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T. LeClerc Eyebrow Pencil with Brush - #03 Brun - 1.18g/0.04oz

 (T. LeClerc Eyebrow Pencil with Brush - #03 Brun -)
Crayon de 1,18 g

LeClerc Eyebrow Pencil+Brush #01 Blond - 1.18 g

 (LeClerc Eyebrow Pencil+Brush #01 Blond - 1.18)
Crayon de 1,18 g

T. LeClerc Pressed Powder - No. 01 Banane 10g/0.34oz

 (T. LeClerc Pressed Powder - No. 01 Banane)
Ideal for touching up your make-up Gives a luminous finish & brilliant look Fine texture glides on skin smoothly Leaves skin velvety, matte, silky without dryness Helps your complexion look natural & flawless Dermatologist tested

Professional Powder Brush 1 pc by T. LeClerc

 (Professional Powder Brush 1 pc by T.)
The secret to a perfect velvet-smooth complexion and beautiful make-up, brushes are essential beauty and precision tools.

T. LeClercEyebrow Pencil with Brush - #02 Chatain - 1.18g/0.04oz

 (T. LeClercEyebrow Pencil with Brush - #02 Chatain -)
Crayon de 1,18 g

T. LeClerc Loose Facial Powder - Banane

 (T. LeClerc Loose Facial Powder -)
Arrives in a hand-sealed silver metal box.Banane - Very soft, pale yellow: A unique light-reflecting shade, it literally illuminates the face. As a corrector, it eliminates bluish zones.

The World War 2 Trivia Book: Interesting Stories and Random Facts from the Second World War (Trivia War Books) (Volume 1)

 (The World War 2 Trivia Book: Interesting Stories and Random Facts from the Second World War (Trivia War Books) (Volume)
When was the last time someone around you brought up World War Two?It’s a pretty popular war. Maybe you heard about it yesterday. Maybe last month. But it was probably recent. And when it came up, did you wish that you could be the one to casually drop a fact that would have everyone in the room going, “Wow, I never knew that!”With this book, you can be that person.You can read it in just a few minutes a day.Chapters are bite-sized and easy to read, meant for normal people instead of war historians!Each chapter ends with a bonus helping of trivia and some quick questions to test your knowledge.You’ll zoom through this book and be hungry for more.Get ready to impress your friends with your knowledge – not just of the main events of World War Two, but of all the gritty details and weird true facts. By the time you finish this book, you’ll have a fact for every occasion, from the first moment someone thought about having a second World War, to the most recent blockbuster movies about it.So get ready to meet characters from Adolf Hitler, rejected art student, to Jack Churchill, the broadsword-swinging male model. Find out why World War Two started in the first place, and why it’s never a good idea to invade Russia in winter. Learn why the United States was going to stay...

T. LeClerc Loose Powder - # 08 Chair Ocree 25g/0.88oz

 (T. LeClerc Loose Powder - # 08 Chair Ocree)
Star product of the brand, the famous T.LeClerc Loose Powder makes the face dazzle with radiance. Its extremely light texture subtly and naturally matifies and evens out the complexion: your skin breathes and stays flexible all day long. Complexion expert, T.LeClerc offers a powder color to suit all complexions and all occasions. Formulated using rice starch, the T.LeClerc Loose Powder creates a perfect mattness and ensures lasting hold. The powder's talc content gives it a fine and incredibly soft texture. Zinc oxide offers optimum correction of minor skin blemishes. The T.LeClerc Powder is unequalled in its ability to attract light and correct minor blemishes whilst creating a radiant complexion. Its ingenious manufacturing process and ingredients are still closely guarded secrets. The T.LeClerc make-up artist Eduardo shares his application tips for a deliciously powdery and stunning complexion. The T.LeClerc Powder illuminates and conceals. Apply to the entire face using the powder puff or as a blusher using the brush to lift your complexion. It comes in a range of stunning colors, from pinky shades to create a healthy glow, to the Safran shade, for a sunkissed look. Its light finish creates a perfect complexion and allows your skin to breathe. Wear the celebrated T.LeCl...

T. LeClerc Professional Angled Contour Brush #4

 (T. LeClerc Professional Angled Contour Brush)
Slightly flattened brush with angled tip Helps sweep color onto eye contour or crease Endlessly defines eyes from sot to sultry Made of soft, natural hair & tender to skin

e.l.f. Professional Eye Shadow Crease Brush

Leclerc Brush (e.l.f. Professional Eye Shadow Crease)

e.l.f. Professional Blending Eye Brush

Leclerc Brush (e.l.f. Professional Blending Eye)

Professional Makeup Brushes, 24 Piece Set, Black, Great for Highlighting & Contouring, Includes Free Case, By Beauty Bon®

Leclerc Brush (Professional Makeup Brushes, 24 Piece Set, Black, Great for Highlighting & Contouring, Includes Free Case, By Beauty)
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