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2" Robert Sorby #285 Timber Framing Chisel

20 1/4" long

3-3/8" Robert Sorby #289 Timber Framers' Slick


Finder 12-Inch Heavy Duty Flat Chisel With Hand Protection, Flat Head, Demolishing/Masonry/Carving/Concrete Breaker Chisels

 (Finder 12-Inch Heavy Duty Flat Chisel With Hand Protection, Flat Head, Demolishing/Masonry/Carving/Concrete Breaker)
★Contains 1 flat head chisel ★High hardness and anti-rust CVS steel ★Shock-absorb soft cover handle ★Plate shape hand protection ★Ideal for heavy duty works

1-1/2" Robert Sorby #285 Timber Framing Chisel

20" long

1" Robert Sorby #285 Timber Framing Chisel

20" long

Bundle Robert Sorby 289/289EG60 2-3/8" Massive Timber Framing Chisel/Slick and Leather Edge Guard, 28" Overall Length

 (Bundle Robert Sorby 289/289EG60 2-3/8
This massive 2-2/8 inch wide timber framer's slick has a 17" Ash handle, 11" blade and overall length of 28".  All of Robert Sorby's extensive experience in producing rugged timber framers' chisels has gone into producing this exquisite framer's' slick. The combination of weight and balance coupled with a traditional finish means this slick produces a truly fine, yet accurate cut. The blade is off-set from the handle. This allows extra clearance when working on deep mortises or taking long paring cuts. Made from high carbon steel, this slick offer a perfect combination of hardness and toughness together with a razor sharp cutting edge. The working face has a slightly hollow surface for ease of honing and the back face is rounded off to eliminate sharp corners giving extra comfort and security. Made of hard Ash, the handle has been specially contoured for comfort. It is affixed to the blade by means of a heavy duty tang. An innovative socket is fitted between the blade and handle to make this the strongest of framing tools. Comes with a heavy duty leather edge guard.

IRWIN Tools Marples High-Impact Chisel, 2-Inch (1819360)

 (IRWIN Tools Marples High-Impact Chisel, 2-Inch)
Fully-forged steel core delivers extreme strength and durability. These chisels are designed for Prying, Rough Notching, Lap Joints, and Demolition. Extra-large strike cap withstands repetitive hammer strikes and can be hit from multiple angles. Split proof acetate handle for reinforced toughness. High-carbon chrome vanadium steel blade delivers superior performance and edge retention, and stays sharp to the last inch. IRWIN Tools Marples chisels have been the industry leader for woodworkers for nearly 200 years. IRWIN Tools Marples High-Impact Chisel, 2-Inch (1819360)

Sharpie 38201 Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip, Black, 12 Count

 (Sharpie 38201 Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip, Black, 12)
The permanent marker with a split personality, Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Markers have a versatile tip that makes both broad and fine strokes--so you can express yourself any way you want. Bold to the max and permanent to the core, Sharpie Permanent Markers inspire you to transform ordinary surfaces into passionately creative statements. Made to write practically everywhere, vivid Sharpie markers eliminate dull and boring. The original permanent marker, Sharpie has iconic ink that dries quickly and resists both water and fading. While pale imitations wither away, Sharpie markers make creations that endure.

Air Hammer Chisels 3" Wide Tile Removal Tool for 0.401 in Shank Air Hammer Bits Tile Remover Concrete Chisel Grout Remover Tool Air Chisel Scraper Tool Air Tools Thinset Removal Tool

 (Air Hammer Chisels 3
We're the American Hardware Co. and we're on a mission to create the most durable, powerful & easy-to-use air tools, chisels and accessories that people can buy. We want to make premium quality affordable for everyone. We use the best materials possible, we constantly test our equipment against our competitors and we're especially proud of our 3 inch wide air hammer chisel. Why settle for poor quality tools? We've painstakingly developed our air hammer bits and SDS max tool range to be the highest quality on the market. We don't believe in sub-standard equipment. Neither should you. Our air chisel bit is ideal for some of the toughest jobs: ►Lifting Stubborn Thinset ► Lifting Vinyl Floor Glue & Vinyl tile ►Scaling Concrete & Cement ►Removing Floor Tiles Glue ► Removing Ceramic Tile ►Lifting Stubborn Floor Tile Adhesive ► Thinset Mortar Removal ►Floor Removal Jobs ►Tough Grout Removal ►Removing Plaster from Brick Our 3 inch chisel hammer measures 7.5 inches in length with a 3 inch wide sharpened blade. For best results wet the targeted area to avoid dust and target it at a specific angle in order to lift the thinset easily. We would advise you use safety goggles, thick gloves, a dust mask and knee pads. **EXCLUSIVE OFFER** RRP $39.00 - ...

Weller PL133 Large Taper Chisel Tip

Large Chisel (Weller PL133 Large Taper Chisel)

Marks-A-Lot Large Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Set 18922, Black, Pack of 2

Large Chisel (Marks-A-Lot  Large Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Set 18922, Black, Pack of)

Marks-A-Lot Large Desk-Style Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Blue, Dozen

Large Chisel (Marks-A-Lot Large Desk-Style Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Blue,)
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