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K2 2019 iKonic 80 Skis w/ M3 10 Bindings (170cm)

 (K2 2019 iKonic 80 Skis w/ M3 10 Bindings)
The 2019 K2 IKonic 80 Skis with bindings is a great choice for front side carving enthusiasts who are looking to step up their carving game. These days, 80 mm underfoot is a pretty standard and accepted width for a front side ripper. K2 has done a great job in making the IKonic 80 an ideal option for advancing intermediates and advanced skiers. If you're usually getting on the first chair at the mountain, this ski is the perfect board for those early morning groomer runs. When the corduroy is fresh and soft, these skis absolutely light it up. When you tip them on edge, you'll feel the underfoot camber hook up and bring you around. For a ski without metal, the IKonic 80 skis really darn well. With a wood core and fiberglass braiding, the skis are light, stiff, and poppy. You'll be able to feel the energy build throughout the turn and release at the end. When you are transitioning the turn, the flat tail will rebound you into the next arc. When you are balanced and strong, the turns will start to link themselves, and you'll be on your way to the next level of you skiing career. For advancing skiers, the K2 IKonic 80 will also perform quite well in the moguls and trees. They are narrow enough to swivel quickly, and the softer flex allows for easy and accurate turning. The 2019 K2 IK...

Athalon New Padded Single Ski Bag Black Red 180cm Model #334

 (Athalon New Padded Single Ski Bag Black Red 180cm Model)
This is a Brand New Athalon Padded Ski Bag. The Single Padded Ski bag Model 334. It fits one pair of Skis up to 180cm. Features 600 Denier Nylon, Fully Padded. Comes in Red/Black as shown. Fully Padded Tip to Tail. Ski Capacity: 1 Pair, Max Ski Size: 180cm, Degree of Padding: Heavy, Product ID: 180718, Model Number: 131ATH130029359, GTIN: 0609529133413

K2 Diversion Ski Helmet 2018 - Men's

 (K2 Diversion Ski Helmet 2018 -)
Best in class for fit, function and style: The K2 Diversion ski helmet is here to keep you skiing all day. The Diversion helmet is the only mens model that offers a Hybrid construction to keep it lightweight yet highly durable. The Diversion features the Active Matrix Venting system for enhanced control of temperature and airflow. Beyond customizing ventilation, users also achieve a customized fit through the integration of the 360 K2dialed Fit System. Complete with a Baseline Audio System, the K2 Diversion has your helmet needs covered.

Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pant, White, X-Large/Regular

 (Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pant, White,)
Season after season, the 1800 Arctic Women's Insulated Snow Pants serve as an outstanding value priced ski/snow pants and a versatile cornerstone of the Arctic line. These pants feature a 100% Polyester Dobby shell with ThermaLock W/R + W/P 3000mm Coating, offering a maximum degree of durability and protection from the elements, while allowing a full range of motion. 85 grams Thematic Insulation offers warmth in a lightweight, low bulk garment, keeping you warm at temperatures from -20 Degree to +35 Degree depending on your level of activity. DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps repel water from fabric surface. The adjustable waist ensures a comfortable fit, while boot zippers make them easy for on and off access over boots. Boot gaiters with grippers form a seamless integration with the boots to keep the warmth in, and the moisture out. These relaxed fit pants also include 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards to hold up against daily wear & tear, and conveniently has an O-ring for keys, gloves and/or lift tickets. The pants provide zippered hand warmer style pockets, a zippered fly, and belt loops. They are water and wind resistant, and are machine washable.

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Red, Junior, Value Performance Inline Skates

 (Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Red, Junior, Value Performance Inline)
Phoenix is a value driven kids adjustable skate with higher quality because a first skate should not have to be the worst skate. Backed with Rollerblade technology, this kids skate easily adjusts, fits well and performs at the right level for kids just beginning. The sleek lightweight structure helps with the lateral support and the lining provides the cushioning kids will need. This skate has taken many young skaters from the cul-de sac to the park trail and helped spark an interest in skating for many. The adjustable system expands four full sizes with an easy to use push button adjustment so they can grow with the childÕs feet. The wheel and bearing combo provides proper speed control to prevent kids from going too fast. Budget priced model with higher performance features and fit.

