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Humanis the collection of stories and images of our world, offering a journey to the core of what it means to be human. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, Humanbrings us face to face with the Other, making us reflect on our lives. From stories of everyday experiences to accounts of the most unbelievable lives, these poignant encounters share a rare sincerity and underline who we are - our darker side, but also what is most noble in us, and what is universal. Our Earth is shown at its most sublime through never-before-seen aerial images accompanied by soaring music, resulting in an ode to the beauty of the world, providing a moment to draw breath and for introspection.

Humans Seasons 1-3.0

 (Humans Seasons 1-3.0)
In the near future, technological advances have brought about the creation of life-like humanoid servants, called Synthetics-or synths-that help busy families simplify their lives. Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill, The Imitation Game), disheartened by his wife, Laura's (Katherine Parkinson, The IT Crowd), distance, and his children's indifference, purchases a synth with the hope that it will ease the family's struggles. The synth, Anita (Gemma Chan, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) is an instant hit with Joe's children, but Laura can't shake her unease or the feeling that something is very wrong with Anita. As the Hawkins family adjusts to life with Anita, retired synth engineer George (William Hurt, Damages, The Host) can't bring himself to get rid of his beloved, but malfunctioning synth, Odi (Will Tudor, Game of Thrones). And mysterious Leo (Colin Morgan, Merlin) desperately searches for someone with his synth, Max. But why does Max seem different from other synths, and what secrets are the two holding? Also starring Danny Webb (Valkyrie, Land Girls), Neil Maskell (Utopia), Ruth Bradley (Flyboys), and Emily Berrington (24: Live Another Day), Humans is a "slick, finely crafted thriller" (Globe & Mail, Canada). Included in this set are all episodes from the first three seasons as well as...

Stay Human

 (Stay Human)
Featuring music from Michael Franti's tenth studio album, Stay Human Vol. II, available now. In a quest to hold on to humanity and STAY HUMAN in the craziness of the world we live in today, award-winning musician Michael Franti takes us on a personal journey through his songs and stories of extraordinary humans who inspire him to overcome cynicism with optimism and hope. Michael shares the tales of Robin Lim, a midwife who opened a birthing clinic in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon in the Philippines; Steve & Hope Dezember, a young couple whose love carries them through Steve's battle with ALS; Arief Rabik, an environmental scientist in Bali who perfected a method to make industrial and household products with bamboo in an effort to curb deforestation; and Sive Mazinyo and Busisiwwe Vazi, who help inspire their community of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, through music and education. Michael reflects on his own journey facing adversity as a child, struggling to find his voice as a musician, and how he came to find inspiration through these stories. He hopes to inspire people to become changemakers by utilizing creativity, tenacity, and heart to face our daily challenges as individuals, and together as citizens of our planet to STAY HUMAN. Special Features: Commentary with M...

Being Human: Season 2

 (Being Human: Season 2)
Leading everyday lives is harder than it looks for three twenty-something supernatural roommates vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer),ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) and werewolf Josh(Sam Huntington). Together, they share the creature comforts of a Boston brownstone while struggling to resist the temptations of their true natures and keep their secrets hidden from the outside world. Bonus Features: Season 2 Making-of Featurette, Behind-the-Scenes Interview, Being Human at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

Being Human: Season 1

 (Being Human: Season 1)
Being Human... nobody ever said it was easy. But for three twenty-something roommates - vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) and a werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) - is it even possible? While these outsiders come to realize that there are fates even worse than death, they also discover that there's more to life (and the afterlife) than most "normal" humans could ever imagine.Bonus Features:The Making of Being Human, "What Would You Choose?" Featurette, Additional Interviews with Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington, Being Human at San Diego Comic-Con.

Humans 3.0

 (Humans 3.0)
One year after synths around the globe gained consciousness, human distrust of synths is at an all-time high, and both populations struggle to cope with the fallout. Human lawyer Laura (Katherine Parkinson, The IT Crowd) fights for synth rights at a high-profile government commission, while Mia (Gemma Chan, Crazy Rich Asians) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah, Black Mirror) run a settlement for sentient synths. But Max is torn between his new role as leader and helping his friend, human-synth hybrid Leo (Colin Morgan, The Fall). When a bomb blast at a synth-friendly bar inflames already high tensions, Niska (Emily Berrington, 24: Live Another Day) searches for the perpetrator, and what she finds will have monumental consequences for humans and synths alike. Heralded as “the ultimate A.I. thought experiment” (The Atlantic), Humans blends cinematic action with piercing social commentary. “Involving, well written, and well played” (The New York Times), the series also stars Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Catastrophe), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Selfridge), Ukweli Roach (Blindspot), and Sam Palladio (Nashville).

The Human Condition (The Criterion Collection)

 (The Human Condition (The Criterion)
First of a trilogy of films. During the Second World War, a Japanese conscientious objector named Kaji works as a supervisor in a Manchurian prison camp. He hopes to avoid duty as a soldier, but he also hopes to be helpful to the welfare of his prisoners. An escape attempt by Chinese prisoners results in Kaji's arrest for collusion. He faces the possibility of transferral to combat--or worse.

Human Flow

 (Human Flow)

Human Body DVD by Rock 'N Learn

 (Human Body DVD by Rock 'N)
Explore the systems of our magnificent human bodymdash;skeletal, nervous, muscular, circulatory, urinary, respiratory, and digestive systems. Experience a thrilling amusement park ride called The Alimentary Canal. An in-depth look at the five senses uses amazing, realistic models. Bonus sections include tips for science tests and learning about nutrition, exercise and MyPyramid. Meets National Science Education Standards. Approx. 52 min. Grades 4 mdash; 8.

Being Human: Season Four (DVD)

Human Dvd (Being Human: Season Four)

The Human Element (DVD)

Human Dvd (The Human Element (DVD))

To Err Is Human (DVD)

Human Dvd (To Err Is Human (DVD))

Almost Human (DVD, 2014) - Brand New

Human Dvd (Almost Human (DVD, 2014) - Brand)

OF HUMAN BONDAGE 1946 DVD Paul Henreid, Eleanor Parker, Alexis Smith

Human Dvd (OF HUMAN BONDAGE 1946 DVD Paul Henreid, Eleanor Parker, Alexis Smith)

The Human Race DVD Macabre New Sealed

Human Dvd (The Human Race DVD Macabre New)
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