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Efavormart 30" Glittered Manzanita Centerpiece Tree for Wedding Banquet Birthday Party Event Tabletop Decorations- Gold

 (Efavormart 30
Industry-acclaimed, Loved Everywhere and Very Teasing to the Eyes or simply known as Vogue. This very fine tree-like replica of the Manzanita Tree is ready-to-go and easy-to-use for your crystal hanging trees, DIY centerpieces or eye-candy displays. Dont just consider single use, but consider how regular you will create a new look for such a versatile decorating showcase tool. Let this Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Tree be your new partner in your events and make it you newest signature style. Definitely find your signature-style items and accessories right here on Additional Information Dimensions: Approx. 30(H) x 11 (L) x 11 (W) Bendable: Slightly Shipping: Item is shipped in a case and standing Accessories Included: Comes with 8pcs acrylic garland chains (clear) that are Approx. 14 long. Material: Plastic Note: Will have paint smell when newly opened, simply air out for a few hours. ***Sale is for Manzanita Tree only, only mentioned included accessories are included, other decorative accessories and supplies are not included***

Exo Terra Forest Branch, Large

 (Exo Terra Forest Branch,)
The Exo Terra Forest Branch provides a natural and three-dimensional climbing environment for all arboreal type reptiles and amphibians, as well as adding an interest to the appearance of the terrarium. With their light and dark brown colors these natural branches resemble aged hardwood branches as seen in tropical forest and deserts alike and are easy to integrate in any natural terrarium set-up. The different sizes and shapes of the Exo Terra Terrarium Forest Branches provide proper exercise for many reptile species. This is an imported Natural Hardwood Forest Branch. The shapes of these branches will vary as all tree branches vary in nature, the size and shape will vary.Kindly NOTE: The color may vary and item will not be 100% identical to the image.

Green Floral Crafts Curly Willow Branches (Bunch of 8 Stems), 3-4Ft Tall, 3-Tone Brown & Caspia

 (Green Floral Crafts Curly Willow Branches (Bunch of 8 Stems), 3-4Ft Tall, 3-Tone Brown &)
Curly willow available in fresh-cut (December-March) or dried, 3 to 6' tall. Fresh cut willow branches are shipped live and will retain their freshness for weeks, drying slowly to a darker shade of their fresh color. Dried curly willow are available year round. If you order Dried willow in the winter, it may still be fresh when you receive it, but will dry in a few weeks.

Richland Manzanita Branches Sanded 21-38" Natural

 (Richland Manzanita Branches Sanded 21-38
Sanded Natural Manzanita Branches. Each is from 21 to 38in tall. Sandblasted smooth. They range from 16in to 18in wide with a trunk 7/8in to 1in thick. Each piece is unique and beautiful. Called Sierra because they come from the Sierra Madre mountain range in California. Sierra Manzanita has a wonderful bonsai look that is great alone or with arrangements. If you are constructing a display tree you'll need to use a heavy, loose material such as stones to set them in.

Blooms & Branches Manzanita Branches, 24-inch for Wedding Centerpieces

 (Blooms & Branches Manzanita Branches, 24-inch for Wedding)
Beautiful manzanita branch. 24 " total height, natural color. One of the most popular sizes for wedding centerpieces! They are also popular for aquariums, terrariums and bird perches. These are high quality branches, carefully selected and packed by our staff for centerpiece use. They are real manzanita branches- each one is unique, with an individual shape and sculpture. We also have these in sizes up to 48". Also available in sandblasted (see our other listings). NOTICE: THIS IS A NATURAL PRODUCT - NO TWO PIECES ARE ALIKE. THE PHOTO IS AN EXAMPLE ONLY AND NOT THE PIECE SHIPPED. The following characteristics of manzanita branches are naturally occurring, and are a part of working with the material. Characteristics of Natural (red) Manzanita: 1. Shape Variations: shapes vary with each piece, harvest area, and time of year. Manzanita can typically grow wide and flat rather than symmetrically, although we try to always ship more symmetrical pieces. 2. Branch Variations: branches can vary greatly in diameter with each piece. 3. Size Variations: sizes are approximate and vary with each piece, harvest area, and time of year. 4. Bark variations: color and condition of the bark will vary with each season, harvest area and time of year. Spring through Summer (six month period), Manz...

Pisces 12" Manzanita Sandblasted Branchy, Varies

 (Pisces 12
These manzanita branches have been hand picked specifically for use in aquariums. The smooth branches are perfect for a natural aquascape. Easily cleaned, manzanita is the perfect Wood for longevity and beauty.

Green Floral Crafts Set of 2 Real Manzanita Branches Painted Gold - Approx. 2 ft Tall (Size Varies)

 (Green Floral Crafts Set of 2 Real Manzanita Branches Painted Gold - Approx. 2 ft Tall (Size)
Manzanita branches are great for event and wedding centerpieces because it is a DIY project that you can easily do yourself. The results will be spectacular, even if you don't have artistic talent or experience! The 3 ft tall is an artificial branch with a stem looks natural, but can fit easily into a vase. We don't ship taller sizes of Natural Manzanita, because the stems curve and are difficult to fit into a rectangular box. The smaller sizes are natural Manzanita that have been painted in gold or silver finish, or left in the natural color of dark reddish brown.

Kurt Adler Twig Tree, 32-Inch, White

 (Kurt Adler Twig Tree, 32-Inch,)
This Kurt Adler 32" White Twig Tree is a beautiful, unique way to add to your holiday decor. With a simple, bare white design, this small tree stands on a flat square base and is perfect for accenting your decor when space is limited.

Lightshare Upgraded 36Inch 16LED Natural Willow Twig Lighted Branch for Home Decoration, USB Plug-in and Battery Powered

 (Lightshare Upgraded 36Inch 16LED Natural Willow Twig Lighted Branch for Home Decoration, USB Plug-in and Battery)
Upgraded: This twig has been upgraded with USB plug-in power option, together with 3 AA batteries (batteries are not included), and has been upgraded with premium package as picture. USB plug can plug into smart phone's charger, laptop's charger, USB wall charger, and any other USB charger that comes with 5V output to get powered. Features: This natural willow twig is 100% natural wood material, equipped with 16 warm white LED lights. Built-in timer with 6 hours on/18 hours off (not work when using USB Plug-in for power supply). This item has multiples purposes decoration, such as night light for home decoration, shop window and bar decoration. Dried natural twig branch with soft lights, bring you comfort and relaxation. Tips: As all twigs are 100 percent natural and dried, please treat it gently to avoid any twig broken. The product usually contains 4 branches, each branch contains 4 LED lamp beads,and there are 16 LED lights in total.

Gold Metallic Manzanita Branches, 24" Tall

Manzanita Branches (Gold Metallic Manzanita Branches, 24

Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18" tall, case of two (shipping included!)

Manzanita Branches (Sandblasted Manzanita Branches, 18

Natural Manzanita Branch, 18" Tall

Manzanita Branches (Natural Manzanita Branch, 18
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