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Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

 (Feeling Good: The New Mood)
The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other "black holes" of depression can be cured without drugs. In Feeling Good, eminent psychiatrist, David D. Burns, M.D., outlines the remarkable, scientifically proven techniques that will immediately lift your spirits and help you develop a positive outlook on life. Now, in this updated edition, Dr. Burns adds an All-New Consumer′s Guide To Anti-depressant Drugs as well as a new introduction to help answer your questions about the many options available for treating depression. - Recognise what causes your mood swings - Nip negative feelings in the bud - Deal with guilt - Handle hostility and criticism - Overcome addiction to love and approval - Build self-esteem - Feel good everyday

The Feeling Good Handbook

 (The Feeling Good Handbook)
From the author of the national bestseller Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy comes a guide to mental wellness that helps you get beyond depression and anxiety and make life an exhilarating experience! With his phenomenally successful Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, Dr. David Burns introduced a groundbreaking, drug-free treatment for depression. In this bestselling companion, he reveals powerful new techniques and provides step-by-step exercises that help you cope with the full range of everyday problems. • Free yourself from fears, phobias, and panic attacks.• Overcome self-defeating attitudes.• Discover the five secrets of intimate communication.• Put an end to marital conflict.• Conquer procrastination and unleash your potential for success. With everything you need to know about commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs and anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, this remarkable guide can show you how to feel good about yourself and the people you care about. You will discover that life can be an exhilarating experience.  “A wonderful achievement—the best in its class.”—M. Anthony Bates, Clinical Psychologist, Presbyterian Medical Center, Philadelphia “Clear, systematic, forceful.”—Albert Ellis, PhD, Presiden...

How Hard It Really Is: A Short, Honest Book About Depression

 (How Hard It Really Is: A Short, Honest Book About)
Depression is a rumor, until it is reality, and then it's as if nothing else was ever real.Still, no one will believe you. I find it hard to believe it myself.This book is for those who believe, and for those who want to. It's for both the person wrestling with depression and for those who want to help--to have a conversation so we can talk differently about depression, with the thoughtfulness it deserves. Depression is encased in misconceptions. The pain of going through a mental illness is already hard enough; to add myths only makes it that much more unbearable.By investigating the mystery of depression, it's possible to remove some of the fog around the fog. It's in sharing what we go through that we are empowered to make it through together.How Hard It Really Is covers:The science behind depressionThe helpful (and unhelpful) dialogue around mental illnessAn interview with a depressed doctorA myriad of voices from nearly two-hundred surveys conducted over a yearThe debate between seeing it as a choice or diseaseStories of survivorsMy own attempt at suicideA secret culture of suicide worshipThe problem with finding a "cure"*Edited and Revised - December 2018*

Feeling Better: Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships with Interpersonal Psychotherapy

 (Feeling Better: Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships with Interpersonal)
Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships When it comes to treatment for depression, we have been getting it all wrong. Instead of focusing on just the biochemistry, we need to focus on the importance of relationships. Feeling Better offers a step-by-step guide using a research-proven approach called interpersonal psychotherapy, or IPT, which can help you deal with the issues that may be contributing to your unhappiness. Therapists Cindy Stulberg and Ron Frey have used IPT with clients for more than twenty years and achieved dramatic, lasting results after only eight to twelve weeks. They have now created this accessible, first-of-its kind guide. Feeling Better teaches skills and tools that will allow you to set and achieve goals, articulate feelings, and make constructive decisions. You’ll learn to identify and engage with allies and supporters, deal with difficult people, and, if need be, walk away from harmful relationships. Cindy and Ron have taught clients — diagnosed with depression or not — to use these skills in virtually every life situation, from preventing divorce to “consciously uncoupling,” raising healthy children, coping with loss, and dealing with addiction. Writing with wisdom, warmth, and humor, they are savvy coaches and inspiring cheerleaders ...

