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Land O'Lakes MARES Match Milk REPLACER FOAL 20 LBS

 (Land O'Lakes MARES Match Milk REPLACER FOAL 20)
The Land O'Lakes Mares Match Foal Milk Replacer is the nutrition a foal needs to reach its full potential. Mare's Match foal milk replacer closely matches the composition of mare's milk. Formulated to: Include 24% high quality milk protein and 16% homogenized fat Meet the nutritional requirements of growing foals Provide maximum digestibility to meet foals' energy requirements Mix conveniently and quickly Best suited for: Orphan foals Foals with inadequate milk supply Foals with mares who won't allow foal to nurse Foals born from sick mares

MARE'S MATCH LAND O' LAKES Enhanced Formulation Milk Replacer for young Horses - Fortified with 24% milk protein and 16% homogenized fat - Highly Digestable - 8 LB

 (MARE'S MATCH LAND O' LAKES Enhanced Formulation Milk Replacer for young Horses - Fortified with 24% milk protein and 16% homogenized fat - Highly Digestable - 8)
8 LB Land O' Lakes Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer

Milk!: A 10,000-Year Food Fracas

 (Milk!: A 10,000-Year Food)
Mark Kurlansky's first global food history since the bestselling Cod and Salt; the fascinating cultural, economic, and culinary story of milk and all things dairy--with recipes throughout. According to the Greek creation myth, we are so much spilt milk; a splatter of the goddess Hera's breast milk became our galaxy, the Milky Way. But while mother's milk may be the essence of nourishment, it is the milk of other mammals that humans have cultivated ever since the domestication of animals more than 10,000 years ago, originally as a source of cheese, yogurt, kefir, and all manner of edible innovations that rendered lactose digestible, and then, when genetic mutation made some of us lactose-tolerant, milk itself. Before the industrial revolution, it was common for families to keep dairy cows and produce their own milk. But during the nineteenth century mass production and urbanization made milk safety a leading issue of the day, with milk-borne illnesses a common cause of death. Pasteurization slowly became a legislative matter. And today milk is a test case in the most pressing issues in food politics, from industrial farming and animal rights to GMOs, the locavore movement, and advocates for raw milk, who controversially reject pasteurization. Profoundly intertwined with human ...

Mare's Milk

 (Mare's Milk)

Drinking Mare's Milk on the Roof of the World

 (Drinking Mare's Milk on the Roof of the)
Tom Lutz is addicted to journeying. Sometimes he stops at the end of the road, sometimes he travels further. In this richly packed portmanteau of traveler's tales, we accompany him as he drives beyond the blacktop in Morocco, to the Saharan dunes on the Algerian border, and east of Ankara into the Hittite ruins of Boğazkale. We ride alongside as he hitches across Uzbekistan and the high mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan into western China. We catch up with him as he traverses the shores of a lake in Malawi, and disappear with him into the disputed areas of the Ukraine and Moldova. We follow his footsteps through the swamps of Sri Lanka, the wilds of Azerbaijan, the plains of Tibet, the casinos of Tanzania, the peasant hinterlands of Romania and Albania, and the center of Swaziland, where we join him in watching the king pick his next wife. All along the way, we witness his perplexity in trying to understand a compulsion to keep moving, ever onward, to the ends of the earth.

Synphonat Mare's Milk 120 Capsules by Synphonat

 (Synphonat Mare's Milk 120 Capsules by)
New - ships from France for maximum freshness - please allow 10-14 days for international delivery

Maars Skinny Mini Insulated Tumbler for Coffee and Tea, 12 oz | Double Wall Vacuum Sealed | 2 Pack - Aqua

 (Maars Skinny Mini Insulated Tumbler for Coffee and Tea, 12 oz | Double Wall Vacuum Sealed | 2 Pack -)
The Maars Skinny Mini Travel Tumbler is the ideal cup for drinking when on-the-go. Our insulated tumbler offers great features that makes this the ultimate drinkware:Copper Lined InsulationThe extra copper lining between the double walls allows for even better heat retention that keeps hot beverages heated for over 3 hours while keeping cold drinks refreshingly chilled for over 9 hours. Ideal for a wide range of drinks such as hot coffee and tea.Double Walled Stainless Steel ConstructionMade from the highest quality, food grade 18/8 stainless steel that won’t produce any funky flavors or tastes. The double walled vacuum construction also eliminates any condensation for a sweat proof exterior and is top rack dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Never worry about your cup rusting or leaving a bad metal aftertaste in your drink. Durable Powder Coated FinishWe offer 12 beautiful and vibrant powder coated finishes that resists any fading, chipping, peeling, or cracking. Available in: White, Matte Black, Coral, Carnation, Lavender, Aqua, Mint, Seafoam, Matcha, Peach, Midnight, and Silver.Great on the GoComes with rubber gasket sip lid that allows you to take your cup on the go with reduced splashing. Great for different occasions whether you are commuting to work or winding down on you...

A Travel Junkie's Diary: Searching for Mare's Milk and Other Far-Flung Pursuits

 (A Travel Junkie's Diary: Searching for Mare's Milk and Other Far-Flung)
Dina Bennett’s on the road again—and she can’t stop! Having completed the 7,800-mile Peking to Paris Classic Car Challenge while braving carsickness and patching rocky marital relations, she’s once more in over her head, enduring 100,000 miles of road trips through the world’s out-of-the-way places.Drawn to strange foods and intriguing views into the kaleidoscope of local life, and with a knack for getting into—and out of—awkward situations, Dina gives you the world in all its glory. She’s a born storyteller, uncovering the curious and unusual in the ordinary, bringing you along on vivid experiences in laugh-out-loud style. Neither particularly brave nor wild, she opens her diary of personal triumphs and embarrassments, suspense and discovery, in places most will never get to. Join her as she stands knee-to-knee with a Tajik border guard in his bedroom, hunts down camel pad meat in the street markets of China, and seeks out the source of mare’s milk in Kyrgyzstan. Whether stranded on a sandbar in Myanmar’s Chindwin River or sharing barley beer with an ex-Black Panther in Ethiopia, Dina’s observations are half prying neighbor, half best friend gossiping together on the crooked path to enlightenment.The tales in A Travel Junkie’s Diary plunge the reader righ...

Happy Hour Sole-Mare Cesme

 (Happy Hour Sole-Mare Cesme)
1. Black Magic Woman - Natema 2. I've Been Thinking About You - Microwave Monkeys 3. Ready or Not (Club Mix) - Milk & Sugar 4. You Care - Sons of Maria 5. Holdin' No - Pascal Junior 6. Lake Arrowhead - Nora En Pure 7. Rock U - Malik Mustache, N.E.O.N ft. Samantga Nova 8. Hear Me Now (EDX & Nora & Pure Remix) - New Order 9. People on the Highline (Clapstone Remix) - New Order 10. You're Mine (DJ Antonio & Astero Remix) - Raving George ft. Oscar & The Wolf 11. No! (Extended Mix) - CID 12. De Puta Madre (Extended Mix) - Kryder & Tom Staar & The Wulf

Milk and Honey

Mares Milk (Milk and Honey)

Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, 8 Fl. Oz., 12 Count

Mares Milk (Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, 8 Fl. Oz., 12)

Nestle Nesquik Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, 8 Fl. Oz., 10 Count

Mares Milk (Nestle Nesquik Low-Fat Chocolate Milk, 8 Fl. Oz., 10)
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