K2 2019 Tough Luv 153cm Womens Skis w/ERC 11 TCX Light Bindings

 (K2 2019 Tough Luv 153cm Womens Skis w/ERC 11 TCX Light)
The 2019 K2 Tough Luv skis with bindings are a great choice for lady skiers who love to rip the front side of the mountain. This all-mountain carving ski excels when it is on edge and going at a moderate to fast clip. With a wood core with carbon layering, the K2 Tough Luv skis are the perfect combination of lightweight and stiff to ensure proper carving. With a small amount of tip rocker, the skis will engage into the turn quite easily. You'll feel the camber underfoot hook up and bring you around the 14 meter turn radius with speed and precision. At 82 mm underfoot, the skis are narrow enough to bite into any type of snow condition, but also are wide enough to float over and bust through any and all inconsistencies in the snow surface. You don't need to be on freshly groomed snow on the K2 Tough Luv skis, but they certainly do really well there. Advanced and expert level skiers will glean the best performance out of the Tough Luv skis, and they will be smiling the whole way down the hill. If you have the desire to take them off-piste, the quick turning nature and lightweight character will ensure that moguls and trees are handled readily. The 2019 K2 Tough Luv skis with bindings is a great system for ladies who love to rip the front side.

K2 2018 Pinnacle 85 170cm Skis

 (K2 2018 Pinnacle 85 170cm)
The K2 Pinnacle 85 is a brand new all mountain ski for 2018 and offers affordable performance to intermediate and less aggressive advanced skiers. If you've never really owned an all mountain ski or freeride ski and want to start using progressively wider skis this is a good first step. K2 agrees, referring to the ski as the "freeride gateway drug." While we're not 100% sure about that analogy, we know what they mean. This is a great ski for people who want to start exploring terrain beyond the groomers. Skiers coming off beginner skis or more groomer-specific designs will find that the Pinnacle 85 is relatively approachable. The ski is built with a full aspen wood core that provides a nice even flex from tip to tail and good stability over a variety of terrain. The All Terrain rocker profile does a couple things to the performance of the ski. On firm snow it allows for really smooth, easy turn initiation as the rockered tip helps take you into a carving turn. In soft snow the same rocker profile boosts maneuverability and helps keep your tips up above the snow when things get deep. It's a versatile ski that's relatively easy to ski and will be your ticket to freedom at your local resort.

K2 2019 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis (177cm)

 (K2 2019 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis)
The 2019 K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti Skis are an extremely versatile set of skis that will do anything you ask of them at any time and in any snow condition. They sit squarely in that mid-90 underfoot width that is capable and willing to tackle an enormous amount of tasks. From fresh snow to hard pack groomers, the 2019 K2 Pinnacle 95 has the shape, profile, and construction to dominate the whole mountain. With tip and tail taper, the Pinnacle 95 will make any shape turn you want without hooking up. The end result is a smooth and buttery sensation that advanced and expert level skiers search long and hard for. With a wide tip, the skis will float on top of a lot of different types of snow. With that surface area, the flotation is tremendous, even for a 95 mm underfoot ski. The rocker/camber/rocker profile is perfect for all-mountain skiing. The tip and tail rocker assist with soft snow conditions, while the camber underfoot ensures proper carving properties. When you tip the skis on edge, you'll feel the camber underfoot engage and pull you into and around the turn. The tail rocker allows you to release the turn easier, and as a result, you'll have more control over the shape and duration of the turn. With a wood core with fiberglass and titanal layering, the skis are light, stiff, and sna...

K2 Marksman Skis 2019-170cm

 (K2 Marksman Skis 2019-170cm)
One of the most playful skis on the market, the 2019 K2 Marksman returns for another year of glory. The biggest difference between this ski and others of similar widths and builds is that the Marksman is asymmetrical. By making the inside edges longer than the outside ones, the skis are able to play and dance in the soft snow with a bunch more ease and predictability. This does mean that the skis have a left and a right designated ski, but you won't care about that once you've skied on them in snow. The surfy feel that you get from this design is second to none, and you'll love the playful nature and character that this little change creates. K2 has never shied away from doing something different-sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. At the end of the day, they tried, and it worked. With a wood core and a carbon boost in strategic areas, the skis are light, snappy, and responsive. They will go wherever you want them to go in a poppy and energetic way. The twin tip shape combined with the rocker/camber/rocker profile is perfect for all-mountain freestyle skiing. Additionally, the skis love being pushed around, especially on the sides of the trail and in any other type of interesting terrain that you can find. At 106 mm underfoot, they're wide enough to be a powder ski,...

FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Firefighting Camera with MSX

K2 Ski Equipment (FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Firefighting Camera with)

Karcher K2 Car and Home Kit 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

K2 Ski Equipment (Karcher K2 Car and Home Kit 1600 PSI Electric Pressure)

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI 1.25 GPM

K2 Ski Equipment (Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI 1.25)
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