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Lenox Alvarado Bowl, Medium

 (Lenox Alvarado Bowl, Medium)
Shimmering in tones of silver and gold, the unique Organics Alvarado aluminum alloy round bowl is a work of art for any decor. Crafted in aluminum alloy, this elegant bowls rim dips and waves in soft peaks, adding to its sophisticated style. Perfect for serving, this versatile bowl can also be used as a design accent. Makes an impressive gift.

Lenox Seaview Swirl Bottle Vase

 (Lenox Seaview Swirl Bottle)
A swirl of clear and aqua blue art glass gives this stunning Seaview swirl 11 inch glass vase the look of swirling waves. Impressively sized and elegant in its simplicity, this work of art will be a true focal point wherever it is displayed. Makes a great gift, too

Lenox Organics Low Bowl, Turquoise

 (Lenox Organics Low Bowl,)
The undulating rim of this handsome crystal bowl brings to mind the constant rhythm of churning waves. The cool turquoise hue adds to its allure, making a stylish impact on any space.

Lenox Seaview Sand Tulip Vase

 (Lenox Seaview Sand Tulip Vase)
In the swirling patterns and colors of a sand Storm, the elegant and unique Seaview sand 10 inch tulip vase adds depth and beauty to any decor. With or without flowers, this fashionable vase is a sophisticated design accent. Makes an impressive gift

Lenox Expressions Love Sculpture

 (Lenox Expressions Love)
Express your love to those dear to you with this heartfelt sculpture. It's a great gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or "just because.".

Lenox Organics Purple Hue Low Bowl

 (Lenox Organics Purple Hue Low)
The waving rim of this unique crystal bowl brings to mind the rhythm of the ocean's waves. The rich purple hue begins at the top and slowly fades to just a hint of color. Elegant and impressive, this lovely bowl makes a perfect centerpiece or design accent and matches any decor. A wonderful gift

Lenox Mickey and Minnie True Love Figurine (827438)

 (Lenox Mickey and Minnie True Love Figurine)
Mickey and Minnie share their love with you, literally, in this romantic sculpture. Minnie sits atop the "O" in a sculpture of the word "LOVE" as Mickey perches on the letter "L." He looks up at her longingly and she gazes down at him with a loving expression.

Lenox Set of Ornaments for Ornament Tree (Tree Not Included) (Summer)

 (Lenox Set of Ornaments for Ornament Tree (Tree Not Included))
These colorful symbols of all the holidays appear as either a set of 10 or 12 sculptured ornaments. St. Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, Independence Day, Weddings, Summer and Birthdays.

Lenox The Christmas Pageant (6406565)

 (Lenox The Christmas Pageant)
The Peanuts gang is all here in this charming nativity scene figurine set crafted of hand-painted ivory porcelain with luminous 24-karat gold accents that. From the classic Peanuts Collectibles.

Lego Multicolor Bricks Game Children Building Poster Print 24 x 36

Lenox Decor (Lego Multicolor Bricks Game Children Building Poster Print 24 x)

Friends Picture Frame Set LEGO 853393

Lenox Decor (Friends Picture Frame Set LEGO)

Lego Disorder Colors Build Up Chaos Toys Poster Print 24 x 36

Lenox Decor (Lego Disorder Colors Build Up Chaos Toys Poster Print 24 x)
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