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Learn to Play the Highland Bagpipe

 (Learn to Play the Highland)
You have purchased one of the most professional and popular books for learning the bagpipes. It includes many well-known and traditional melodies, all the finger techniques and in contrast to other bagpipe books, there are many exercises that you will need to learn the bagpipes successfully. The book is suitable for absolute beginners all the way to advanced pipers, for studying on your own or as a classroom companion book. In 29 easy to understand lessons, you will find crystal clear instructions on how to play the bagpipes from scratch. This book by Andreas Hambsch is also used for training purposes by many professional bands and bagpipe schools. The book's aim is to give the student the basic information to create a technically and musically solid foundation that will provide expert help and guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper. The combi method is all about learning the fingering techniques and doing the exercises with matching melodies.With this book, Andreas Hambsch has established a milestone that marks the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes with the combi method, helping beginners and advanced players to achieve rapid success. It is a professional educational tool to help you to learn how to play and understand the bagpipes.

Learn to Play the Bagpipe: A New Method of Practice Chanter Tuition

 (Learn to Play the Bagpipe: A New Method of Practice Chanter)
Instruction Book. Origin Country: USA. 0.5 lbs. Made by Mid-East.Practice Chanter tutorial by Pipe Major R.T. Shepherd. Includes photographs of finger positions, exercises, melodies & more.

Nancy Drew 41: The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

 (Nancy Drew 41: The Clue of the Whistling)
Warnings not to go to Scotland can’t stop Nancy Drew from setting out on a thrill-packed mystery adventure. Undaunted by the vicious threats, the young detective – with her father and her two close friends – goes to visit her great-grandmother at an imposing estate in the Scottish Highlands, and to solve the mystery of a missing family heirloom.And there is another mystery to be solved: the fate of flocks of stolen sheep.Baffling clues challenge Nancy’s powers of deduction: a note written in the ancient Gaelic language, a deserted houseboat on Loch Lomond, a sinister red-bearded stranger in Edinburgh, eerie whistling noises in the Highlands. Startling discoveries in an old castle and in the ruins of a prehistoric fortress, lead Nancy closer to finding the solution to both mysteries.

Beginning the Bagpipe (A Teaching Method for the Practice Chanter)

 (Beginning the Bagpipe (A Teaching Method for the Practice)
A good beginning tutor for the practice chanter - especially for getting new students up and running in a band. Consider getting the accompanying CD if you are going to try to teach yourself to play without an instructor.

Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method

 (Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method)
(Instructional). The Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the Great Highland bagpipes. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide serves as an introduction to the bagpipe chanter. It includes access to online video lessons with demonstrations of all the examples in the book! Lessons include: the practice chanter, the Great Highland Bagpipe scale, bagpipe notation, proper technique, grace-noting, embellishments, playing and practice tips, traditional tunes, buying a bagpipe, and much more!

Learn to Play Irish Fiddle

 (Learn to Play Irish Fiddle)
Learn to Play Irish Fiddle is a book and extended play online audio set that introduces the absolute beginner to the great traditional fiddle music of Ireland, going right from the basics of how to hold and make the first sounds on the instrument - through specially composed, manageable tunes in the Irish style - right up to playing traditional reels, jigs and other dance tunes from the traditional repertoire (the specially composed tunes bridge the gap between the basics and the traditional music). Embellishments and techniques that make good Irish fiddle playing so infectious, such as rolls, cuts, triplets and slides are gradually introduced. The student will also become familiar with some of the more advanced ideas concerning playing Irish traditional music such as variations and dynamics - subjects which are covered in greater detail in 'Irish Fiddle Playing: A Guide for the Serious Player' book/audio sets by the same author. Useful appendices and a cross-referenced glossary are also included.

Learn to Play the Bagpipe: A New Method of Practice Chanter Tuition

 (Learn to Play the Bagpipe: A New Method of Practice Chanter)
From the foreword: The contents of the tutor include: an abundance of clear precise photographs showing all the finger positions plus the different note combinations, all with explicit instructions; time counting exercises including instructions on foot tapping, a necessary education to help the piper obtain perfect musical timing; a completely new phraseology which guarantees a better understanding of interpretation and sight reading of music; detailed descriptions on the playing of marches, strathspeys and reels, aided by twelve carefully chosen tunes; sufficient theory painlessly applies complete with questions to test the knowledge gained.

Simple Jigs For Beginner 'Pipers (Tunes for Beginner 'Pipers) (Volume 1)

 (Simple Jigs For Beginner 'Pipers (Tunes for Beginner 'Pipers) (Volume)
53 simple jigs specially selected, arranged or composed by Lindsay Davidson for beginner pipers. The simplicity of these tunes is based on repeating melodic patterns with a limited number and complexity of gracenotes and a limited number of tricky note changes, thus reducing the risk of crossing sounds. In the quest for originality, both Glen's and Henderson's Collections from the 19th century have proven valuable resources. Tunes which are published elsewhere in arrangements by the compiler have also been avoided. This collection should prove useful to bands seeking an interesting and attractive repertoire as well as soloists seeking a challenge and the satisfaction of playing fast dance music well. Created in a small format to fit easily into pipe cases so that you can review your tunes wherever you are.

Learn the Bagpipe (The College of Piping, Highland Bagpipe, Tutor 1) by Seumas MacNeill (2012-11-08)

 (Learn the Bagpipe (The College of Piping, Highland Bagpipe, Tutor 1) by Seumas MacNeill)

Roosebeck Learn to Play the Bagpipe, Book

Learn Bagpipe (Roosebeck Learn to Play the Bagpipe,)

LeapFrog LeapReader Learn to Read Bundle

Learn Bagpipe (LeapFrog LeapReader Learn to Read)

Nancy Drew 41: the Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

Learn Bagpipe (Nancy Drew 41: the Clue of the Whistling)
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