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Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

 (Shop Fox W1837 10
The Shop Fox W1837 has plenty of power with its 2 HP motor to easily rip through hardwoods or cut dadoes, yet it's still light enough to move around the shop. This saw is sure to be envy in any shop or worksite.

Grizzly G0771Z - 10" 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence

 (Grizzly G0771Z - 10
This hybrid is a selective blend of the best features of the contractor-style table saw and cabinet style table saw. Like the cabinet saw, it has an enclosed cabinet with 4" dust port, heavy-duty cast iron trunnions that mount to the cabinet, and plenty of power (with its 2 HP motor) to easily rip through hardwoods or cut dadoes. Like the contractor-style saw, it's still light enough to move around (it weighs approximately 286 lbs. when fully assembled) and it's easy on the budget. The fence has the easy lift-off and simple adjustability of the popular T-shape Shop Fox Classic fence, the front locking ability of the Shop Fox Original fence, and the accessory T-slots of the Shop Fox Aluma-Classic fence. To top it all off, this saw features an innovative quick-release blade guard and riving knife system that can be changed in seconds-and it's prewired to run on an ordinary 120V, 20A circuit! Includes 10" x 40T carbide-tipped blade. Specifications:Motor: 2 HP, 120V/240V, prewired 120V, single-phase, 60 Hz Amps: [email protected], [email protected] Precision-ground cast iron table with wings measures: 40-1/2" W x 27" D Table height: 35-3/8" Footprint: 21" L x 19-1/2" W Arbor: 5/8" Arbor speed: 3450 RPM Max. depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/4" Max. depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/4" Rip capacity: 31" right, 16-3/4" ...

Grizzly G0833P - 10" 2 HP 115V Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, Polar Bear Series

 (Grizzly G0833P - 10
Get the best of both contractor style and cabinet style table saws with this Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw. You get the easy to transport weight and size of a high-end contractor saw, but with the dust control and full features of a cabinet saw. Just like our other table saws, this hybrid also has a quick-change blade guard, but with anti-kickback pawls that can be positioned away from the workpiece. The interchangeable riving knife offers protection for operations that require you to remove the blade guard, such as with "non-through" cutting operations. This is a saw that will be the envy in any shop. Also features a serpentine belt/pulley system for quiet operation and more efficient power transfer.

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

 (Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension)
All Table saws basically rip and crosscut lumber. However, this new Shop Fox Hybrid Table saw has many safety and convenience innovations that make it stand above all others. For example, the Trunnions are mounted to the cabinet, just like a full size cabinet saw, allowing the table and fence to be easily adjusted for absolute Parallelism to the blade. The quick-release blade guard and riving knife reduces the Risk of kick-back even when non-through cutting. The blade guard also has a dust port and channeled airflow for increased dust Collection efficiency. And, last but not least, the dual-position rip fence provides high-low options for safely running a variety of stock thicknesses.

Bosch Power Tools Tablesaw 4100-10 - 15 Amp 10 In. Corded Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Gravity Rise Wheeled Stand - Ideal for Heavy Duty Cutting, Home Builders

 (Bosch Power Tools Tablesaw 4100-10 -  15 Amp 10 In. Corded Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Gravity Rise Wheeled Stand - Ideal for Heavy Duty Cutting, Home)
The Bosch 4100-10 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand delivers both professional rip capacity and outstanding portability for a tool that can get the job done, wherever it is. The powerful 15-Amp saw delivers 4.0 max HP for outstanding productivity. It also incorporates soft-start circuitry for smooth but quick ramp-up to the operating speed to manage the intensity of motor start-up and minimize the possibility of tripping a circuit breaker. It includes Constant Response circuitry to help maintain speed under load, and overload protection. The Square Lock rip fence is engineered for maximum trueness and great ease-of-use, with the fence able to easily glide along the rail for one-handed operation. The lighter GTA47W Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand has 8 In. treaded rubber-composite tires and a single-action design for easy set-up and transport. It is jobsite-ready with heavy-duty construction. The Smart Guard System is the first modular table saw blade guard, featuring a three-position adjustable riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and non-obstructed-view barrier guard assembly. The table saw provides a 29 In. x 21-1/2 In. square tabletop with a 25 In. rip capacity for ripping 4 Ft. wide sheets goods in half.

Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand

 (Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with)

Betterley Tru-Cut Blade Insert System. Fits Delta Left Tilt 10 inch Unisaw and Delta Hybrid Saw

 (Betterley Tru-Cut Blade Insert System. Fits Delta Left Tilt 10 inch Unisaw and Delta Hybrid)
Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. These quality zero-clearance inserts are machined from ½" thick solid billet aluminum for a lifetime of use and engineered for the best possible performance and safety. Table saw surfaces are machined flat, the TRU-CUT Insert extends that accuracy closer to the blade with a machined aluminum body that is impervious to climatic changes unlike most factory supplied, plastic, or shop made inserts. The two-stage leveling system insures unparalleled accuracy while spring-loaded plungers are incorporated to eliminate vibration, movement, and provide simple use. Bottom side relief cuts for arbor and splitter allow saw blades to make full depth cuts at any angle. True zero-clearance reduces chipping and splintering along cut with full support of small or narrow work piece to prevent twisting, tilting or vertical movement that can cause kickback, insert is pre-machined to accept factory guard/splitter for safety. Red anodized surface will not wear off easily like paint and immediately draws attention to the "danger zone" near the blade. Durable phenolic Kerf Inserts are easily replaced allowing insert to be used with any 10" saw blade, or dado blades up to 13/16" wide for 90º cuts. Insert is supplied with one phenolic Kerf Insert with pr...


Table saw blade insert improves the safety and efficiency of your table saw. The insert closes the large factory gap which makes your saw safer and can improve your dust collection. The insert is blank so you can custom fit the blade slot by passing your blade up through the insert. Buy two, one for your regular blade and one for your dado blade.

VonHaus 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw 5.8 Amp with Adjustable Miter Function 0°- 45°, Dust Port, Vacuum Hose and 4x Blades for Wood Cutting

 (VonHaus 4-1/2
VonHaus Compact Circular Saw Benefiting from a no load speed of 3,500 rpm, it’s capable of cutting 2x4s in a single pass in the same amount of time as a conventional 7-1/4-inch circular saw would take. Providing far great control and comfort, the compact saw cuts through wood and MDF with ease. Easy to maneuver Lighter than a full-size 7-1/4" saw, the compact circular saw offers greater comfort and maneuverability without sacrificing power. Weighing just a fraction over 6 lbs, it’s around 50% lighter than conventional circular saws. The thinner, smaller 24 T carbide tipped blade means less effort and motor strain making it just as efficient as larger models. The slim inline handle is designed to improve comfort while enhancing grip, balance and control. Ergonomically designed - guide the saw, making precision cuts with just one hand – even overhead. Precision Cuts Featuring a guide fence for accurate straight cuts, a depth adjustment of up to 1” at 45° and an angle adjustment that enables you to make beveled cuts of up to 45°, the circular saw offers ultimate precision. Intuitive Build & Accessories To keep your work area clean and free of debris, the VonHaus Compact Circular Saw features a dust collection vacuum adapter – ideal for working indoors. The saw’...

Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch 2 Hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw With Enclosed Cabinet Bottom

Hybrid Table Saws (Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch 2 Hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw With Enclosed Cabinet)

BLACK+DECKER 9 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Compound Miter Saw, M1850BD

Hybrid Table Saws (BLACK+DECKER 9 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Compound Miter Saw,)

Rockwell Rk7323 Bladerunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw With Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge And 5 Pc Star

Hybrid Table Saws (Rockwell Rk7323 Bladerunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw With Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge And 5 Pc)
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