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Art Show Bingo

 (Art Show Bingo)

The Fine Art of Guitar [DVD]

 (The Fine Art of Guitar [DVD])
Here is the follow-up to Eric Johnson's classic instructional DVD Total Electric Guitar. Building on that DVD, Johnson shows you several of his signature playing styles, including tempered tuning, pick and finger techniques, his famous “Koto” technique, slide guitar and volume swells-plus a host of technical tips including multi-amp setup, action and string tension adjustments.

Great Masters: Mahler - His Life and Music

 (Great Masters: Mahler - His Life and)
More than many other composers, Gustav Mahler's works are highly personal expressions of his inner world, a world of overwhelming alienation and loneliness - "thrice homeless," in his own words, "as a Bohemian in Austria, as an Austrian among Germans, as a Jew throughout the world - everywhere an intruder, never welcomed." Incredibly, Mahler was able to draw upon the diversity of this world that offered him no true home, as well as his often tortured inner world, to create rich and original music. It's a music whose power you will be able to appreciate fully after experiencing this eight-lecture exploration of the life and work of this titan of post-Romantic musical history, a complex, anxiety-bound visionary whose continual search for perfection and the answers to life's mysteries is profoundly reflected in his symphonies and songs. You'll learn, through both lectures and musical excerpts, how his symphonies are vast repositories of his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual expression that made him the first exponent of Expressionism, the early 20th-century art movement that celebrates inner reality as the only reality - but explored by Mahler using the musical language of the century just ended. And you'll learn how Mahler's music is, ultimately, about himself: the lonely, is...

Napa Mavericks (Thanksgiving/Fall theme)

 (Napa Mavericks (Thanksgiving/Fall)

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

 (Mapplethorpe: Look at the)

Robert Williams Mr Bitchin'

 (Robert Williams Mr Bitchin')

Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists

 (Humble Beauty: Skid Row)

Mozart: Complete Viola Quintets

 (Mozart: Complete Viola)
No one would deny the historical and musical significance of Chicago's Fine Arts Quartet. For WFMT in Chicago, Fine Arts gave many splendid radio broadcasts of chamber music in the early '50s through late '60s. Of course, the very idea of a string quartet broadcasting performances of chamber music on the radio now seems to belong to an incredibly ancient musical past, but in its time, the Fine Arts was crucial in attracting many people to the wonders of chamber music. After the radio stopped broadcasting live chamber music, the Fine Arts went on to tour and record through the early '80s, continuing its mission to bring chamber music to the people. But, perhaps inevitably, the group never reached the star status of later American quartets like the Guarneri or the Emerson, and, by the '70s, the Fine Arts was reduced to recording for budget labels like Vox. It didn't matter. As these 1974 recordings of Mozart's string quintets demonstrate, the old fire still burned bright. Augmented here by superb violist Francis Tursi, the Fine Arts' performances are sensitive and soulful, powerful and passionate, heartfelt but never heart-on-the-sleeve. While dedicated listeners may prefer, say, Grumiaux's recordings with an augmented Grumiaux Trio for its stylish sublimity, the elegance, the grac...



Trademark Fine Art "Life is a Great Adventure" Canvas Art by Kellie Day

Life Fine Art (Trademark Fine Art

Trademark Fine Art "When Life" Canvas Art by Stephanie Marrott

Life Fine Art (Trademark Fine Art

Trademark Fine Art 'Gay's Tree Of Life' Canvas Art by Prisarts

Life Fine Art (Trademark Fine Art 'Gay's Tree Of Life' Canvas Art by)



FINE ART PAINTING picture frame STILL LIFE signed

Life Fine Art (FINE ART PAINTING picture frame STILL LIFE)

JOSE TRUJILLO OIL PAINTING Flowers Still Life Rose Expressionism FINE ART NR

Life Fine Art (JOSE TRUJILLO OIL PAINTING Flowers Still Life Rose Expressionism FINE ART)
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