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Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City

 (Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats: A New Music)
Bob Dylan bucked executives at his record label and surprised his fans when he came to Nashville in 1966 to record his classic album Blonde on Blonde. Working with the city s unmatched session musicians, Dylan produced a rock & roll masterpiece and went on to record two more albums there. Dylan s embrace of Nashville and its musicians the Nashville Cats inspired many other artists, among them Neil Young, Joan Baez, and Leonard Cohen, to follow him to Music City. Around the same time, Johnny Cash was recruiting folk and rock musicians including Dylan to appear on his groundbreaking network television show, The Johnny Cash Show, shot at the Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry.The exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame looks at the Nashville music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a time of great cultural vitality for Music City. This 2CD set is the companion release to this exhibit.

Beautiful Trauma

 (Beautiful Trauma)
Highly anticipated 7th album from the global star, 13 new tracks co-written with a variety of songwriters & producers


Rhino brings together 14 of Linda Ronstadt's most memorable musical partnerships, along with a previously unreleased collaboration with Laurie Lewis, for a collection that was created with help from Ronstadt and her longtime manager, John Boylan.

Songs for a New World (New York City Center 2018 Encores! Off-Center Cast Recording)

 (Songs for a New World  (New York City Center 2018 Encores! Off-Center Cast)

100 Hits: The Best Sixties Album

 (100 Hits: The Best Sixties)
Massive collection of the defining tracks of the 1960s. 100 original hits remastered on this 5 CD set. The Best Sixties Album contains the defining tracks of the decade and features some of the biggest hits from the original artists. 100 all-time hits presented on this 5 CD collection. Includes: Aretha Franklin, Fifth Dimension, Lovin' Spoonful, Johnny Cash, Santana, The Byrds, Moody Blues, Del Shannon, Andy Williams, Harry Nilsson, Sly & The Family Stone, Tony Bennett, Tammy Wynette and many more.

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra: The Music of Allen Toussaint

 (New Orleans Jazz Orchestra: The Music of Allen)
New Orleans is a musical melting pot that has been cooking up music royalty for nearly over a century. The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, now in its seventeenth year, is dedicated to preserving the tradition of New Orleans music and culture while exploring the works of artists that might be considered slightly outside the realm of jazz. Songs: The Music of Allen Toussaint is the fourth studio recording by the Orchestra and the first under new music director Adonis Rose. Toussaint, one of New Orleans most well-known composers, wrote the classic tunes Java, Electricity, Southern Nights and Working In A Coal Mine which all get fresh large ensemble interpretations on this new disc. Other tunes associated with Toussaint, but not necessarily written by him, such as the classic Tequila, are also on the playlist. A raucous and swinging tribute to a true American music original performed by his home town ensemble.

Love's River: Calming Music, Soothing Music, Background Music, Dinner Music, New Age Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation Music

 (Love's River: Calming Music, Soothing Music, Background Music, Dinner Music, New Age Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation)
GRAMMY® Winner for Best NEW AGE MUSIC Album in the 56th Annual Awards, this RELAXING PIANO MUSIC CD includes Laura Sullivan's BEAUTIFUL PIANO MUSIC combined with Cello, Acoustic Guitar, English Horn, Oboe, Flugel Horn, and Trumpet. You will love this CALM MUSIC CD for: SPA MUSIC CD PIANO MEDITATION MUSIC CD MASSAGE MUSIC YOGA MUSIC CD CALMING MUSIC FOR KIDS BACKGROUND MUSIC DINNER MUSIC CD SOOTHING MUSIC FOR KIDS AND ADULTS HEALING MUSIC RELAXING CLASSICAL MUSIC MUSIC THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION STRESS RELIEF MUSIC MUSIC FOR RELAXATION IN MODERN CLASSICAL MUSIC MOST RELAXING MUSIC IN NEO CLASSICAL ROMANTIC PIANO MUSIC CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL MUSIC If you are a fan of SOOTHING PIANO MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING, EASY LISTENING PIANO MUSIC, MEDITATION MUSIC FOR KIDS AND ADULTS, RELAXING SOOTHING MUSIC FOR BABY, or MODERN CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR RELAXATION then you have found the perfect CALM PIANO MUSIC CD in Love s River. Laura Sullivan is joined on this classical relaxing music album by Grammy® award winning artist and founder of Windham Hill Records, the legendary Will Ackerman. Mr. Ackerman contributes his beautiful guitar playing on the sweet and loving track Blessed as well as producing four selections on the CD. Grammy® winning artist Nancy Rumbel, from the beloved d...

Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient Environmental & New Age Music 1980-90

 (Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient Environmental & New Age Music)
Double CD edition in custom 7" x 7" hardbound book. Light In The Attic's Japan Archival Series continues with Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990, an unprecedented overview of the country's vital minimal, ambient, avant-garde, and New Age music - what can collectively be described as kankyo ongaku, or environmental music. The collection features internationally acclaimed artists such as Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Hisaishi, as well as other pioneers like Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yoshio Ojima and Satoshi Ashikawa, who deserve a place alongside the indisputable giants of these genres. In the 1970s, the concepts of Brian Eno's ambient and Erik Satie's furniture music began to take hold in the minds of artists and musicians around Tokyo. Emerging fields like soundscape design and architectural acoustics opened up new ways in which sound and music could be consumed. For artists like Yoshimura, Ojima and Ashikawa, these ideas became the foundation for their musical works, which were heard not only on records and in live performances, but also within public and private spaces where they intermingled with the sounds and environments of everyday life. The bubble economy of 1980s Japan also had a hand in the advancement of kankyo ongaku. In an at...

Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project - Book and CD Set

 (Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project - Book and CD)
The Healing Frequency Music Project was created to promote positive, healthy change. Seven unique songs recorded in seven unique frequencies on seven CDs results in 2.5 hours of beautiful, transformational music. Listeners say that WHOLETONES facilitates restorative sleep and brings a tangible sense of peace that permeates their home. Entrepreneurs have reported increased focus and productivity, leading to breakthrough ideas. Artists, musicians, and writers are experiencing heightened levels of creativity and vision. WHOLETONES is ideal music for: prayer rooms, hospice care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, waiting rooms, offices, family counselors, massage therapists, schools, and more. Seven discs include: Open Door (396Hz), Desert Sojourn (417Hz), The Key of David (444Hz), Transformation (528Hz), The Bridge (639Hz), Great Awakening (741Hz), The Majestic (852Hz). And as an added bonus, I'm also including my brand new book - Wholetones: The Sound of Healing. It's 142 pages of life-changing personal revelation... a virtual key to unlock your hidden potential. This book is the perfect companion to accompany the music as it demystifies the science behind the frequencies and explains how to get the most out of your listening experience. There is even a chapter that shows musicia...

Best Of The Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe (CD)

New Music Cd (Best Of The Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe)

Dylan, Cash & the Nashville Cats: A New Music City

New Music Cd (Dylan, Cash & the Nashville Cats: A New Music)

The Most Relaxing New Age Music In The Universe

New Music Cd (The Most Relaxing New Age Music In The)
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