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Japanese Garden Notes: A Visual Guide to Elements and Design

 (Japanese Garden Notes: A Visual Guide to Elements and)
"The undisputed American master of Japanese garden scholars.”—New York Times, Dominique BrowningMatching some 400 color photographs to brief, informed observations, renowned garden designer Marc Peter Keane walks us through 100 Japanese gardens, stopping along the way to note essential elements of design, technique, and culture. Covering everything from large-scale aspects of space and balance to subtle elements that are often overlooked, this is an innovative, stunningly visual guide for planning and inspiration.Landscape architect and author Marc Peter Keane lived in Kyoto, Japan, for nearly 20 years and specializes in Japanese garden design. He lives in Ithaca, New York.

Design Toscano Asian Decor Pagoda Lantern Outdoor Statue, Large 17 Inch, Polyresin, Two Tone Stone

 (Design Toscano Asian Decor Pagoda Lantern Outdoor Statue, Large 17 Inch, Polyresin, Two Tone)
NG29870 Size: Large Features: -Design Toscano exclusive. Construction: -Quality designer resin construction. Color/Finish: -Two tone stone finish. Dimensions: -Medium dimensions: 10.5'' H x 7.5'' W x 7.5'' D.-Large dimensions: 17.5'' H x 11.5'' W x 11.5'' D.

Create Your Own Japanese Garden: A Practical Guide

 (Create Your Own Japanese Garden: A Practical)
In this book, renowned garden designer Motomi Oguchi offers the reader a step-by-step, practical approach to creating Japanese gardens, drawn from a wealth of experience that covers thirty years and encompasses the design of more than 400 gardens. The author uses real examples from gardens he has designed, constructed, and photographed to illustrate his key points, approaching each work from the perspective of the home or building owner.Oguchi begins with front gardens, as these are usually what one encounters first when entering a home. Typically, these front plantings are not defined Japanese garden types but rather, physical areas. He then moves on to tsubo niwa (courtyard gardens) and kare sansui (dry gardens) that might be found in the middle or rear of a building, or any available small space. Next, he introduces tea and tree gardens, which are more likely to be sections of a larger garden; and highlights specific characteristics and conditions of interior gardens.Within each chapter are general layouts and methods of developing the various gardens, which precede specific, step-by-step instructions. The author also offers practical and affordable variations on more ambitious designs and shows how they can be adapted to the reader’s home or building. In addition, Oguchi em...

The Japanese Garden

 (The Japanese Garden)
An in-depth exploration spanning 800 years of the art, essence, and enduring impact of the Japanese garden.The most comprehensive exploration of the art of the Japanese garden published to date, this book covers more than eight centuries of the history of this important genre. Author and garden designer Sophie Walker brings fresh insight to this subject, exploring the Japanese garden in detail through a series of essays and with 100 featured gardens, ranging from ancient Shinto shrines to imperial gardens and contemporary Zen designs. Leading artists, architects, and other cultural practitioners offer personal perspectives in newly commissioned essays.

ICNBUYS Zen Garden with Boat Bridge Japanese Censers Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base Tray Diameter 9.4 inches

 (ICNBUYS Zen Garden with Boat Bridge Japanese Censers Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base Tray Diameter 9.4)
The ICNBBUYS Zen Garden not only meets all your image of what a Zen Garden is (Zen Buddhist principle contemplating; relieve stress), also beyond your demand! Different types, various objects, high quality, original dedicate designs! More than enough to creating your own dry landscape; Definitely best choice for stimulating your creativity and presenting your personal style.

Japanese Garden Design

 (Japanese Garden Design)
Japanese Garden Design explains the theory, history, and intricacies of Japanese gardening through gorgeous photographs and expert commentary.The creation of a Japanese garden combines respect for nature with adherence to simple principles of aesthetics and structure. In Japanese Garden Design landscape architect Marc Peter Keane presents the history and development of the classical metaphors that underlie all Japanese gardens in this. Keane describes the influences of Confucian, Shinto and Buddhist principles that have linked poetry and philosophy to the tangible metaphor of the garden in Japanese culture. Creative inspiration is found in the prehistoric origin of Japanese concepts of nature; the gardens of Heian aristocrats; the world-renowned Zen garden, or rock garden; the tea garden; courtyard garden; and stroll garden.Detailed explanations of basic design concepts identify and interpret the symbolism of various garden forms and demonstrate these principles in use today in Japanese landscape architecture. Topics include: Design Principles Design Techniques Design Elements Godspirit in Nature Poetry in Paradise The Art of Emptiness Spiritual Passage Private Niches A Collector's Park

TIAAN 20" height Solar lantern Solar garden lamp Solar pagoda light

 (TIAAN 20
Decorative garden 51cm Japanese style solar lantern with solar light solar garden solar lamp powered by super bright led, never burns. products size: 7.5" L x 7.5" W x 20" H ; 2 pc of rechargeable batteries (1.2v aa ni - mh); 8 pc solar panel; 12 hours of lighting. This Japanese style for gardens and solar lanterns is amber led that provide a warm, inviting glow. Two rechargeable batteries are included, recharged by the sun's rays by means of integrated solar panels. No cable, fast and easy to install. This lantern can warm your garden and make it more Zen.

Japanese Gardens: Tranquility, Simplicity, Harmony

 (Japanese Gardens: Tranquility, Simplicity,)
At the heart of a Japanese garden is harmony with nature. More than simply a landscape of trees and flowering shrubs, a Japanese garden provides a place of serenity and rest, filled with peaceful spots that lend themselves to meditation and contemplation. Japanese Gardens celebrates and illustrates this ideal, showcasing the exquisite natural beauty of more than 20 quintessentially Japanese gardens-big and small, urban and rural, traditional and contemporary.The expert author-and-photographer team behind this book excels at capturing and explaining the essential elements and techniques that distinguish Japanese gardens from those of other countries. The featured sites range from large feudal period gardens, temple gardens and private and countryside gardens to mountain flower gardens, tea gardens and gardens devoted to miniature bonsai.

A Japanese Garden in Belgium

 (A Japanese Garden in Belgium)

In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book : With Reflections from Lafcadio Hearn's 'in a Japanese Garden'

Japanese Garden (In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book : With Reflections from Lafcadio Hearn's 'in a Japanese)

Japanese Gardens : Tranquility, Simplicity, Harmony

Japanese Garden (Japanese Gardens : Tranquility, Simplicity,)

Japanese Zen Gardens

Japanese Garden (Japanese Zen Gardens)



In the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden (In the Japanese Garden)

Zen Garden Traditional Japanese Meditative Garden Mini Home Office 7"x6"

Japanese Garden (Zen Garden Traditional Japanese Meditative Garden Mini Home Office 7
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