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Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer

 (Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer)
This ingenious kitchen gadget is great for making the perfect hard, medium or soft boiled eggs. This heat sensitive egg shaped timer goes into the pot with the eggs you are boiling and changes color to indicate what level of cooking the egg is at. The timer does not rely on time as in the past, and adjusts to the amount of water in the pan, number of eggs and altitude.Norpro has a solid reputation of consistently providing high quality products that are innovative and ingenious. Their kitchen tools, cookware, and bakeware consistently set the standard by which trends are started.2-1/4" L x 1-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H

3 Pack Egg Timer Heat Sensitive Hard Medium Soft Boiled Color Changing Reusable Perfect Egg Timers

 (3 Pack Egg Timer Heat Sensitive Hard Medium Soft Boiled Color Changing Reusable Perfect Egg)
Are you still upset about not being able to master the time to cook eggs? With this magical kitchen tool, you put it in the pot with the eggs and it will tell you when your eggs are completely soft, medium or hard. According to the color change of the pattern, you can control the degree of ripeness of the egg. You don't have to look at the time of the taste. You can see the color at a glance. It is a perfect egg timer! The egg timer is food-grade safe and won't affect the taste of eggs. The color changing boiled Egg Timer is one of the best kitchen partners you'll have. Features: -Material: Premium Non-Toxic Heat Resistant Eco-friendly Resin -Item Weight: 65g/0.14lb -Item Size: About 2.25 Inches Long(like a real egg size) -Easily control the maturity of the eggs(Hard/Medium/Soft) -Package included: 3 × Egg Timer Guidance for Use: - Place the timer in the water with the eggs, and cover with at least an inch or two of room temperature water. - Let water come to a boil. - The egg timer will slowly get white from the edges to center as it moves to the line-Soft, Medium or Hard. - When finished, let the egg timer cool on the counter - do not run it under cold water with the rest of the eggs. - After cooling, hand wash and dry for next use. Warm Tips: The temperature of the egg and th...

Mevis Line - Egg Timer for Soft, Medium or Hard Boiled Eggs, Kitchen Gadget That Changes Color When Done

 (Mevis Line - Egg Timer for Soft, Medium or Hard Boiled Eggs, Kitchen Gadget That Changes Color When)
Eat Your Perfect Breakfast in Style! Style meets function in this gorgeous kitchen set that makes any breakfast look like a five-star meal! Consisting of two serving egg cups with spoons, one egg topper cracker and one egg cook timer, Mevis Line Boiled Eggs Set is a pleasure to use and a joy to own. To make things easier, the boiled egg complete pack is beautifully presented in a modern gift box. Elegant and easy to use, Mevis Line Breakfast Kit: Allows you to boil every single egg just the way you want it Ensures precise scoring of the shell and avoids messy breakfasts Turns each and every breakfast into a five-stars experience Is made only of high quality materials that won't rust or stain Comes with 15 recipes and comprehensive information about eggs Makes a spectacular kitchen gift set, family gift set, or moms gift What's in the Box? When that familiar Amazon box arrives at your doorstep, take a minute to admire your new boiled egg set: 2x boiled egg cups that can also be used to serve sauces or spices to guests 1x boiled egg timer that lets you know when your eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled 2x ceramic egg spoons that can also be used for tea or desert 1x egg shell cracker that uses vibration to cleanly score the eggs' shells Quality at Its Best The quality of our Compl...

Lux Classic Timer, White

 (Lux Classic Timer, White)
With a one hour timing capacity, this timer is an ideal tool to have in the kitchen as it alerts cooks when food has cooked for the appointed period of time.

Innovative Color Changing Egg Timer Heat Sensitive Hard/Medium/Soft Boiled Egg Timer Perfect Kitchen Egg Timer Tool by Moxe

 (Innovative Color Changing Egg Timer Heat Sensitive Hard/Medium/Soft Boiled Egg Timer Perfect Kitchen Egg Timer Tool by)
This amazing kitchen tool will change your Saturday mornings!This is an egg perfect timer you throw right in the pot with your eggs and it will tell you when your eggs are perfectly soft boiled, medium or hard boiled. Just drop this temperature-sensitive timer in a pot of boiling water with real eggs and watch as it turns color.No more guessing and experimenting about whether your egg is cooked to point that you want it.Clear line markers show when the eggs are ready. Soft boiled, medium, and hard boiled. The sensor inside the timer takes into account the amount of eggs in the pot, the amount of water and even the altitude of your location.Directions for use:✔Fill pot with medium temperature tap water about ¾ of the way.✔Place the egg timer with the other eggs into the pot and place on a medium flame on the stove top.✔Let water come to a boil.✔The egg timer will slowly get white around the edges as it moves to the line that indicates the first stage of "soft boiled".✔When it does, you can take out all the eggs if you want them to be soft boiled or you can let the eggs continue to cook.✔ The egg timer will continue to turn white until it reaches the line that indicates "Medium boiled".✔It will then continue until it becomes all white which indicates that the eggs ar...

