons or property by service use. (2) Service providers may charge users for alert services. Standard messaging and data rates apply and will be billed to the customer’s wireless account. Customers may be unable to receive text messaging or data service in some areas due to unavailability of service.

Hot Spring Watkins Freshwater Spa Care Kit - Spa Care Kit Spa, 76770

 (Hot Spring Watkins Freshwater Spa Care Kit - Spa Care Kit Spa,)
FreshWater spa care kit includes concentrated chlorinating granules, MPS Oxidizer, pH Up, pH Down, Defoamer, Stain & Scale, 5-Way Test Strips, and a spa water maintenance & troubleshooting guide.

Leisure Time Spa Protectant Metal Gon and Defender Pack (45440A)

 (Leisure Time Spa Protectant Metal Gon and Defender Pack)
Metal Gon sequesters iron, copper and other minerals and prevents staining of spa surfaces. It is highly concentrated and only needs to be added upon start-up. Defender is a unique blend of organic polymers designed to prevent scale formation, aid in the removal of existing scale and to help prevent precipitation of dissolved solids in spas or hot tubs.

NUU Wake Waterproof, Sandproof, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

 (NUU Wake Waterproof, Sandproof, Wireless Bluetooth)
Waterproof, Sandproof & Worry-Free (IP57 Rating) Wake is the ultimate outdoor companion! Rugged, waterproof, and built to tackle adventures, this Bluetooth speaker will bring your music anywhere you want to take it.Exceptional, Powerful SoundA rugged design doesn't mean compromised sound quality. Two 10W speaker drivers, DSP to improve bass performance, combined with a passive bass radiator allows it to pump out bigsound with full bass that goes the distance.Rugged Design Wake is not only stylish, but ultra-rugged and built to stand up to the toughest environments. With its rugged housing, protective rubber casing and an integrated handle, it's designed especially for adventurous lifestyles.Wire Free WaKe eliminates the need to lug around separate batteries or wires that can get tangled up. Stream your music with Bluetooth and trust Wake's internal battery to keep you going wire-free for the whole day.Power to Go & to ShareListen for up to 7 hours with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Charge your phone or mobile device with Wake's universal USB power port even if it's running on battery power.Features:Waterproof - 100% submersible up to 3' Dust and sand protected Bluetooth wireless audio Exceptional sound performance Rugged design to tackle any adventure Convenient durable...

Cyfie Basketball Hoop Toy, Office Desktop Game Bathroom Toilet Slam Dunk Gadget with Pump and 2 Balls for Basketball Lovers Boys Girls Indoor Outdoor

 (Cyfie Basketball Hoop Toy, Office Desktop Game Bathroom Toilet Slam Dunk Gadget with Pump and 2 Balls for Basketball Lovers Boys Girls Indoor)
Watch the video first before you decide to order. this link to the browser.) Pop a shot from your office desk with this super competitive desktop basketball game when you want to relax or occupy your fragments of time. The hoop and backboard fastens to any flat surface with 2 suction pads, made from extra strong durable material to ensure that you can enjoy hours of slam dunking fun. Read me first! During the whole transportation, the suction pads were pressed and they may become hard because of the temperature variation. So they may not stick for a long time when you receive this toy. How to make the suction pads stick firmly? Please take a few minutes to read the following steps: 1. The most IMPORTANT step, put it into the HOT water up to 5 minutes to soften the suction pads and make them back into shape; 2. Dry the water; 3. Paint some Skin Oil /Tooth Paste /Soap Suds /Water on the suction pads; 4. Stick to the smooth surface, breathing all the air from the center; 5. Leave it there for more than 15 min; 6. After that, you could start to shoot and play the balls. PS. Lasting time depends on what you painted on, as mentioned above, skin oil>tooth paste>soap suds>water. Note: The suction cup can only attach itself to the flat and smooth surface such...

Renogy 10Ft 10 AWG Solar Panel and Controller Connector Adaptor Wire MC4 Extension Cables

 (Renogy 10Ft 10 AWG Solar Panel and Controller Connector Adaptor Wire MC4 Extension)
The Renogy adaptor kit is a set of two wires designed specifically for connecting a Renogy Solar panel to a charge controller. The adaptor kit includes MC4 connectors on one end for effortless connection to the solar panel, & exposed wire on the other end to lead directly into the charge controller. This wiring kit is essential for off-grid solar installations, roof or ground level, & is offered in a wide range of sizes. The wiring is weatherproof & designed to withstand extreme heat & cold. This wiring kit is ideal for Renogy off-grid kits ranging from 100W to 400W.

Intex Pure Spa 6 Person Portable Inflatable Bubble Jet Massage Heated Hot Tub

Hot Tub Troubleshooting (Intex Pure Spa 6 Person Portable Inflatable Bubble Jet Massage Heated Hot)

SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Hot Tub Troubleshooting (SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub)

Portable Inflatable Bubble Massage Spa Hot Tub 6 Person

Hot Tub Troubleshooting (Portable Inflatable Bubble Massage Spa Hot Tub 6)
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