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Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots-10

 (Mares Equator 2mm Dive)
Mares Equator 2mm Molded Sole Boots are perfect for diving and other water sports. Boots are made from 2mm Nylon II Neoprene Rubber that protects your feet from the environment, chaffing from fins and the hard surface found on personal watercrafts. The Low Cut Design will not overheat you feet in warm water and the Molded Sole makes them great for wearing around the beach and walking on rocks or coarse sand. The Low Cut Design also makes them easy to slip on and off.

Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag, Black

 (Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag,)
Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps for a better fit when used as backpack. Two rubber handles allow you to easily and comfortably carry it when used as bag. The special design protects you from wet equipment. A lateral and sturdy zipper ensures easy access to your equipment at all times, even when the bag is completely overloaded. Wide internal and external pockets to store equipment and more.

Mares Rubber Sole Classic 5mm Dive Boot, Mens 7 / Womens 8

 (Mares Rubber Sole Classic 5mm Dive Boot, Mens 7 / Womens)
Comfortable hard sole boots, engineered to grant the highest control and power transmission during finning action. The neoprene area around the ankle is made of super-elastic material. The lower section, in standard neoprene, ensures warmth and adherence. Rear notch for securing the fin strap in place.

Mares 415576 Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag

 (Mares 415576 Cruise Mesh Duffle)
Ideal for transporting and rinsing your equipment Full mesh, this bag is the ideal bag to store your equipment after either scuba or apnea. It is long enough to store even the longest fins in the market. It can be folded up in seconds, becoming a small round bag with a handle.

Mares Marlin Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Shoulder Carry Bag, Blue, Medium/Large (6.5-10)

 (Mares Marlin Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Shoulder Carry Bag, Blue, Medium/Large)
Whether you're training for your next race or enjoying your latest excursion, the Mares marlin snorkel set delivers everything you need for an awesome Swim! designed for all skill levels, this set includes a mask with an unrivaled peripheral view underwater. The fins, mask and snorkel offer rapid release for quick, in-use adjustments. Dive into your workout, vacation or afternoon on the water with this snorkel set by Mares.

Mares Head Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask, Large/X-Large

 (Mares Head Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask,)
A full-face snorkeling mask with a wide field of view for shallow free dives and surface snorkeling. Aria allows divers to breathe through their nose, while the "dry top" prevents water from getting into the snorkel. The aria sports the largest field of vision of any snorkel mask around. INSIDE the mask frame, the breathing circulation guarantees no fogging and no extra stress. Benefits to your diving: the sea-view dry full face mask reduces jaw fatigue, eliminates the possibility of water getting into your snorkel, improves your ability to breathe easily and gives users a field of vision seldom seen in the industry.

Mares Dual Snorkel for Spearfishing and Freediving, Green

 (Mares Dual Snorkel for Spearfishing and Freediving,)
The use of two materials with different textures eliminates any nuisance on the nape of the neck area besides ensuring flexibility during its use, without creating interruptions on the airflow. The ergonomic design is highly hydrodynamic, reducing vibrations and noises during movements. Thanks to the cooperation with a highly recognized Italian orthodontic lab, Mares has developed the most suitable snorkel for extended use.

Mares Pure Instinct Snorkel Dual (Black)

 (Mares Pure Instinct Snorkel Dual)
Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian orthodontia study, Mares created the best hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece characterized by unparalleled easy breathing and especially well-suited to prolonged use.

Mares Scuba Snorkel Set, i3 Liquidskin Mask and Semi Dry Snorkel | Great for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing and Freediving

 (Mares Scuba Snorkel Set, i3 Liquidskin Mask and Semi Dry Snorkel | Great for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing and)
MASK: Liquidskin Patented Technology - The exclusive Bi-Silicone technology uses two different types of silicone: a firmer portion for support structure and a softer portion for contact with your face. It is 45% softer for unparalleled comfort and 270% more elastic for a perfect fit. Tri-Comfort - Small horizontal ribs between the frame and the skirt in the area around the nose. These ribs absorb and redistribute the pressure exerted by the frame onto the skirt, with a resulting increase in comfort. 3-Window construction for extraordinary field of view. Wide front glass and two side windows. Newly designed x-shaped split style mask strap. Quick-adjusting buckles. SNORKEL: Semi-Dry Top -Prevents splashing water from entering your snorkel whilst snorkeling on the surface. Purge Valve - Versions with the lower purge valve system ensure quick and effective tube purging and a soft silicone mouthpiece means greater comfort on longer snorkeling sessions.

Mares Jupiter Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask

Mares Diving Snorkel (Mares Jupiter Scuba Diving Snorkeling)

Intex Reef Rider Swimming Diving Mask & Easy Flow Snorkel Set for Ages 14+, Blue

Mares Diving Snorkel (Intex Reef Rider Swimming Diving Mask & Easy Flow Snorkel Set for Ages 14+,)

ELEMENTEX Scuba Diving Mask and Dry Snorkel Set with Trek Fins - Large / Black

Mares Diving Snorkel (ELEMENTEX Scuba Diving Mask and Dry Snorkel Set with Trek Fins - Large /)
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