Joie Eggy Egg Timer, Orange

 (Joie Eggy Egg Timer, Orange)
Boiling an egg to perfection could not be easier. Add the eggs and timer to fresh water, start boiling. Color will change from orange to yellow to indicate when the eggs are soft, medium or hard boiled.

Kitchen Gadget Hot Magic Color Changing Egg Rite Egg Timer Time Cook Boil Eggs Thermometer, Set of 2

 (Kitchen Gadget Hot Magic Color Changing Egg Rite Egg Timer Time Cook Boil Eggs Thermometer, Set of)
Features Place In Pot With Eggs & Water Change color to show when eggs are reday. Calibrated To Indicate Soft, Medium & Hard . Senses Heat not Time for Consistency. Perfect Eggs Regardlee of Egg Quality or Altitude. Egg Texture and Color are Perfect Every Time Eliminates Over or Under Cooking Egg timer can be cooled on the counter. Do not immerse the eggtimer in cold water. Dimensions About 2.25 Inches Long (About The Size Of An Egg) Package includes: 2 - Color Changing Egg Timer

NobleEgg Egg Timer | Soft Hard Boiled Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done | No BPA, Certified

 (NobleEgg Egg Timer | Soft Hard Boiled Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done | No BPA,)
How to Use the Noble Egg Timer 1. Put the egg timer in the pot or saucepan with the eggs at the very beginning as shown in one of the pictures. The eggs can be straight out of the refrigerator. 2. Watch the colors change when the water boils. Check one of the pictures for a visual representation of the process. 3. When the eggs reach the desired level, safely take out the egg timer and let it cool at room temperature. For soft boiled eggs and medium boiled eggs, cool down the eggs in cold water to prevent further passive cooking.For hard boiled eggs, leave the eggs to cool at room temperature. Quality FirstOnly NobleEgg timers commit to the highest quality standards, and undergo strict, thorough laboratory testing to ensure that the product complies with FDA and stricter EU food-grade standards, does not contain any BPA, BPS or BPF, or emit any harmful substances, even after continuously boiling for one hour. All egg timers on the market will produce a certain smell when boiled. We recommend that you boil the egg timer first without eggs to eliminate the initial smell. If you are not satisfied with your product, contact us for a full returnless refund. Important Notes For jumbo size hard boiled eggs, additional cooking time (1-2 minutes) may be needed if you prefer a harder yolk....

Colour Changing Egg Perfect Egg Timer Boiled Egg Timer -RED

 (Colour Changing Egg Perfect Egg Timer Boiled Egg Timer)
Boiled eggs is a very challenging day-to-day business, especially you often can not judge the extent to which eggs have been boiled.This egg timer will help you visually through the color changes to determine the extent of boiled eggs! As the timer heats up, the red face changes color, indicating soft, medium, hard and stages in between, absorbing heat exactly as an egg does. So this wonderful egg timer is the perfect solution for what your eggs need. This advanced timer not only enables you to get the eggs boiled in the perfect state of your wish - soft, medium or hard boiled, but also is very easy to use and is safe for you. The egg timer is heat resistant hence so you can check it anytime during you are boiling your egg. Everytime you can boil a single or a dozen at a time whenever you want. You just need to place the eggs and the egg timer in a single layer at the bottom of a pan and cover with an inch or two of water.And then you can judge the degree of egg boiled by color of the egg timer, so that you can boil the eggs you want at any time.It turns boiled eggs into something which is interesting. Help tips: When the egg is boild pefect, you need to remove pan from the heat and rinse eggs in the cold water, producing tender, it will help minimizes cracking. When finished, y...

Lux Minute Minder Kitchen Timer

Lux Egg Timer (Lux Minute Minder Kitchen)

Norpro Egg Rite Timer

Lux Egg Timer (Norpro Egg Rite Timer)

LUX PRODUCTS CORP CU100 Count Up/Down Timer

Lux Egg Timer (LUX PRODUCTS CORP CU100 Count Up/Down)
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