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ICE Resin Refill, 33.8 Ounce

 (ICE Resin Refill, 33.8 Ounce)
ICE Resin is Susan Lenart Kazmer's signature product. It is a jeweler's grade, non-toxic-when-cured, ultra clear, epoxy resin. ICE Resin is the preferred resin art medium for professional artists who sell their mixed-media jewelry and art work because it will not fade or yellow over time. Crafters who wish to create heritage jewelry are also pleased with the beautiful clarity ICE Resin makes it possible for them to achieve and preserve. ICE Resin 32 oz. Refill, (16 oz. Resin/16 oz. Hardener) Here is a great value for large production work.

ICE Resin Refill, 16 Ounce

 (ICE Resin Refill, 16 Ounce)
Jeweler's Grade crystal clear Ice Resin. ICE Resin is a clear resin that never fades, yellows or chips. It's safe to use indoors and is the ideal use for projects you want to preserve. Use to make pendants and jewelry components. Can be colored with opaque and transparent pigments.

ICE Resin Kit - 8 oz - by Ranger [RGRIRR.50483]

 (ICE Resin Kit - 8 oz - by Ranger)
Ranger ice resin. Perfect products to add to your collection of mix media and jewelry making supplies. Kit- contains everything you need to mix and pour ice resin. Use to create jewelry, mixed media projects, resin paper and more. Jewelers grade, two PAR

ICE Resin Plunger, 25ml

 (ICE Resin Plunger, 25ml)
This crystal clear, self doming, Jewelers grade, ice resin, is perfect for any mixed media project. Makes one ounce of resin, without measuring. Just push and Stir. Mix a little or a lot. Just Replace cap when done to save any unused product. 25 ml non toxic, when cured disposable mixing cup and stick is not included.

Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin - 16 Ounce Kit

 (Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin - 16 Ounce)
Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin by Art 'N Glow Artists and creators from all over the world use our products for their most important projects. After seeing many of our customers use our products in resin projects we decided to remove the guesswork by creating our own epoxy blend that was designed specifically to work with all of our pigments! What will you create? Click "ADD TO CART" today and be sure to share your projects with us when they're finished! Specifications Uses: Can be used as either a coating for tables, bars, wood, canvas paintings, etc. or cast in a suitable mold (max casting size is 6 fluid oz, no limit for coating applications) Size: Two 8 oz bottles (16 oz total) Material: Epoxy Resin Coverage: 16 oz will cover about 3 sq. feet at a thickness of 1/16 of an inch Longevity: Resists yellowing due to UV exposure but should not be left permanently outdoors as all epoxy resins will eventually yellow from sun exposure Safety: Keep out of reach of children. Use only in a well ventilated area. What's included: One 8 oz bottle of resin and one 8 oz bottle of hardener, application cheat sheet, and detailed instructions

ICE Resin Refill, 64 Ounce

 (ICE Resin Refill, 64 Ounce)
ICE RESIN-Ice Resin 64 oz Refill Kit. This is jewelers grade with unmatched quality! It can be used in jewelry craft projects paper arts and more. This package contains one 32 oz bottle of part A Resin one 32 oz bottle of part B hardener and two different screw top lids. Made in USA.

ICE Resin® Primrose Glass Glitter Shards,

 (ICE Resin® Primrose Glass Glitter)
Add interest and texture to jewelry and mixed media art with ICE Resin German glass glitter. Real glass shards in 6 rich, deep hues are available in small jars. Mix into ICE Resin or apply to projects using ICE Resin Iced Enamels medium

ICE Resin Opals, Fire Opal

 (ICE Resin Opals,  Fire Opal)
Art Mechanique Inclusions, Shattered Fire Opal: Fire Opal is the perfect Shattered Inclusion when you want to add dazzle to your designs under ICE Resin or on top of any of the Relique Powders in our Cold Enameling System. Also in Opal.

ICE Resin Paper Sealant, 1-Ounce

 (ICE Resin Paper Sealant,)
Art Mechanique Paper Sealant has been hand picked by ICE Resin creator Susan Lenart Kazmer, who uses it exclusively in her own collage work. When applied to paper that is destined to go under ICE Resin, it will maintain its opacity, instead of becoming transparent, as paper does under ICE Resin. You probably love, as we do, the transparent effect ICE Resin has on paper. The use of Paper Sealer is for those special cases where you want to keep very dark, graphic lines in your collage work, or when using actual photographs, which can have a mottled look under resin because of uneven emulsion. Either way, it's good to have around the studio!.

ICE Resin 16oz Refill Kit, 8 Oz Resin/8 0z Hardener

Ice Resin (ICE Resin 16oz Refill Kit, 8 Oz Resin/8 0z)

ICE Resin 32oz Refill Kit-16 Oz Resin, 16 Oz Hardener

Ice Resin (ICE Resin 32oz Refill Kit-16 Oz Resin, 16 Oz)

Ice Resin 8oz Kit

Ice Resin (Ice Resin 8oz Kit)
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