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The Diamond Empire: A Novel (A Diamonds Novel Book 2)

 (The Diamond Empire: A Novel (A Diamonds Novel Book)
#1 Essence bestselling author K’Wan returns with The Diamond Empire, the explosive, hard-hitting follow-up novel to the street love story Diamonds and Pearl.It’s about to be an all-out war. While an ambitious rival has taken over Diamonds’s crew, Diamonds lies in wait in exile, carefully planning his next move to comeback and reclaim his position as king of the streets of New York for good. But when an unexpected enemy from the past one-ups Diamonds and beats him at his own game, Diamonds needs to dig deep into his bag of tricks—and make an unlikely alliance—in order to climb back to the top.After opening her heart to Diamonds and then having him disappear, Pearl lives her days in a very dark place. But when her father’s empire is toppled and a gaping power vacuum needs to be filled, Pearl is drawn into the very life her father so desperately wanted to shield her from. Pearl needs to fight tooth and nail to become queen of her father’s kingdom, as Diamonds claws his way back to Pearl.

Hustler QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect - Stainless Steel!

 (Hustler QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect - Stainless)
Super Heavy Duty stainless steel quick disconnect for 3/8-24 thread antennas. Amateur & CB Antenna use.


Vintage XXX back issue adult PORN magazine. Contains beautiful nude women, pictorials, articles and erotic art.

Cream Episode One: Cash

 (Cream Episode One: Cash)



Sins of A Hustler

 (Sins of A Hustler)
Sinaya Walters is a 17-year old homeless girl trying to survive the cruel streets of Brooklyn, NY. Life for Sinaya hasn't been a walk in the park since her father disappeared and her mother fell victim to drugs. No matter how many times she's tried to beat the odds, she couldn't win for losing. Until one day, fate allows her to cross paths with Ferrari Grey. From the moment she locked eyes with New York's finest Hustler, her life takes a drastic turn. Will Ferrari be just what she needs to get her life on track or will the poor girl be let down yet again? New York has its fair share of hustlers but there can only be one plug and his name is Ferrari Grey. He's the man who has it all; the money, the cars, the designer clothes and even The Perfect Woman...Roxy. But as the old saying goes, true love doesn't follow rules. A chance encounter with the complicated and feisty, Sinaya changes everything for Ferrari. What starts out as an innocent act of kindness quickly turns into a full-blown love affair. His newly founded relationship with Sinaya will leave him questioning where his heart belongs.What happens when an unlikely pair come together and find love in a hopeless place? Will they crash and burn or does love conquer all? Find out in Sins of A Hustler.

Ambition Of A Queen Hustler: Memoirs of a dancer/Pornstar Nona Malone

 (Ambition Of A Queen Hustler: Memoirs of a dancer/Pornstar Nona)
The life of an exotic dancer and porn star named Nona Malone, who shares her life battles of mental abuse, physical abuse, lies, and murders. Backstabbed and portrayed by friends turns her life around and shares her story as she tragically exits the adult industry.

A Hustler's Tears 3: A Haitian Love Story

 (A Hustler's Tears 3: A Haitian Love)
Shaka is back on her grind and almost nothing is off limits if the money is right. Fed up with Nick's behavior, she ventures out on her own to start life over with her daughter, but someone has other plans for her. Shaka finds herself on the receiving end of some very unexpected beef, and she feels vulnerable because she doesn't know who has it out for her. With Shaka's history, her list of potential enemies could be impossible to narrow down, and that doesn't sit well with her. Not one to fold, Shaka continues to live her life in the open, and it could be one of the worst mistakes she’s ever made. Truth has a decision to make, and he knows that regardless of the outcome, someone will be hurt. In an effort to be a good father and a protector of the people that he loves, Truth has to take a step back and figure out if he wants to spend life with Emilie or Akira. There's no shortage of drama as Truth tries to make up his mind. Every time Samir thinks all of Charity's secrets have been revealed, something else comes along to break another piece of his heart. Trying to put his life back together has him on an emotional roller coaster ride that Diamond's not too sure she can continue to be a passenger on. Her heart wants Samir, but her mind is leading her elsewhere. Determined not t...

Best of the Past Hip-Hop [Explicit]

 (Best of the Past Hip-Hop)

American Hustle (Blu-ray + Digital)

Hustler Diamond (American Hustle (Blu-ray +)

Kung Fu Hustle (Blu-ray)

Hustler Diamond (Kung Fu Hustle (Blu-ray))

American Hustle (DVD)

Hustler Diamond (American Hustle (DVD))
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