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Super Deal NEW Commercial Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker Ice Shaving Machine Tabletop Shaved Ice Crusher, 265lbs 250W Perfect For Parties Events

 (Super Deal NEW Commercial Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker Ice Shaving Machine Tabletop Shaved Ice Crusher, 265lbs 250W Perfect For Parties)
Features: Stainless Steel blade Powerful 250-watt motor turns ice into fluffy snow in seconds. High speed and efficiency Equipped with safe protective device on the machine lid Has a low center of gravity, reducing shaking Easily change the ice thickness by the blade adjuster Ideal for personal or commercial use Operation Instruction: 1.Open the lid,clean the ice through with dry towel,cheack whether the blade is installed firmly. 2.Please check whether there are damages of the power line and the plug,the leakage phenomenon,contacts whether good,close the switch,insert the power source. 3.Open the machine lid,invest the right amount ice piece then cover the top head. 4.Press down the starting swith in the front of the machine. 5.According your needs to adjust the blade adjuster to process each various ice with different thickness. 6.The use ice piece diameter in 2-5cm is best,also may pound the big ice into small ones. Specifications : Power:250W AC Voltage: 110V/60Hz Rotate Speed: 1400 RMS Crushing capacity: 265 LBS/H Machine Dimensions:292 x 400 x 440 mm Package Content: Ice shaver *1 Manual *1

Bluedot Trading 12 New 9" Tall Cones ~ Soccer Football Traffic Safety

 (Bluedot Trading 12 New 9
This is a great 9 inch cone set. It is sold in packs of 12. The material is plastic. Product is used for sports and other scenarios.

Nostalgia SCC399 Snow Cone Cart - 48 Inches Tall

 (Nostalgia SCC399 Snow Cone Cart - 48 Inches)
The party never stops with this full-size snow cone cart! Add ice to the shaving cage and turn the unit on, watch as the deluxe shaving system transforms ice into a delicious snow cone. The storage compartment allows for snow cone supplies be organized and ready for serving.

A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream Cone

 (A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream)
Many Americans are familiar with Thomas Edison's "invention factory" in Menlo Park, where he patented the phonograph, the light bulb and more than one thousand other items. Yet many other ideas have grown in the Garden State, too--New Jerseyans brought sound and music to movies and built the very first drive-in theater. In addition to the first cultivated blueberry, tasty treats like ice cream cones and M&Ms are also Jersey natives. Iconic aspects of American life, like the batting cage, catcher's mask and even professional baseball itself, started in New Jersey. Life would be a lot harder without the vacuum cleaner, plastic and Band-Aids, and many important advances in medicine and surgery were also developed here. Join author Linda Barth as she explores groundbreaking, useful, fun and even silly inventions and their New Jersey roots.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Dreamsycle Snow Cone Syrup, 1 Pint

 (Hawaiian Shaved Ice Dreamsycle Snow Cone Syrup, 1)
“Reminds me of summer and being a kid chasing after the ice cream man!” | “Creamy and refreshing taste. I like to make a dreamsycle snow cone, pop up my lounging beach chair and sit outside with a good book.” | “My kids love this orange flavor!” A childhood favorite from the ice cream truck was the orange creamsicle push pop. Now you can relive those childhood memories with the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Brand - Dreamsycle Snow Cone Syrup. Enjoy that creamy orange taste drizzled over top of your favorite frozen treat. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day! Hawaiian Shaved Ice ready-to-use syrups can also double as granita slush mix. For best tasting granita mix, use three parts water to one part flavored syrup. To make syrup go a little farther you can use a 4 to 1 ratio, but flavor quality is diminished. For example, to make a gallon of slush mix with our syrup you would combine one quart of ready-to-use syrup with three quarts of water. Depending on your slush machine, you may have to adjust the freezing temperature or thickness of your slush. See your slush machine’s owner’s manual for additional information. Best Tasting Granita Slush Mix – 3:1 Ratio Good Tasting Granita Slush Mix – 4:1 Ratio This bright orange colored syrup combines the classic ...

