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FO 103S Fiber Optic Stripper

 (FO 103S Fiber Optic Stripper)
Strip 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber accurately and with ease. All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground assuring precise buffer removal. Ergonomic handles make it easy to grip and use for fiber optic stripping.

Miller NN018 No Nik Fiber Optic Strippers

 (Miller NN018 No Nik Fiber Optic)
No-Nik tools are offered in sizes ranging from 152 to 305 microns. Exclusive centering device positions fiber for precise scoring and removal of buffer coating. Plastic heads, which make contact only with the buffer, center and support your work on both sides.

CFS-3 Fiber Optic Stripper - 81300

 (CFS-3 Fiber Optic Stripper -)
The Miller CFS-3 features 3 precise notches for safe and efficient fiber stripping. It is designed to easily remove the fiber jacket, strip the 900 micron tight buffer down to the 250 micron fiber acrylate, and remove the 250 micron acrylate from the 125 micron bare fiber.

Original Miller brand ACS ACS-K 37880 Fiber Optic Armored Cable Slitter 8mm-28.6MM

 (Original Miller brand ACS ACS-K 37880 Fiber Optic Armored Cable Slitter)
Armored Cable Slitter Professional grade tool ideal for slitting the corrugated copper, steel or aluminum armor layer on Fiber Feeder, Central Tube, Stranded Loose Tube fiber optic cables and other armored cables Versatile design allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber optic cables as well Tool slits outer polyethylene jacket and armor in one operation - Performs longitudinal slitting and circumferential (ringing) for end stripping - Blade rotates 90 degrees by activating blade lever, allowing easy mid-span preparation (ringing and slitting) ACS is adjustable from 0.315 in. (8 mm) to 1.125 in. (28.6 mm) cable O.D. Adjustable blade depth to 5.5 mm maximum to accommodate different cable jackets Cable guide wheel provides cable stability and allows for easier tool movement along the cable Rugged anodized aluminum and steel construction Cable guide wheel for smaller cable sizes can be ordered separately ACS Part No.: 37880 ACS-2 Part No.: 37897 ACS-K Part No.: 37899 includes ACS-2 tool, cable guide wheel and bearing Made in the U.S.A. U.S. Patent Nos.: D505, 056S Replacement blade: Part No.: 37884 (CB 251-K) Height: 5 in (127 mm) Weight: 10 oz (284 g)

Fiber Access Tool, Optical Fiber Access Tool (OFAT), for midspan on minibundle cable, 2.4 to 3.0 mm

 (Fiber Access Tool, Optical Fiber Access Tool (OFAT), for midspan on minibundle cable, 2.4 to 3.0)
Corning Midspan Access Tool 2.4-3.0 mm Use the Corning Cable Systems OFT-000 tool to access fibers in a buffer tube in a mid-span location with or without slack. Optical Fiber Access Tool (OFAT) is designed to split a buffer tube to expose the fibers inside without damaging them. The resulting buffer tube halves can be removed easily with scissors. This tool utilizes blades mounted in two precisely machined grooves to cut the buffer tubes. The smaller groove cuts buffer tubes 2.4-2.6 mm (0.094-0.102) in diameter while the larger groove cuts buffer tubes 2.7-3.1 mm (0.106-0.122) in diameter. Model OFT-000 is equipped with a gauge to determine buffer tube diameter when the tube size is unknown. A thumbscrew latch facilitates cutting a buffer tube in a situation where gripping the tool is difficult for the operator. Both center pieces and all four outer pieces of the tool are marked with either one or two dots to aid in reassembly after cleaning or blade replacement.

Miller FTS-035 Fiber Tube Scorer

 (Miller FTS-035 Fiber Tube)
The Miller FTS Fiber Tube Scorer is a compact and lightweight product for scoring and removing the fiber optic buffer tube on wires 1.6 mm to 6 mm in diameter. Body made of strong resilient acetal polymer. Factory-fixed and hardened carbon steel blade requires no adjustments. For buffer tubes 1.6 mm to 6 mm with wall thicknesses of 1 mm to 1.3 mm. Color: Blue

WL-9011Z Optic Fiber Cable Cutter Scissors for Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears Stainless Steel Electrical Shears Precision Scissor with Wire Optical Fiber Cut

 (WL-9011Z Optic Fiber Cable Cutter Scissors for Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears Stainless Steel Electrical Shears Precision Scissor with Wire Optical Fiber)
Material´╝Ü Stainless Molybdenum Vanadium Blades Hollow Ground, Thru-Hardened, Serrated Blades Specially Designed for Soft Cable, Wire, Insulation Materials, Cable Tie and More Ergonomic Non-Slip Grips Adjustable TensionFunction: for cutting wires About Service: If you have any questions about the product , please feel free to contact with us at any time, we'll provide our best service to you and do our best to resolve the problem you met.We advice you to clean the scissors after use, so that it can be used for long time

Miller FO-CF 81400 Fiber Optic Center Feed Stripper

 (Miller FO-CF 81400 Fiber Optic Center Feed)
This Fiber Optic Center Feed Stripper is a safe and easy way to strip 900 micron buffer coating to 250 micron and standard 250 micron coating to 125 micron stripping. Built in brush for easy cleaning.

Miller KS 1 Kevlar Shears

 (Miller KS 1 Kevlar Shears)
The KS 1 Kevlar shears are lightweight shears ideal for cutting Kevlar strength members found in fiber optic cable construction with ergonomic molded handles provide comfort for both right and left Handed users. One micro-serrated blade reduces slippage for more positive cutting action and blades made from high carbon molybdenum, and vanadium steel for long life.

Color Changing Fiber Optic Light & ** 1 Free miniature figures

Miller Fiber Optic Blade (Color Changing Fiber Optic Light & ** 1 Free miniature)

FlashingBlinkyLights Fiber Optic LED Flower Centerpiece

Miller Fiber Optic Blade (FlashingBlinkyLights Fiber Optic LED Flower)

Westminster Fiber Optic Spray Glacier Light

Miller Fiber Optic Blade (Westminster Fiber Optic Spray Glacier)
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