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Microplane 38004 Profesional Series Fine Grater, 18/8, Stainless Steel

 (Microplane 38004 Profesional Series Fine Grater, 18/8, Stainless)

Microplane 45011-3 Gourmet Series Ultra Coarse Grater, 18/8, Stainless

 (Microplane 45011-3 Gourmet Series Ultra Coarse Grater, 18/8,)
The Ultra course grater is wider than other graters offered in Microplane successful, paddle-shaped gourmet Series and is perfectly designed to grate soft cheese, potatoes, cabbage and other foods that require additional grating surface. The 18/8 Stainless steel Microplane blades are razor sharp, and made in the USA.

Microplane Not COARSE Grater MfrPartNo 44001, Black

 (Microplane Not COARSE Grater MfrPartNo 44001,)
Grate all of the coarse ingredients you need for dinner with the Microplane Home Series black coarse grater with a one year manufacturer's . This is the perfect grater for grating hard and soft cheese, butter, cabbage and potatoes. The cutters are made from 18/10 stainless steel and are especially sharp to easy grating. There is a hard acrylic frame around the metal that prevents scratches to your countertop, as well as a large handle that allows for a firm grip. Made in the USA and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, it has a slightly curved grating surface that makes for easy and comfortable usage. 12" L x 3" W x 3/4" H

Microplane Box Grater Large 10 inch 4-Sided Stainless Steel Ultra-Sharp Multi-Purpose Grater - Black

 (Microplane Box Grater Large 10 inch 4-Sided Stainless Steel Ultra-Sharp Multi-Purpose Grater -)
The Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater includes the three most popular blades (fine, medium ribbon, and extra course) as well as a fourth slicer blade. Soft ergonomic handle, and non-slip rubber feet add stability. Dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. The fine blade is removable for easy access and cleaning. Safety cover included.

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater, Black

 (Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater,)

Microplane Elite Five Blade Box Grater - Five Grating Surfaces, Including Fine, Coarse, Ribbon, Ultra-Coarse, and Slicing

 (Microplane Elite Five Blade Box Grater - Five Grating Surfaces, Including Fine, Coarse, Ribbon, Ultra-Coarse, and)
The Microplane Elite Box Grater features five popular blade styles: fine, coarse, ribbon, ultra coarse and a slicer blade. The ergonomic design has a non-slip handle and rubberized base for stability and ease of grating. The convenient slide-out catch plate holds grated foods and the measuring feature helps you monitor the volume. Perfect for the chef at home! Features original USA made Microplane stainless steel blades. Use a Box Grater for:Bigger projects, where you need to shred a lot of vegetables, or cheese.  Also use for a recipe that requires, multiple tools, for instance, zucchini bread, where you need shredded zucchini, and zest.  Since this tool has a measuring cup enclosed, it is nice to use when you need to measure, but don't want to wash another dish.  Box graters are very versatile since they have multiple blades - one Box grater does the work of 5 individual paddles or handheld graters.   Great gift for newly-weds, and housewarmings. Product Details Features 5 popular Microplane blade styles: Fine - combined with the coarse blade on the back panel, the fine blade makes quick work of parmesan cheese, zesting, and grinding hard spices.  Coarse - combined with the fine blade on the back panel, the coarse blade can be used to grate hard cheese, carrots, choc...

Microplane 39904 Fine Rotary Grater, Black Stainless

 (Microplane 39904 Fine Rotary Grater, Black)
The Microplane Rotary Cheese Grater has a surgical grade stainless steel etched blade that effortlessly grades parmesan, other cheeses, chocolate and nuts. The extra-large hopper is sized for generous portions while the grip and crank were engineered to be easy to hold. The Rotary Cheese Grater is dishwasher safe and designed in three parts for easy cleaning!

Microplane 46020 Premium Classic Series Zester Grater, 18/8, Black

 (Microplane 46020 Premium Classic Series Zester Grater, 18/8,)
The Microplane premium Black zester/grater is perfect for zesting citrus, grating hard cheese, chocolate, cinnamon, onion, garlic, and ginger. Constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel with razor sharp edges. Premium handles are ergonomic, and soft to the touch. Non-slip rubber feet add stability and protect your plates. Each grater comes with it's own plastic safety cover. Dishwasher safe.

Microplane 35009 Home Series Medium Ribbon Grater, Black

 (Microplane 35009 Home Series Medium Ribbon Grater,)
The Microplane Home Series Black Medium Ribbon blade is perfect for grating soft cheese, chocolate, butter, apple, cabbage, potato and onion. Constructed out of 18/10 stainless steel with a clear plastic frame. This item is dishwasher safe. A plastic safety cover is included to protect blade when not in use.

Microplane Black Stainless Steel Zester and Grater

Microplane Cheese Grater (Microplane Black Stainless Steel Zester and)

Microplane Premium Zester Grater, Soft Touch Handle, Red

Microplane Cheese Grater (Microplane Premium Zester Grater, Soft Touch Handle,)

4-Sided Cheese Grater Assortment

Microplane Cheese Grater (4-Sided Cheese Grater)
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