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

 (Feeling Good: The New Mood)
Reveals how depression can be regulated by developing self-esteem, changing the habits of pessimistic thinking, and becoming aware of distorted perceptions that bring on mood changes

Shades of Blue

 (Shades of Blue)
The silent epidemic of depression affects millions of people and takes dozens of lives everyday, while our culture grapples with a stigma against open discussion of mental health issues. Editor Amy Ferris has collected these stories to illuminate the truth behind that stigma and offer compassion, solidarity, and hope for all those who have struggled with depression.Contributors to Shades of Blue include:Barbara AbercrombieSherry AmatensteinRegina AnavyChloe CaldwellJimmy CampDebra LoGuercio DeAngeloMarika Rosenthal DelanHollye DexterBeverly DonofrioBeth Bornstein DunningtonMatt EbertBetsy Graziani FasbinderZoe FitzGerald CarterPam L. HoustonDavid LacyPatti LinskyMark S. KingCaroline LeavittKaren LynchLira MaywoodC.O. MoedMark MorganLinda Joy MyersChristine Kehl O’HaganJennifer PastiloffRuth PennebakerAngela M. Giles PatelAlexa RosalskyElizabeth RosnerKathryn RountreeKitty SheehanJenna StonejudywhiteSamantha WhiteShades of Blue brings the conversation around depression and sadness into the open with real, first-hand accounts of depression and mental health issues, offering empathy to all those who have been affected by these issues.It’s time to scream out loud against this silent annihilator: We are not alone.

Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: A Workbook for Managing Depression and Anxiety

 (Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: A Workbook for Managing Depression and)
Learn to be Your Own Therapist in 7 WeeksGetting through depression and anxiety requires changing the way you think. Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks does just that. Offering a simple and practical plan that anyone can follow, this interactive workbook teaches you cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—an extremely effective approach to managing anxiety and depression.This workbook gives you the tools to work through your current problems and future challenges. Each lesson builds off the last, allowing you to build your cognitive behavioral therapy skills without getting overwhelmed.Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks includes:A Complete Guide to CBT—Learn what cognitive behavioral therapy is, how it can help you, and how to apply it to your life in just a few weeks.Practical Lessons—Simple, directed writing exercises make it easy to apply cognitive behavioral therapy to your life.True Relief—Discover how cognitive behavioral therapy can make a real, tangible difference by providing well-needed, long-lasting relief.Conquer your depression and anxiety with Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple: 10 Strategies for Managing Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Panic, and Worry

 (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple: 10 Strategies for Managing Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Panic, and)
In his new book, the author of the bestselling Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Days delivers 10 easy, yet essential strategies for applying CBT to everyday issues with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple.Cognitive behavioral therapy is a proven form of psychotherapy that is often the first-line of treatment recommended for managing depression, anxiety, worry, and other common issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple delivers a simplified approach to learning the most essential parts of cognitive behavioral therapy and applying them to your life.Written by licensed psychologist and bestselling author Seth Gillihan, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple replaces workbook pages and technical language with quick and highly accessible cognitive behavioral therapy strategies that can be used on an as-needed basis.Presented with simple and straightforward language, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple encourages readers to succeed with:Practical explanations of 10 essential CBT principles―such as challenging negative thought patterns, behavioral activation, and overcoming procrastination―organized in a similar structure to in-person cognitive behavioral therapySupportive guidance for creating goals and outlining strategies to help yourself m...

Lifting The Clouds: How To Support A Loved One With Depression

 (Lifting The Clouds: How To Support A Loved One With)
Do you have a loved one who has a depression diagnosis? Or do you suspect that your loved one is depressed because of how he acts? Seeing your loved one suffer can be painful, and helping him through this depression can be even more so. Depression can be a dark pit that swallows both its sufferers and its sufferers’ loved ones. You may feel overwhelmed dealing with his symptoms, but you can actually provide more assistance in his healing process than you realize. You hold the key to helping him feel better. Already, you are a hero because you are trying to help your loved one through what he is going through. Your efforts really can make a difference, even if you can’t cure him. But you may not know how to cope with your loved one’s depression or help him effectively. It may be hard for you to deal with the negative emotions and rejections that your depressed loved one exposes you to. You may feel that none of your attempts to help him work. This book will show you how to effectively lift the clouds from his mind while caring for yourself too. This book will enable you to fully become the hero that you already are, and actually make a difference.You can’t put everything on yourself. Sometimes you need help. This book will help you in many ways as you learn how to cope wit...

Feeling Good: : The New Mood Therapy

New Mood Therapy (Feeling Good: : The New Mood)

Feeling Good : The New Mood Therapy

New Mood Therapy (Feeling Good : The New Mood)

Onnit New Mood Stress Formula

New Mood Therapy (Onnit New Mood Stress Formula)
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