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Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16 Oz.)

 (Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16)
This 16 ounce bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner is a mild, general-purpose cleaner great for use with any airbrush or tools used with acrylics, watercolors, gouache, inks or dyes. Environmentally safe, it is ready to use right out of the bottle.

Iwata-Medea Airbrush Body Art Stencil, Sealife

 (Iwata-Medea Airbrush Body Art Stencil,)
Medea airbrush body art stencil sets are self-adhesive and provide a perfect design stencil for body art. This stencil set features four Sealife designs; sea shell, sea horse, dolphin, tropical fish. These stencils make it easy to airbrush fun designs as temporary tattoos in any of Medea's exciting colors. With proper care and application, these temporary tattoos can last up to five days. Use Medea setting powder multiple times per day to see the best and most long lasting results.

Iwata-Medea Airbrush Body Art Paint, Oriental Red, 4-Ounce

 (Iwata-Medea Airbrush Body Art Paint, Oriental Red,)
Medea airbrush body paint is professional quality paint for body art, makeup, or temporary tattoos. Then paint is made with FDA approved alcohol based make-up formulated with a thinner for consistency when spraying through the airbrush. This color of this paint is oriental red, and comes in a 4 oz bottle. To give paint the best chance to set and to be the longest lasting, use Medea setting powder as often as possible and avoid lotions, oils and soaps on the temporary tattoo. A properly adhered and cared for tattoo can last for up to five days; tattoos are easy to touch up and reapply.

Master Airbrush G233-SET Multi-Purpose Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Professional Set

 (Master Airbrush G233-SET Multi-Purpose Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Professional)
Master Performance G233 Pro Set Master Airbrush with 3 Nozzle Sets (0.2, 0.3 & 0.5mm Needles, Fluid Tips and Air Caps), Cutaway Handle - How-To-Airbrush Guide Master Airbrush Model G233 Pro Set Airbrush with 3 Tip Sizes The versatile G233 Pro Set includes a Model G23 Master Airbrush Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush that includes all 3 nozzle set sizes (0.2, 0.3 & 0.5 mm needles, fluid tips and air caps) and has a 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup. Airbrush features a cutaway handle that allows you to grab the needle chucking nut to quickly flush and clean the needle passage ways. The fluid control knob provides easy trigger adjustment and control of paint flow. A high performance internal mix airbrush with a dual-action (air & fluid control) trigger. The Pro Set also includes an airbrush quick disconnect coupler and plug that includes a built-in air flow control valve. User Friendly and Versatile Airbrush The included 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5mm tips set-ups allow this extremely versatile airbrush to be used for extra fine detail spray, overall spray or for 2" wide background spray. It's a great all-purpose airbrush kit for beginners and students, as well as for advanced artists since it works excellent for most airbrushing applications and also with most types of paint spray media. It...

Iwata-Medea Temporary Tattoo Multiples Transfer Sheet, Instant Henna Black

 (Iwata-Medea Temporary Tattoo Multiples Transfer Sheet, Instant Henna)
Medea Temporary Tattoo Transfer Sheets are just what is needed to hand paint a beautiful temporary tattoo on your human canvas. Using black or henna brown ink, transfer the outline onto the skin. Then using color fill it in to finish the tattoo. This transfer sheet is Instant Henna Black and includes 33 transfer images. Our paints are an FDA approved alcohol based makeup formula that we add color to. Use Medea Setting Powder for best and most long lasting results.

Iwata-Medea NEO TRN 1 Trigger Airbrush

 (Iwata-Medea NEO TRN 1 Trigger)
The Iwata Neo Series TRN 1 is perfect for model railroads, general hobbies, custom automotive graphics, RC car bodies airbrush tanning, fine art, plastic models, body art and cosmetics! The NEO Series, including these New NEO for Iwata Trigger Airbrushes, are unique in that they are designed to work at low air pressures. The benefits of the NEO Trigger Airbrushes working with low air pressures are minimal overspray, precise control, detailed spraying, fine atomization and affordability. Specifically designed to work together, the NEO AIR for Iwata Miniature Air Compressor and the New NEO for Iwata Trigger Airbrushes make the perfect set, both affordable and compact!

Nalini Malani: Splitting the Other

 (Nalini Malani: Splitting the)
One of the most important contemporary artists working in India today, Nalini Malani (born 1946) employs painting, video installation, shadow play and theater-oriented works to envisage the rapidly changing political and economic situation of South Asia and the place of women within society. Mobilizing a cross-cultural and cross-epochal cast of female archetypes--from Hindu figures such Radha and Sita to such Western icons as Medea, Cassandra and Lewis Carroll's Alice--and addressing topics including war, fanaticism, economic development and environmental destruction, she melds the global with the local, the universal with the specific, narrativity with metanarrativity. Splitting the Other offers extensive documentation of Malani's memorable work in multiple media, in DVD as well as stills, as well as texts by feminist art historian Whitney Chadwick (Women, Art and Society), German art historian Doris von Drathen (Vortex of Silence) and scholar Andreas Huyssen (Other Cities, Other Worlds).

Iwata-Medea Professional Body Art Application Kit

 (Iwata-Medea Professional Body Art Application)
The Medea professional body art application kit comes with everything you will need to start as a hobbyist or professional airbrush body artist. Airbrush body art is a fantastic hobby, allowing the artist to apply make-up, body paint, and temporary tattoos. This kit provides you with all of the necessary applicator tools needed to begin airbrush body art. The kit includes a 4 oz bottle of 70% isoprophy alcohol, care cards, 2oz Medea setting powder, brush cleaner, cotton pads and carrying case. Each tool plays a role in creating beautiful and professional looking body art. The alcohol and brush cleaner are used for cleaning up excess paint and grime from your applicator or work station. The cotton pads can be used for clean up or for drying, while the carrying case allows the entire applicator kit the ability to be portal. The setting powder allows the tattoo or body art to set, giving the tattoo the best chance to last as long as possible. Use as often as possible.


 (LPH80-102G GUN W/CUP)
The Anest Iwata LPH- 80 is a miniature, true center-post gravity/side-feed full featured HVLP spray gun ideal for touch-up or custom automotive painting and illustration background spraying. It features a fully adjustable spray pattern from round to full-fan shape. Using only 1.8 cfm at 13 psi, this low-air-consumption gun provides high atomization with a minimum of overspray. A stainless-steel nozzle, paint passage and heat-tempered needle ensure long-lasting, peak performance spraying.

Italy, Naples, Naples Museum, Pompeii, House of the Group of Vases (VI 13, 2), Medea and Peliadi Print Wall Art By Samuel Magal

Medea Body Art (Italy, Naples, Naples Museum, Pompeii, House of the Group of Vases (VI 13, 2), Medea and Peliadi Print Wall Art By Samuel)

Framed Art for Your Wall Cézanne, Paul - Medea (after Delacroix) 10 x 13 Frame

Medea Body Art (Framed Art for Your Wall Cézanne, Paul - Medea (after Delacroix) 10 x 13)

Framed Art for Your Wall Feuerbach, Anselm - Medea, Second Version 10 x 13 Frame

Medea Body Art (Framed Art for Your Wall Feuerbach, Anselm - Medea, Second Version 10 x 13)
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