An Introduction to the New Covenant

 (An Introduction to the New)
In Jeremiah 31, God declares He will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. How we understand that covenant has tremendous importance for every area of theology. An Introduction to the New Covenant examines the covenant to discover who are the recipients of the promised blessings, and concludes that the New Covenant is intended exclusively for Israel and Judah. While An Introduction to the New Covenant asserts that the church is not related to the New Covenant, God's promises to the nation of Israel have profound implications for every believer, every day.

The Original Comfy Cone, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays,Large 25 cm

 (The Original Comfy Cone, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays,Large 25)
The Comfy Cone is a soft, cone-shaped e-collar that helps your pets heal and recover from surgeries, procedures, allergy flare-ups and hot spots in comfort. All Comfy Cones are made with foam-backed, padded nylon that is easy to clean and is water-resistant and repellent. The tight gauge of the nylon even prevents cats from getting their claws into the material! The Comfy Cone uses Velcro for tight closures, making it easy to get the cone on and off animals quickly. And the cone can be reversed inside and out, as well as front to back to support shoulder and upper back injuries. The Comfy Cone comes with three sizing strips that let you adjust the size of the cone for a secure fit. Use the Sizing Chart and Measuring Guide above or on our website to determine the right size for your pet.Along with the sizing strips, each cone comes with removable plastic stays that let you determine how structured the cone should be for your pet. Remove the stays for a more flexible cone and keep them in for firmer structure, like when a pet has had eye surgery. Once the stays are removed, the Comfy Cone can even be folded back for added freedom while eating and drinking or when checking wounds and irritations. All Comfy Conehave a reflective edge for safety and elastic loops at the neck to thread...

Dripstik No Mess Ice Cream Cone & Frozen Treat Holder Also Makes Ice Pops (Aqua)

 (Dripstik No Mess Ice Cream Cone & Frozen Treat Holder Also Makes Ice Pops)
Great for Birthday Parties or Traveling! Keeps kids' clothes clean by catching the sticky drips from ice cream cones or any frozen treat on a stick. THREE products in one: One end holds frozen treats on a stick. Flip the Dripstik over and the other end holds ice cream cones in almost any size and variety. Also makes frozen Popsicle treats! Fill the reservoir with juice, insert the stick attachment, freeze then enjoy! Saves parents time from cleaning up colorful puddles from forgotten desserts. Makes an easy birthday party favor! Serve ice cream without stressing about guests making a mess, then simply send the Dripstik home with them. Perfect for road trips. Indulge your children with stops at ice cream shacks without worrying about the upholstery. Let them get the cone instead of a cup and spoon. Helps disabled or elderly persons, letting them enjoy ice cream with self-sufficiency. Durable, soft plastic is long-lasting and easy-care -- simply pop into the dishwasher! Made in the USA by a mother of five!

New Age Imports Palo Santo Cones, 12 Cones with Wooden Burner

 (New Age Imports Palo Santo Cones, 12 Cones with Wooden)
Palo Santo incense cones made from pure Palo Santo wood powder in Peru. Palo Santo is used for relaxing the mind and body as well as removing the negative energies from your home, office and other surroundings bringing positive energy to space with freshness. Also helps in fighting mosquitos and insects, make a great tool for camping. - Mosquito repellent: burn up a Palo Santo incense cone to keep off the mosquitoes. - Meditation and spiritual cleansing: burn on 1 or 2 incense cones in the incense burner. These cones must be used in their respective incense burner because the size of the holes is carefully designed to control combustion. The cones are consumed entirely in 20 or 25 minutes - to clean and remove the bad energy from home: you need to burn at least four cones together if the place is small, without putting the cap on the incense burner. Please use these safely.

Athletic Works Field Cones

New Cone (Athletic Works Field Cones)

Plastic Cone -12 pack - Sports Training Gear By Trademark Innovations (9 Inch, Orange)

New Cone (Plastic Cone -12 pack - Sports Training Gear By Trademark Innovations (9 Inch,)

Plastic Cone -12 Pack - Sports Training Gear By Trademark Innovations (9 Inch, Mixed Colors)

New Cone (Plastic Cone -12 Pack - Sports Training Gear By Trademark Innovations (9 Inch, Mixed)
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